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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 21

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 13, 2012 21:59 | Go to Kore wa Koi no Hanashi

-> RTS Page for Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 21

Murder (literally) cliffhanger and break next month Oo
Reserved for Lila Wolves

Kore ha Koi no Hanashi Chapter 21

Page 01

A 21years gap love story between a write and an elementary girl (38 pages)
I want to grow up already...
I don't want to change from what I am now....
Both are my true feelings.
Chapter 21

Page 02

[Right Side] Haruka tried her best to put her feelings into words, but...
"I want you to be yourself."
"That's the kind of Shinichi-san I want to be with."

Page 03

---I don't get it anymore.
I am me.
I thought I overdid as her father-role, but she tells me that wasn't it.
In the end----
Sorry for saying something weird...

Page 04

I don't understand it well myself...
Sorry for saying I "hate" you.

Page 05

(Ah,) Sorry, Sakura. I'll bring your food now.
Is she just at an difficult age...?
"I want you..."
"to look at me for what I am."

Page 06

Just how was I
looking at Haruka...?
A brave girl.
You're quite dull when it comes to yourself.

Page 07

(Mhm---) I'm sure that's just how different we see things.
Treating me like a freak again?
I was praising you.
I think that's why you could understand me.
What are you talking about?

Page 08

Hey, do you remember,
what you said to me in the past?
You said...."When you force yourself in front of others and act different from what you are, then what does it make us, who hang out with you?".

Page 09

I said that?
It's okay--- You don't need to pretend to have forgotten it.
From that point on, // I could be myself.
I showed my real self
and you said "Nothing will change between us" to me.

Page 10

And because you and Gakki really didn't change,
I'm here with you now.
Thank you, Shinichi.
Again, what are you talking about?
About how it's okay not to change.

Page 11

It's okay. Let them doubt and distrust you. // Just stay yourself.
You don't need to shoulder the parent-role.
Those who are in contact with you know your good points.
That's why I think you don't need to do anything.

Page 12

I'm sure
that's happiness for Haruka-chan right now...
Be like you always have been: Harsh, silent, sloppy and apathetically.
(What the)
You're saying some horrible stuff there.

Page 13

But that's how you are---
Hey, Shinichi...
Do you feel sorry for Haruka-chan?
Would she be happy if you thought so?

Page 14

...Maybe I...
was just...
making up things by myself...?

Page 15

Now if you just would understand a woman's heart better, it would be perfect---
I won't ever understand that.
Geez! That's why men like you are no good!
(That's why women are so quick to leave!)

Page 16


Page 17

What are you two doing...
Ah---!! // Gakki--- You're finally here. So slow--
Oh! You're there, damn editor!
Don't go on a drinking spree at your age...
Should a temporally guardian be doing this?

Page 18

Shuttup. Even a lecture from you?
I don't give a damn about kids.
(C'mon, sit down, Gakki)
Even if you leave them alone, they grow up themselves. // Like my example shows.
He broke down?
More like he got uncaged?
Whaaat are you whispering about.

Page 19

Damn, every single one is only complaining to me. // Just what did I do?
You all speak so well about her, // but even she got a dark side.
Before she always was obedient and listened to what was said, // but lately she's getting cheeky and talks back to me.
Saying she "hates" me and stuff! // I don't like it---I tell you!

Page 20

Ahahaha // I see. You don't like it, huh.
I see. I see.
Yeah! I don't like it!
Geez, not you too Shinichi. We get it already.
I don't like it! // Nor you! Or you!!
(Eh? Even me?)
Ahaha, I see.
Geez!! What's with you two!
(Snap out of it already!)

Page 21

Why do I have to look over two drunkards...
(My long awaited holiday...)
Thank you for your patronage.

Page 22

Okay, please stand back.
It's off-limit here.
A random assault?
Seem it was a girl // around elementary school.

Page 23

Ug, sucks!
How many years has it been since I drank this?
Only because you didn't know your limit!
What's wrong, Oogaki?
Guess it's not on the news.
Haruka-chan has school today, right?

Page 24

Guess so? I didn't hear anything about her having off.
I see.
Why do you ask, Gakki?
Seems there was an assault in the neighbour.
EEH!? (An assault!?)
I saw blood, so the victim got either stabbed or cut...
Aww, scary!!
Yajiuma said it was "a girl around elementary school".
I was a bit worried...
Doesn't necessarily have to be Haruka.
It's still noon and she doesn't skip school.

Page 25

But it's dangerous.
We have to tell Haruka-chan to be careful.
Old man!!
What are you doing here at this time!

Page 26

Seems there was an assault, so we were told to go home in groups.
Oh no, Maa-kun! Then you can't walk around alone here!
But Morimoto asked me to feed Sakura.
Why you?
Morimoto left school earlier in first period.

Page 27

She said it might be a cold, so she'll rest at home.
W- Wait a moment!
Was anything mentioned about the victim at school?
I... I don't know...
We didn't listen that carefu...

Page 28

Ah! Shinichi!!
*beep* x2
Oh please not!!
Pick up...!
*Brrr* x2
Pick up the phone, Haruka!!

Page 29

...She's not picking up?
Still, that doesn't mean she...
*Brrr* x2
Eh...? // What?
Don't tell me.. the assault... // was about Morimoto?
We don't know that yet.
Damn! Why isn't she picking up!

Page 30

Calm down, Utsumi.
He said she might have a cold, so she might be sleeping right now.
What if it was her! // You said earlier the victim was stabbed!!

Page 31

Utsumi... We don't know yet if it was Haruka-chan. // Stay calm.
... // Sorry. I panicked a bit.
I'll go over to her house. // You guys take the brat home.
Okay, let's go, Maa-kun.
....Yeah, // but...

Page 32

I'm sure it's all okay. (Yeah)
*ding dong*
*ding dong*
*ding dong* // *ding dong*
*ding dong*
*ding dong* Damn, what's she doing... Making me all worried.

Page 33

*ding dong* // *ding dong*
I just want to see your face. Come out.
I don't really want to use this...
Her father handed it to me in case something happens...
No other choice.
Haruka-- I'm coming in---

Page 34

Are you there!?
Is she sleeping?
Her room was on the second floor...?
Haruka? It's me.
I'm coming in:

Page 35


Page 36

Where did she go!!
The police... // That means there is...

Page 37

I saw her getting carried away by the ambulance just now. // A cute girl with long hair and around 5-6th grade.
Poor girl---

Page 38

[Right Side] With the worst case in mind, Shinichi runs!! And Haruka is...
(Next time, a break due to collecting materials.)

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