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Pajama na Kanojo 13

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 26, 2012 13:37 | Go to Pajama na Kanojo

-> RTS Page for Pajama na Kanojo 13

Need next chapter!!!
Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans

Pajama na Kanojo Chapter 13

Page 01

(Both their heart perimeter are off the scale!)
Vol. 13: The “bride of the sleeping palace”

Page 02

(Only these three on a lone island (And one is a ghost)!!)
We looked everywhere. // Just this door is left now…
Should we try our luck // by opening it…?
But it’s locked…? // Keisuke-kun, you aren’t that strong, are you?

Page 03

Well, I’m not confident in my strength, // but I can’t let my frail senior do it either.
I’ll try it.
Will you be okay?
WOAH!! No way!?
…You got it!
G- Guess it was rusted…?
Wow! // You’re great.
Looks like it’s leading downstairs.
So dark…

Page 04

Uwa…Looks pretty deep…
Are you okay?
Yeah. // It’s dangerous, so please stay up there.
E- Even if he tells me so….
Hey… Why are you coming along?
D- Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m coming along, // more like I’m interested what’s down here!!
Is that so. // Still, it’s pretty narrow here…

Page 05

Wh- What?
It’s so exciting.
It’s like we’re on an adventure.
Adventure? What are you, a kid?
Fufu, a kid? You’re so simple minded, Keisuke. // But I don’t mind being called a kid then.
Y- You’re making me angry~~!! // Why are you acting so arrogantly!!
The one who calls others a kid is a kid himself!!
You’re pretty simple minded too!!
K- Keisuke-kun! Who are you talking to?

Page 06

I… I’m also coming…
Down after all…

Page 07

Eh? Senpai?
Don’t look!!
Wah! What are you doing!!
Look down!
Eh? Down? Why…?
Just do it!!!
Ah.. It’s so dark, I can’t see anything…
K- Keisuke-kun, are we down already?
Not yet…. Though I think we’re almost there….
I told you not to look up!!!
What’s with you! You’re so persistent!!

Page 08

Guah… Ou- Ouch….!!
My broken rip…

Page 09

K- // Keisuke.
A- Are you okay!?
You’re already injured and I…. // I’m sorry!
I.. I’m fine…
O- Our face were really close just now…
And I’m overly consciousness now after that incident…
It’s so dark I can’t see anything. This room…
Hey Makura, are you okay?
No worries.

Page 10

K- Keisuke-kun, this room!!
The room mentioned in the letter where she was sleeping… could it have been this one…?
But…. Why underground…?
…Eh? Then the girl in the picture is the same as me…
Not waking up from her slumber….
Call me Hotaru….
I know her… I met her after all…!!!
Wah, how nostalgic.

Page 11

Do you know of this fairytale?
Taadaa, the “bride of the sleeping palace”.
That’s how it has been called around here for ages.
What is it about…?
In the past, there was a beautiful woman and she fell in love with a certain man.
But fate separated those two… Pained by sadness, the woman sought help from a Yamanba. She asked her to let her meet that man once more… // But the woman was deceived by a bad Yamanba, which grew thorn bushes and had a snake bite the woman, which put her into a deep slumber… [Note: Google Yamanba]
But in the end, the woman was awakened by the kiss of her love.
(Sounds nice)
Yeah, just like Sleeping Beauty.

Page 12

Reminds me---
There was a book of Sleeping Beauty….
In the research room in the hospital….
All the princesses in the tales of “Bride of the sleeping palace”, “Sleeping beauty” // and “Snow White”
Were always kissed by their prince.

Page 13

The sleeping princess was awakened by a kiss….
According to that… It could be….
Makura will wake up if kissed…!?
No, no, no!! That can’t be… As if such a fantasy-like approach could save her!!
But right now, she herself is a fantasy-like existence…
S- She really might be saved with a k- kiss…?
Im- Impossible!!!
K- Kissing her…
Would be…
Definitely impossible!!!

Page 14

!!!Besides, It needs to be a kiss from her prince, right…?
Ans speaking of her prince… It would be the person she loves, right…!?
But I have never heard her speaking of such….
I thought she would be uninterested in love…
But… Unknown to me….
Senpai <3
Boyfriend? I have one.
Isn’t that normal?
Kyaa <3 Sorry to make you wait <3
She actually might have one….
H- Huh..? Why… am I getting so annoyed by the thought?
Why is it… It shouldn’t matter to me at all…!!
W- We are already in 10th grade… A lover at this point is…

Page 15

Eh!? It’s already this late?
Not good! Granny will be angry, since we came here in secret!!!
Keisuke, you’re looking somewhat pale?
What’s wrong?
No- Nothing.
S- Saving her with a kiss… That can’t be…
But… if it’s really like that…
I wonder who will it be…..

Page 16

W- What’s this!!! A storm!?
It was so sunny before!!
The large and extremely strong typhoon #9 is currently heading north-northeast….
Oh my… It came pretty quick.
Have you seen Yuki!?
We have to hurry back to the boat!!
We’ll just capsize in this wind and rain!!

Page 17

I- It’s dangerous here, so let’s take shelter in a building. // Reminds me, I saw an old pension earlier.
We… We can’t go home now…
So… dark…
It reeks of mold…
N- Nothing.
Our… clothes are completely soaked…

Page 18

Hey, are you okay?
You’ll catch a cold if you stay soaked… // Hey, Makura, come over here. It’ll look weird if you dry yourself.
N- No, forget it…
I- I’ll dry my clothes in the next room.
Because of the thing with the kiss, I’m strangely sensitive now….!!!
S- Senpai, please change your clothes here.

Page 19

D- Don’t leave. I’m scared… // P- Please stay.
But don’t look over, okay….
(An exciting night starts!!)
Vol. 13 / End.

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