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Bloodline in the Dark 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 15, 2012 13:59 | Go to Bloodline in the Dark

-> RTS Page for Bloodline in the Dark 4


Bloodline in the dark Chapter 04

Page 01

Ahn <3
Geez, Kouichi. So bold in the morning.
M- Mi- Misa-chan!? What are you...

Page 02

That's right!! Please don't do such immodest things to Amagi-kun!!
Eh... Why are even you here, Itanami-san!?
Say what!! You were doing similar stuff to him!!
N- No!! That were just accidents...
Shut up. Give me back my Kouichi!!
Besides, what are you doing here anyway!! Your house is miles away!!
H- Hey, you two...
I- I'm free to go wherever I want before school!! // You too, don't use Amagi-kun as you please!!
I'm going to change, so get out!!

Page 03

Page 04

Wh- What's going on here!?
Th- That pressure on both my arms... // ...Wait, that's not it. What happened to these two!?

Page 05

Since we were young, Misa-chan has been coming to pick me up from time to time,
but she never came into my room before...
And for Itanami-san it's the first time coming to my house at all.
Actually, we have only ever been talking when I was hurt...
I- Itanami-san, what's the matter today?
Yeah, you never come to pick him up, but suddenly you come into his room? Suspicious.
N- No!! Don't make any weird assumptions!!
W- Well, since I'm his friend now...
I thought I should be a bit helpful to him.
Ah... I see. Thanks.

Page 06

Oh please~ Itanami-san~
You can just leave that to me, his LOVER <3 Right, Kouichi <3
W- Wait, when did you become my lover!?
Oh c'mon, you dummy. We already hugged each other half-naked and kissed.
No, that was just an accident!!
There's no way I'll let stealing my first kiss slide as an accident~
I- If that's....
If that's so, I also kissed him!!! (Three times)
Geez, Kouichi, you can't go cheating on me.
Ch- Cheating??

Page 07

Here <3
With this, you won't need to touch any other girls <3
E- Even I can do that!!
You don't need to compete!!
No, I'm doing it too!! Put it in!!
What!? You're being weird today, Itanami-san!!
(I won)
(Just stop it)

Page 08

Now that was some morning...
But Itanami-san's were a bit bigger...
Aw... That's not it!!
I wonder what was up with Itanami-san...
H- Hey, calm down, Itanami-san!!
What happened to you? You're being weird today!!
I want to be helpful to you. // So you can come for help to me.
I'll do anything for you!!

Page 09

Carry his bag.
So she said and seems to be trying hard...
On the toilet.
Changing for P.E.
(No, let me help you!!)
(It's fine!! I can do it myself!!)
(Eh, you don't like it? But it's good for you blood.)
(Raw liver)
Break time.
Itanami-san is...
surprisingly clumsy...?

Page 10

Ah, Amagi-kun!! What are you doing!!
Just leave such trivial stuff to me.
No, this is actually quite heavy...
It's okay!! I'll carry it!! Give it to me, please!!
Her numerous failures have made her desperate!!!
Th- This much is nothing....
Hey, it doesn't look like that at all.
Y- You go ahead, Amagi-- Kyaaa!!

Page 11

S- Sorry. How could I...
N- No, I'm sorry too...
S- So, uhm, how was it?
Eh? Was what...?
Y- You know, don't boys like a girl's underwear? So seeing mine... was that helpful to you?
No good... She's broken.

Page 12

Really, just what's wrong with her.
And somehow, Lia-san isn't showing up today.
I'm here, you know.
Lia-san!? // Why are you hanging on the facade!?
Your various shameful acts towards my lady today...
If I weren't ordered by my lady, you bastard would be...
Aww, please don't damage the building.
Actually, ordered by your lady...
Is that related to Itanami-san's weird state today...
Go ask that my lady herself.
You won't hear anything from me.

Page 13

M lady can't express her own feelings very well.
Yeah, // I noticed that.
So you make up the part she's lacking.
Hey, Lia-san!?
Well I asked, but even then....
I knew you were doing the cleaning on your own!!
I keep telling you to leave stuff like this to me...

Page 14

Y- Yes?
I'm fine, so you stay put.
He's angry... Without doubt, he's angry!!
I'm going to wipe my body, so please face the other way.
Ah, then use this towel...
Just what am I doing... At this rate, I'm only causing trouble to Amagi-kun...
Even though I want to be helpful to him...!!

Page 15

Wh- What's the matter, Amagi-kun?
It's okay. I just got a bit cold.
Got cold... Don't tell me it's a cold!?
A- Anything but that!! I can't let him catch a cold on top of causing him trouble!!
But... what can I do...
!! I know...
R- Right, at this point, I don't matter anymore!!
I just have to help him...!!
A- Amagi-kun, you're cold, right? I'll do something about that.
Ah, it's okay. It was just a little sneeze...

Page 16

W- Wh- Wha- What are you doing, Itanami-san!!
I... heard it from somewhere. When you're stranded on a snowy mountain,
it's best to warm each other with your naked skins...
E- Ehm, please stay still.
Eh? Hey!?

Page 17

Mm... It's cold...
H- How is it? Feel warmer...?
That's not the point!!!
Th- These two big and soft pressure points on my back!!
N- No!! I gotta calm down!! She's being weird today after all!!
Calm down... Calm down.
Ehm, you don't need to go this far. I'll be fine.

Page 18

That won't do!! // I'm always causing you trouble, so I want to be helpful at least once!!
Don't move around so much!!!
I- Itanami-san, you're being weird today.
Just what happened to you!? Talk to me!!
I... I'm not weird. I want to be helpful to you..
If anything's troubling you, talk to me...
I won't get it unless you tell me.

Page 19

And I said so in the beginning, we're even.
And that we're helping out each other.
That's why...
I'm sorry.
I'm causing trouble again...
Ah... No, don't apologize.
You were working hard for a reason, right? // And I know you had good intentions.
You know... // Until now, you always let me drink your blood when you were injured, right?
But... that grew to be insufficient...
Ah, then I'll give you...

Page 20

Giving your blood to me
means you're hurting yourself for no reason.
I don't... want such a thing.
So I want to be of help to you at least. // But... But I'm just no good. I just keep causing you trouble. I don't know what to do anymore...!!
You're so kind.
You have been thinking about me so much.
Just drink my blood without worrying about such things.
Actually, it's painful for me to see you suffering like this.

Page 21

I'll... try my best to be helpful to you from now on...
So please take care of
someone like me from now on too.

Page 22

Actually, when it comes down to it, I get a bit scared...
Uhm, I'll do it!!
Eh? Okay, please.
Then take this finger...
Eh? Eh? Hey!?

Page 23

Eh...!? I- Itanami-san..?
I... I just thought
that's the most painless method.
let me drink some more.

Page 24

Heee... She's drinking blood...
Though I heard her clan stopped doing so...
And that boy of hers...
He tingled my interest <3
Tomorrow will be fun <3
how long are they going to make out!! // I can't get out of here!!

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2012
I forgot to comment on this title....PERV! LUV IT! xDDD
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