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Countrouble 31

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 15, 2012 14:00 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 31

Reserved for Simple

Countrouble Chapter 31

Page 01

Wonderful butts, don't you agree?
The chapter has even more of them....!
Chapter 31: Naked Quartet

Page 02 [skipped the ad page as it was labelled 01a and pointless anyway]

An angel grows according to it's partner's love development.
(Good, well done.)
I grew up quite a bit due to Kouta's love progress, yet Kikiri still overpowered me easily.
Stronger... I need to grow even stronger!!
No going back now----
What's this place!?
Where am I...?
Do it,

Page 03

I'm suddenly taken to some strange room and I'm butt-naked....
This can only be Sasara's doing!!
But I wonder where I am?
Could this be the rumoured love hot---
am I here...?

Page 04

Yoshizawa-san!? Why are you here!?
R- Right back at you.
And why are you naked!?
Well, so are you---

Page 05

H- Hey, wait, Yoshizawa-san!!
Let me explain.... wow, she's fast!!
(H- Huh? Where am I?)
(Eh....Ah, it's not opening anymore...Eh? Automatic lock? Kyaa! Open up!!)

Page 06

Anyway, I'm sorry!! I'm really sorry!! I don't know why, but I'm deeply sorry!! Really!!
But it's not like I brought you here. Not at all. I'm innocent!!!
Damn Sasara!!
Why would she do this----
No... I understand that's not your fault, Matsuhiro-kun...
The reason I ran away... ehm....
was just because I was embarrassed....
I see...

Page 07

At the same time----
You grow up(?), yet you're so weak. That's what I call talent.
What a laugh!!
Kouta!! Hurry up and do it...!!
I... I can't lose here...
Today.... Today for sure I'll clear the grudge for my mother's cake!!
(*See volume 3)
That's what you always say, but...

Page 08

Your mother is still alive and kicking right now!!
Yay, got ya~
How was it? You were surprised, right!?
Oh my, you made me a cake? Let's see....
Mm... So-so.

Page 09

Please don't blame your family problems on others!!
Th- That's...
Since then she couldn't trust her mother anymore
What can I do to beat these two...
Since it's down to this, I'll have my partner let me grow too...!!

Page 10

Luckily, it's a walk in a park for my magic to make two people meet...!!
Okay, here I go!!

Page 11

But I must say, this is quite strange.
I was just nodding off a bit and suddenly I'm here.
Y- Yeah.
Was it the same for you?
Y- Yeah... Somewhat.....
(Mhm, I see...)

Page 12

Mh? What's up?
N- No!! Nothing!!
If I think about it, I'm all alone with Yoshizawa-san in a love hotel. And naked...
That's quite the situation----
Ah!! Move it, Kouta!!

Page 13

Geez, what's this. First my body starts to float and then---

Page 14

W- Wh--
M- // Meiko!?
H- Hey!! Calm down, Meiko!! (Actually, she's quite fast too)
(Huh!? It's not opening!?)
You too!?
(Where am I? Open up!!)
Go wild,

Page 15

...I see.
Basically, this is the doing of the little Angels...
You took that quite easily...
Well, there's no one else who could do this...
I don't know why they did this, but this is quite the mess....
They'll get it from me later!!
They as in...?
Ah.. Well... Just talking to myself!!

Page 16

Anyway, with just sheets and bath towels it's a bit cold.
I wish there was something to wear.
Besides, we need money when we want to leave here, right?
Yeah... But I can't really call my parents or Hisano...
Okay! Just thinking won't get us anywhere!!
Since we're here, let's explore!
C'mon, Akino!!

Page 17

The bathroom is so elegant!!
Like a princess's room...
Hey, Akino,
look here!

Page 18

I really want to try out a bubble bath here.
Why don't we three hop in together?
Eh... M- Matsuhiro-kun too...!?
Just kidding.
But... Seems like I'm the fifth wheel here, sorry.
Fifth wheel?

Page 19

Well, I mean
you two are dating and all alone here.. you know?
That's not true!!
I wonder.
Tell me if he forcefully comes onto you!
I'll smack him a good one for you!
S- Sure.
But there's no need for worry.
Kouta-kun would never do such a thing.

Page 20

Surprisingly you act like proper lovers....
Mhm, let's take a bath after all!
We chase out Kouta and hop in together. What you say?
Eh, I feel sorry for him.
Then we three?
Looks more like they're playing around.
Hey, look around properly!!
This is...!!

Page 21

What's up, Kouta? Found something?
Yeah.... I found these...
4 pieces.
Bunny, nurse and
chinese dress.
....And a school swimsuit?

Page 22

Again at the same time----
You idiot!! Why did you send Meiko there too!!
Not only aren't they going to do it now, you also worsened the situation for both.
You can't know!! These three surprisingly might get it on....
As if that dumbass could do that!!
Ug... Indeed.
So that's what's going on.
Sounds interesting.
Let me send in another one!!

Page 23

Geez, what's this...
(....Eh, where am I? Where did she go?)
Ah, though so.
Eh!? Why are you here, Kouta-kun!?
And even Akino-chan and Meiko-chan!?
Here, wear this.
Eh... O- Okay.
----Wait, why am I naked!?
Also, no running out of that door there. (There's an automatic lock)

Page 24

I put it on.
Don't stare so much....

Page 25

Can't do.
Hey, hey. Don't just look at Akino.

Page 26

(And? Does it fit me?)
(Looks great, Senpai!!)
(Really!? Thanks!!)
---By the way,
Why are YOU wearing that? (Don't you care about the reader's expectations?)
Let me ask this instead:
Would anyone of you have worn this!?
There you have it!!
So, with Senpai we're fully assembled now.
About time we head out.
I'll get some money, so you three wait here for a bit longer.

Page 27

Give it a rest already!!
Because of your prank we're having a hard time!!

Page 28

Interesting outfit there.
No talking back!!
S- Sorry...
You're angels, aren't you?
Have you forgotten your actual mission!?
No, I'm not an angel.
Don't be a nitpicker now!!
Do you think angels are allowed to bother a human's love out of selfishness!?
W- Well...
Your mission is to solve our love problems, isn't it?
Y- Yeah...

Page 29

Time's up.....
Don't do such a thing again, okay?
Okay, looks like you really feel sorry, so I'll leave it at this!!

Page 30

Just when I finally grew bigger....
Let's go home, Sasara!
I wanted to win against Kikiri at least once...
(*hic*) x2
Sure, sure. I'll play a fighting game with you when we're home.
Yeah, really.

Page 31

[Right Side] Reporting crimes is a citizen's duty.
Hello, police? Right now there's this extreme pervert-----
No!! You got it wrong!!
(Continued more radical in the next Issue.)

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