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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Soukai no Eve 7

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 14, 2012 15:25 | Go to Soukai no Eve

-> RTS Page for Soukai no Eve 7

Reserved for Death Toll

Soukai no Eve Chapter 07

Page 01

(A danger after another and a revealing reality!!)
Chapter 07: Girls and Cross

Page 02

*sniff* // *sniff*
[Right Side] It's still noon, but they're attack by a beast!! This time they're really in a pinch. What will these three do!?

Page 03

...Get away!
...He's sniffing my smell.
I think he'll come after me.
Specially if his nose is as good as they say...
I'll be fine!
I got full marks in P.E.

Page 04

In this situation
school P.E. isn't really helpful...!
B- But Shiina-san...
I wish I had Yuki teach me a bit of Kendo...

Page 05

Hurry and run!

Page 06

He got a powerful bite...!
If he gets me...

Page 07

This isn't good...

Page 08

What are you doing! // If you throw that at him, he'll...
*sniff* // *sniff*

Page 09

get your smell...
...I'm alright.
Eh // What are you...
Shiina-san! Jessica-san! // I found it. // Now...

Page 10

...Uh. // This should do, right
Ayu-chan, // that...
The stinking flower from before! // Because his nose is so sensitive
Jessica-san said this should distort his sense for a while.

Page 11

He's running away!
Yay, we're sav...
A single one attached from the herd might mean that he was a scout.
When he's running away now, he's just going to alarm the herd----

Page 12


Page 13

The girl...

Page 14

thanks for saving us.
You know! We were looking for you!
Are you alone? Were are your parents!?
Ah, right! This!
A bonbon!
You like them, right?

Page 15

.... <3
Is it good? // I'm glad.
Safety is in english, right? Then she doesn't know japanese?
Ah, ehm, is it sweet? Delicious? Good?

Page 16

What a big bird...
Could that be...
But // can't be....
If that's so, then this is...
What's up?

Page 17

Ah, // wait.

Page 18

*notch* // *notch*

Page 19

(So boring)
An impressive creation. (A weapon?)
Nothing less from the famous Shirayuki-san.
Ah, right. There's something I wanted to ask you.
Shirayuki-san, aren't you the one, // who went to our middle school section
and tried to elope with her private tutor?

Page 20

I heard he passed away though. (My bad)
And you took off a year from school because of an injury, right?
There were also rumours of seeing you coming out of a love hotel.
All your classmates were impressed what you all did when you're just 13---
...Is what I heard from my 2years older upperclassman.
I wonder if that's all the truth?

Page 21

...I'm not going to
deny it.
Ah--- // I knew it.
It was like that after all.
That's why

Page 22

Excuse me, // you were at the scene a few days ago where the bus vanished, right?
Yeah. And you are?
I'm Shinonome Hatsuyuki. // My older sister, Shirayuki, is one of the missing passengers.

Page 23

You're Yuki-san's brother...?
You know my sister?
I heard about her from Shiina.
She said she's good at kendo and they hit it off pretty well.
Excuse me for out of the blue, but there's something I want to ask you...
Back then at the scene of the accident----
(She's alive...! She's safe...!)
You said "I'm glad, she's safe and alive", right?
Even though the police couldn't confirm anything yet.
from a mail...
A mail?
I got a mail from Shiina after the accident.
Though the police called it a prank.
I believe it.

Page 24

Whatever source, it she's safe, I'll believe it.
But where are they? // Even the GPS doesn't locate them...
I don't know either where they are. // And I didn't got any more mails.
I just hope they're at a safe place...
If it were a dangerous place....
....we would worry.
I'm worried. // Due to some accident...
my sister...
thinks she has to sacrifice her own life to save another's---
If she isn't careful...

Page 25

15:30, huh...
I wonder // how far they went...
I don't know where we are, but it's dangerous here.
I have to
protect them.
Uwa. // It's cold.

Page 26

...Well with that
*drop* // *drop*
we should have erased our smell completely.
This // is the river we saw from above, huh. // To think there was such a shallow part.
~~ // ~~
What's your name?
(Guess she doesn't understand japanese)
Umm... Ehm, // (English...) Vat tyme issit nao! (That's all I know)

Page 27

What's time is it now?
H- Huh?
Hi! Hello.
Thanks for saving us. // My name is Jessica and yours?
A // A--!
(Feels like speaking with a native)
*shake* x2

Page 28

She reacted to english, // but seems she didn't understand it.
We can't leave her alone, so let's follow her.

Page 29

Oh right!
I forgot to thank you, Jessica!
Thanks for distracting him by throwing a rock. // Drawing his attention by wrapping it in your handkerchief...
..I // just have no interest in my own security.

Page 30

(From back then)
So she was the mom!

Page 31

Is their next around here?

Page 32

Safety here.
(A mysterious bird, a girl and... a plane!?)

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