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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 20

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 13, 2012 17:59 | Go to Kore wa Koi no Hanashi

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Reserved for Lila Wolves

Kore ha Koi no Hanashi Chapter 20

Page 01

A 11- and 32-years, age-gap love story (36 Pages)
I still don't know
how to name my feelings for you....
Chapter 20

Page 02

Hey, Haruka!!

Page 03

What was with her suddenly...
"Why are you even doing that?"
"I didn't ask for it."
"I.. hate..."
"such a Shinichi-san!"
That's not the problem, is it.

Page 04

Whether she ask for it or hates me for it,
It's something I have to think about.

Page 05

Oh my, Maa-kun! // You're here?
You alone? // Where's Haruka-chan?

Page 06

So you guys are here.
Shinichi, // I just came.
(Weren't you working...)
I was about to feed Sakura.
? // Why would you do that?
(What about Haruka?)
She asked me to.
Eh? Haruka-chan isn't here?
Why is she asking others. // She doesn't want to come today?

Page 07

That's why I'm here.
Old man, you did something to her again, right? // Otherwise she wouldn't ask this of me.
What you mean with something?
I was just worried about her exam and did some research.
She just blow up by herself.
(Eh? What? What?)

Page 08

That's what they call "mind your own business".
(Huh?) Then you're saying to leave her alone?
You should know, since you have exams too.
You think she can do everything by herself when her parents aren't there?
(Hey, what's going on? // What's up with you two?)
Something's weird!

Page 09

Recently you // aren't anymore how you used to be.
What's with that?
You were always only shallow.
So why are you butting in like this now? // To be blunt, it's disgusting! (You aren't even her father)

Page 10

I'm going home!
Disgusting he said.
Hmp (Shut up)
But I somewhat understand his feelings----

Page 11

You're suddenly acting like a parent. (That's good in it's own, but...)
But it doesn't really suit you, being serious and all. (Disgusting indeed)
(Well, not my problem----)
Now then, // If Haruka-chan isn't here, I gotta shop for dinner---
Every single one. What's with them?

Page 12

From the unreliable adults,
who don't do anything,
I'm the only one who dares to compromise.
I have already decided.
That I would look after her while she's still a kid.
*beep* x3
*Brrr* x2

Page 13

(*click*) ...Yes, Morimoto here.
Just now Sugita came to feed the cat.
(Hey, are you listening?)
It's your cat, so take care of it yourself.
And about your exam.

Page 14

What's with her, really?
What's she so unhappy about!!

Page 15

Is this a time to be talking about love or hate!?
Besides, that brat is still 10 years to early for that!
I hate such a Shinichi-san!
What was with her honour-student attitude up till now?
Right at this important time, she has to make a turn around...
Why would she do that...

Page 16

"I hate you!"
I love you.
I'm serious. I love you, Oogaki-san.
When did she...

Page 17

You're quite bold, Utako-chan. // To say that right in front of Utsumi.
But he's so focussed on reading, he didn't notice that I brought him coffee...
Eh! He doesn't matter right now!
(Pisses me off somehow)
What's she doing?
I really love you, Oogaki-san!
I see. I'm happy to hear that.
(What's going on...)

Page 18

I also think you're quite cute, Utako-chan.
Then... it's... mutual...
What would you want to do if it were like that?
Hey, Oogaki.
(What are you...)
Well, that's... // Going on dates, holding hands...
Bragging about you to my friends... (Ehm)

Page 19

That's all?
No! There's more. // More...
I see... A date...
But, Utako-chan,
right now, I don't have the time to do such things.
I'm at an important phase of my job and want to concentrate on it.
Do you understand?

Page 20

And aren't you going to be busy with studying too?
That's why... // mhm, let's see.
7 Years (I guess)
If you still feel the same after 7 years, // I'll go out with you.

Page 21

After... 7 years...
...You're an idiot.
What you mean "after 7 years"? (Towards a kid)
You don't get it, Utsumi.

Page 22

The 7 years she experiences seem way longer than mine.
And slowly but surely their horizon // will start to broaden from now on.
(Give it 2-3years)
She'll just forget about my words.
Don't come crying to me if she takes you serious. // Woman are like that.
You're seeing them as "woman", huh.

Page 23

Don't make such a frightening face. // It was just a joke.
(A woman is a woman, even as a kid)
(though still a kid)
Actually, what brought all this along?
She asked if I had a girlfriend and I answered no. // Then she confessed to me.

Page 24

Your direct and straightforward dealing with // parenthetic topics hasn't changed at all.
What the?
Or could Haruka-chan be a special case?
It's not like that.,

Page 25

But, well, please make up with her quick.
You haven't seen each other for days, right? (Haruka-chan and you)
It's just been a week.
(What you mean "make up"?)
It's troubling if it's effecting your work like before.
It's definitely not!

Page 26

Well, it's also boring if that doesn't happen. // I would love to see you lose your cool, Utsumi-sensei.
See you.
He's always after entertainment.
This is about Haruka's life.
You can't just brush the problem aside with a joke.

Page 27

To Shinichi, I made a lunchbox, so please eat it. Haruka
She comes to feed the cat, but won't meet me, huh...
Then why don't she just ignore my food?
This side of her is so typical...

Page 28

Why are you doing that?
I... hate... such a

Page 29

Wah, // you surprised me.

Page 30

I'll feed you, so follow me.

Page 31

What a face.
You didn't want to see me that bad?

Page 32

Well, whatever.
I was just thinking... // I'm a little bit sorry.
I'm not even your father, but behave like it.
It was about that, right?

Page 33

The other's couldn't keep their traps shut about // how I'm different from usual.
That's why, // I'm sorry.
You // might not understand it now, but // if you make a false choice with your exams or career, it'll just be a pain later.
So for now, stop with the "hates", bear with it and
I // understand that.

Page 34

I'm happy that you're thinking about me... // so seriously.
That's why you hated me acting like your father when I'm not, right? // I said I'm sorry...
It's not that.
It's not about father and daughter...
Or about 11 years and 32 years...

Page 35

I want you...
to look at me for what I am.

Page 36

I want you // to be yourself.
(Will Haruka's words of love said as a girl, reach Shinichi....?)
That's the kind of Shinichi-san I want to be with.

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