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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Omamori Himari 51

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 19, 2012 16:14 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 51

Reserved for Vortext

Omamori Himari Chapter 51

Page 01

....What a useless huge mansion.
I thought simplicity was the spirit of a Japanese, but that doesn't apply here.
I don't even want to image cleaning this place.
If kids played hide and seek here, they wouldn't finish by night.
Chapter 51: Cat at the Demon-Slayer's round table
There are a lot of places to hide.
Ayakashi can't enter here, nor is there any place to hide.
Guess that makes me a VIP, for even getting guided around. // Right, Young Master?
H- Hey, Himari....

Page 02

Chapter 51: Cat at the Demon-Slayer's round table

Page 03

When I decided to become a Demon Slayer I knew...
a time like this would come where I have to meet the higher ups.
But not so soon...
You're all stiff, Young Master. Get yourself together.
I- I can't help it!
(Actually, you are too relaxed.)
But Tsuchimikado not only invited my master but even me. Seems he got a brain now. // Letting me keep my weapon and guiding us through, I'm really grateful.
....There's just no meaning in disarming someone who can fight bare-handed too.
But please remember that your head will be rolling if you even try to unsheathe it.
Stop the chit-chat, Shido. It's shameful.

Page 04

Like always, the Demon Slayers are on the edge in front of a Ayakashi.
(Though I WAS provoking them)
Himari, you said he got a brain "now". Have you met him before?
Mh? Tsuchimikado Aiji?
In the past, he came to Noihara once to greet Genjii.
You ought to have met him too?
...Got it. I'll leave it to you.
In time Master Kaburagi from public peace will come to talk to us too.
Thank you. // In the name of Jinguuji, I won't fail.

Page 05

A round table... That means they too set value on equality?
Wow, there are some real Mikos.
Yeah.... You're right.

Page 06

---Mhm. So you're #12's new favourite.
You only look like a unreliable herbivore to me though.
U- Umm... (What is it?)
He might not look like it, but he's actually a carnivore.
His favourite is Yakiniku.
You're aloof as always, Cat. // I thought you helpless died in battle already.
Right back at you. Not only smell you like a mediocre being, but you also reek of old age. I can't stand it.
Now you have said it! If I'm mediocre, you're trash, stupid cat!!
Wanna give it a go, toady?
Stop it, Hisuzu.

Page 07

This is the house of Tsuchimikado.
Y- Yes, Onee-sama <3
Just her left eye-colour is...?
Kuhihi, she's #3, Kagamimori Kasuri. // She has the "beast eye". She's a really powerful Miko with big breasts.
It's been a while, Himari-san.
Yeah. Since the training session, Kasuri-dono.

Page 08

Seems like your loyalty for the Amakawa hasn't fallen at all.
Of course.
Step on a pile of corpse and the ground colours black by the flowing blood.
In time, your position might worsen.
Talking about that now?
Your job isn't innocent. // If your bond with your master is strong, reversely you...
Stop it, Kasuri-dono.
Your words are annoying and your scolding too long.
You're young, but talk like an old hag.
Nee-sama is just 19! She's all energetic and plump.

Page 09

Sorry to make you wait.
Seems you finished your greetings.
Whoops, Sensei is here. // What a shame I couldn't get to see Kasurin's nice body.
...What made you think you could?
He's the Demon Slayer #1, Tsuchimikado---
I'm Tsuchimikado Aiji, the proxy head of the Tsuchimikado Clan that leads the Demon Slayers.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

Page 10

The actual head of the house, my father, is bedridden, so I'm standing in for him. // Please understand that.
S- Sure.
According to my information, you awakened parts of your power
and have worked as a Demon Slayer on various occasions.
He gets all the information that Kuesu or Hitsugi hear, too.
Normally, you would have been invited here when you were made a Demon Slayer,
but due to circumstances it was postponed until today.
(Are you saying it's my fault!? Well, it is...)
But what's important is that the empty #6 Seat of the Amakawa Clan, now is filled again.
We're happy to welcome you back.

Page 11

Any objections?
I'll abide you, Aiji-san, and my sister.
I have no objections. // I have permit from my mother.
Kuhihi. No objections. I'll look after him gently <3
There you have it // We welcome you, Amakawa Yuuto-kun.
You're our comrade now.
Kuhihi. Aren't we going to clink glasses at such a time?
If juice is fine, I can prepare some immediately.
I request alcohol.
N- Nee-sama...
(What the)

Page 12

That was surprisingly easy.
Well, you ARE the head of the Amakawa clan. // No one can deny that fact.
Do you have any questions?
Ah, yes.
What exactly do I do as a Demon Slayer...
Like in my every day life.
Mh. It's not like you're going to fight Ayakashi every day.
In critical situation we might give you orders, but generally you're free to act on your own.
Some fulfil their duties every day.
Some train their abilities and get jobs.
And some engross themselves in study and research----

Page 13

It's not like we're asking you to quit school and do something else.
The only worry we have that you would need a guardian.
To our understanding, you have been entrusted to the Jinguuji Clan.
I- Is that so?
How sly.
I- It couldn't be helped!!
Y- Amakawa Yuuto was for nearly 16 years oblivious to his demon slayer role.
And he's my fiancée!!
Hoo--- First time I hear about that.
That aside. Amakawa-kun, // I have a question too.
(Who cares about the marriage of two good-for-nothings?)

Page 14

Amakawa-kun, what do you think about your ability as an demon slayer?
(I was put aside...)
My power... That would be "Light Ferry".
What's his intention? What answer does he want?
Just tell them what you think, Young master.
It's a power to protect.
A power to protect my friends.

Page 15

I'm not really good in seeing things in the big picture.
So I'll just use my power to protect me and my friends.
... I see.
Isn't that fine?
If he had said "For the world and it's people!" as the good-for-nothing he is, he would have just made an idiot out of himself.
You're still young. I believe it's alright if you only come to see the big picture later.

Page 16

Kuhihi. You got a lewd body, but you really speak like an old hag.
You lewd body, but have you seen it!? You bastard!!
That's what you worry about, Hisuzu...
Yuu-chan... Still saying so naive things...
If you take naivety to it's extreme, it becomes a great belief, huh.
So mean...
Use that power
without haste when it counts.

Page 17

Y- Yeah.
Leave it to me.
you might not remember it, but I asked you the same question before at Noihara.
And you answered with a carefree smile:
It's a power to kill all these bad Ayakashis!
Specially all these weak ones will be slaughtered off!!
A power to destroy the opponent.
Most of the Demon Slayers with such a power thought like that----You can't blame them.
But most of them fell victim to their own power....

Page 18

It seems the old man Amakawa noticed that himself.
(Guh, my feet are numb...)
(How pathetic)
(Yuu-chan, about that talk earlier...)
---Good job there.
Not quite. Seems I'm not fully one of them yet, but at least they welcomed me, so I'm glad.
Well, over the years the demon slayers only decreased in numbers.
They might be sleazebags, but as long as they stay on the right path, they're our comrades.
Comrades, huh.
Young Master.

Page 19

Engrave your words earlier in your heart and act upon them.
I'll become a supporting pillar for you.
Now then, I'm going.
G- Going? Where to...?
They called me too, not just you. So they got to have business with me too.

Page 20

Right... With Young Master's pure belief, free of evil, the other Demon Slayer won't become worried.
Rather, what makes them worried is
me, an Ayakashi.

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