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Bloodline in the Dark 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 15, 2012 13:58 | Go to Bloodline in the Dark

-> RTS Page for Bloodline in the Dark 2


Bloodline in the dark Chapter 02

Page 01

Page 02

Apparently I, Amagi Kouchi, have such
delicious blood that it makes vampires forget themselves.
And by vampires, I mean her:
Itanami Ian-san.
Morning, Amagi-kun!!
Ah, Itanami-san.

Page 03

Don't get close to my lady so casually,
you trash.
Are you okay, my lady?

Page 04

H- Hey, Itanami-san, everyone's looking.
Ah... Who cares. Just stay still.

Page 05

Forcing my lady to do such shameful things in a place likes this!!
You're worthless trash!!
You too, my lady, there's no need for you to...
M- My lady!! What are you doing!?

Page 06

Eh.... Ehh?
D- Don't tell me... I again...
S- So- Sorry!!!
I- Itanami-san!!
B- Bastard...
W- What?
You made my lady cry!

Page 07

You're dead meat!!
Y- You got it wrong!!
Listen to me!!
Shut up!!
Humans aren't to be trusted after all!!!
Who are you anyway!?
I'll tell you after I have killed you!!

Page 08

I'm sorry that my Lia caused you trouble, Amagi-kun..
How are your wounds?
Ah, I'm fine.
By the way... that Lia....
Who is that?

Page 09

The full name is Liliac, but I call it "Lia" for short. // Lia served my family as a butler for generations
and Lia's Master, my mother, entrusted her the job of looking after me... but I think Lia's going a bit overboard with that.
And last night, Lia found out that you know my secret..
Haha... No wonder then.
But Lia didn't react to my blood at all, so Lia's just a normal human?
No. Lia is a "familiar" my mother created.
So before Lia was an animal and got the current appearance due to my mother's powers.
A familiar, huh. That's impressive.

Page 10

That guy is sticking so close to my lady...
Just what kind of relationship... // do these two have?
It's totally unthinkable that my all so shy lady would do such shameful acts with a boy in public...
And then... // that leaves only one solution....
He's blackmailing her with the vampire secret!!!
Aw... No... Stop it...
Then I can spread your secret around in school?
A- Anything but that....

Page 11

Damn... That boy is dangerous. I need to do something about him...
W- Wait!!
Where are they!?
Hey, you!! Where did my lady Itanami go!!?
Itanami? She went to the infirmary with Amagi-kun.
Amagi tripped again and injured himself.
I can't take my eyes off him!!
....Who was that anyway?
No clue.

Page 12

We're fine here. At this time, nobody should come here.
B- But...
It's okay. Hurry up.
O- Okay. I'm sorry.

Page 13

Mm... S- Sorry, did that hurt?
No, I'm fine. Keep going.
But you're amazing, Amagi-kun... // It's so much and hot...
J- Just clean it up.
Ah, yes. Sorry.
W- Wh- Wha--

Page 14

You trash pile!! What are you making my lady do!?
Or rather, what are you making her swallow!!!
Y- You got it wrong!! I injured my knee... // And just let her suck my blood...
Th- That's right. I asked him to...!!
Your excuses can wait!! You come with me, bastard!!
Hey, Lia!!
You go back to class, my lady!!!
You got it wrong, Lia...

Page 15

Just how much more do you trashy human have to shame my lady until you're satisfied?
How many times do I need to tell you to stay away from her until you get it?
Well, you're just a human,
so talking won't get us anywhere.
Therefore here's my idea...
Ah... Ahh...

Page 16

In place of my lady
You... // you can do as you please with me!!!

Page 17

A... girl!?
I... had no choice. A butler needs to be male.
O- Of course I know that I, compared to my lady, // completely lack any charm!!
I'm too tall. // And my breasts... due to the binding, aren't as refined as those of my lady.
B- But I'll come flying to you at any time!!
Whatever you ask of me, I'm prepared to do it!!
I would even give my first time to you!! // A- Anyway!!!

Page 18

I'll become the girl of your dreams...
What are you doing!!!
S- St- Stop it!!!

Page 19

S- Sorry!! If I offended you, I apologize.
I'm... ehm... not used in dealing with boys.
But... Please...
I beg you... // Do as you please with me...
Why would you go so far...

Page 20

It happened when my lady was still small.
She had a single human friend... // She told her about her vampire secret.
It was supposed to be a secret, but half jokingly that kid told the class about it.
The rumours spreads // and she got stuck with a cruel image of being a monster and disgusting...
She couldn't go on like that, so we left behind everything and moved to this town.
I don't want such a thing to happen again...
It's all my fault!!!
We were just kids, but I didn't watch over her enough!!
I blindly put in my trust into a human she called a friend!!

Page 21

I don't care what you do to me.
But in exchange, don't get involved with my lady anymore!!
Let me atone for my sin....
I can't do that.

Page 22

I also
want to help out Itanami-san.
You might not trust me yet,
but after hearing that story, I can't just back out.
Besides, you got the wrong idea.
Itanami-san and me aren't doing anything weird.
I'm just letting her suck my blood.

Page 23

B- But they should be fine without blood...
Yes, I heard. // But it seems my blood is special. It makes her want to suck it at any cost.
I can't believe that...
Geez! Here you are!!
A- Amagi-kun!! You're hurt at the mouth again...
Ah... No, this is...

Page 24

M- M- My lady, you can't!!
Aw~ Lia~ Just a bit more~
You too stop clinging to her!!!
Hey, don't pull me...

Page 25

W- Wh- Wha...!!??
Please move aside!!!

Page 26

Wh- What are you doing, idiot!!
I- If it tightens there anymore....
I'm sorry!! The bindings just....!!
B- Bastard, you dare to play with me...
I won't forgive you, damn human!!!!
Kyaaa, Amagi-kun!!

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