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Countrouble 32

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 20, 2012 17:24 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 32

Reserved for Simple

Countrouble Chapter 32

Page 01

(Latest Volume 6 is on sale)
What's up, Sasara?
H- Hey!?
S- Sasara-san?
(Usually when Sasara is in a bad mood, it's because of some inevitable reason)

Page 02

(Yoshizawa-san is so cute it kills you!! The latest volume 6 is on sale!!)
Chapter 32: Fragrance of courage
(I have gotten even smaller than before!!)
(Be quiet at night time)

Page 03

Now that you mention it...
You were small to begin with and now you're even tinier...
Uhh... Guess it's a reaction from me turning big before...
(I got power-drunk and used too much of my magic power...)
Calm down. Won't you turn back with time or when my relationship grows?
Well, yeah. But there's a bit of a problem.

Page 04

It didn't only come here to support you.
I'm in charge of this whole area here.
Basically, if there was anyone troubled over love, I helped them out so far.
(All secretly)
First time I hear that... That's a shocker...

Page 05

But now my magic power has weakened.
You got a girlfriend now, so it's fine, but I can't support the others like this. (Meaning, I won't grow)
Aww, how troubling.
At this rate, everyone' will be unhappy, except a certain someone.
Are you glad that you're the only happy one?
I wonder if there's a kind soul who's willing to help me out.
I get it...
I just have to help you out, right!!

Page 06

A fragrance that gives you courage?
Yes! A magic for good-for-nothings that want to confess, but don't have the courage for it.
It's effective for 10 seconds and easy to apply. You just spray it.
You'll immediately get the courage and confess.
And if new couples are created with this here in the area, you'll grow...
Luckily, tomorrow is christmas eve!
It's the time where they all starve for love!
That's the plan. Take care of it.

Page 07

---So she said, but I can't find anyone troubled like that so easily.
What's that?
Geh... Yoshizawa-san!?
Ah... Well, this..
So you're using aftershave. What fragrance is it?
Ah!! This really stinks, so you can't take a smell!!
Oh, really?

Page 08

Winter Vacation is right about the corner.
Yeah. Do you have club activities during the holidays, Yoshizawa-san?
Yeah, for a few days. But it's not that often.
Ah, then we can meet during the vacation.
Reminds me...
It's about us two..
I think it might be better if we tell the others about us...?

Page 09

I'm getting asked quite often if I have a boyfriend by our classmates...
Don't you think it's better if I'm honest with them?
I don't know...
It might be better not to tell them.
I can understand that you want to tell them, but it's not really something you go bragging about. (It's somewhat embarrassing)
It is embarrassing.

Page 10

Ah, but if the occasion comes up, I'll say it out outright!!
Is that okay?
Telling the others, huh.
That needs quite some confidence. I bet no one would think that we two are dating.
Well, an occasion for that won't come that easily.
Okay, take your seats. Let's start the last homeroom for the 2nd term.
And if it comes, I'll just use the fragrance----

Page 11

A simple question:
Nobody here is dating anyone, right?
[Blackboard] Studying takes priority
(What's up with him...)
(Seems he got dumped yesterday.)
It's here already----!!?

Page 12

You're only first-years, but the road to the finals has already began!! Make sure you study during winter vacation!!
Forget about relationships!! Devote yourself to studying----
Hey, Teacher...!?
Isn't that a bit too insolent...
Not at all.
Are you telling me you got a boyfriend!?
N- No, I don't...
Wait, wait, wait!!
Is there really no one dating anyone here!?
If there is one, consider your vacation to be forfeited. You'll get detention!!
It's totally impossible!!

Page 13

As if I could stand up here and say it!!
This isn't even a matter of having courage or not!!
Hope she forgives me for not saying it in this kind of situation...
(What a mess...)
It's not about her forgiving me!!

Page 14

Is really that bad to be dating!?
We're humans, so isn't it normal to fall in love with someone!?
What's the problem!! We aren't causing problems for anyone!!

Page 15

You're one to say with your grades barely passing.
W- Well, my grades have always been like that... It got nothing to do with----
Geez.... Getting all dolled up by even putting on aftershave.
I'll confiscate this!!
Eh, hey..!!
Damn!! That's Sasara's fragrance!!
Now then---
Who are you dating?
If she's in this class, she's getting detention too.

Page 16

It's me.
Y- Yoshizawa....!?
(No way---!?)
(For real!?)

Page 17

Y- Yoshizawa... are you serious?
I am. I'm dating Matsuhiro-kun.
But is that bad!? Thanks to him school has become fun and my grades haven't fallen!!
And his own grades have started to raise after he started studying with me!!
Th- That's...
What's this!? Some white smoke is coming from it?
Aw!! The courage fragrance!!

Page 18

I... I'm also dating Nishimori from class 3!!
Ehhh!? They started confessing all of a sudden----!?
And I'm dating Isohara-kun!!
I.. I'm...
not dating anyone, but..
I have always loved Aikawa-kun!!
Please go out with me!!
Actually, I feel the same...
Hey, hey...
I... I always loved---
I'm also in love with you, Mikado-kun!!
Inoue-kun, I love you!!
Idiot!! I had a crush on you since middle school!!

Page 19

Don't tell me...
this is because of the fragrance...
I can't afford
to just watch this.
Urushijima Meiko!!
Please go out with me!!
No, thanks.

Page 20

Oh... Oh my god.
That's what... they call youth, huh...
I was moved by your passion!!
I can't be depressed for getting dumped once!! I'll go on the attack once more!! You guys give your best too!!

Page 21

That was amazing...
Yeah... Though Kaga got shot down like always...
Now we have told them properly.
Well, yeah, but was it really okay like this....
You have a point... Seems like they'll have forgotten about it when vacation ends...
But, thank you.
W- Well, all is fine if she's happy.
And a lot of couples were born.
Now Sasara should be back to her initial size----

Page 2

Page 23

She got friggin huge----!?
(How did she get that big!?)
(I wonder)
(Because I followed her instructions!!)
[Right Side] She got a lot of experience points, so now she's so big that humans look like ants to her. She'll be back to normal next month!!
[Bottom] Continued in Issue 8 with "With magic you'll be invincible?"

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