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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 22, 2012 21:57 | Go to Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa

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Who killed Cock Robin Chapter 05

Page 01

Page 02

Page 03

Page 04

Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Chapter 07
Chapter 08
Chapter 09

Page 05

Chapter 05
...It's morning.
I feel like I had a really long dream.
A dream... Yes. I was dragged into a killing game and attacked by some scary guy,
but with my power I saved the day....
Could only have been a dream.
I gotta get up...

Page 06

Chapter 05

Page 07

(Mm...) ...What's with the ruckus.
Saedano!? Wh- What's going on here!? // Where am I---!?

Page 08

This is my house.
I won't let you off with just a "I don't remember" after you did "all that" yesterday.
What did I do!?
You're too careless, Hidaka Kishi.
Are you aware at all that you're the goal of a killing game?

Page 09

You're the <Cock Robin>, yet you slept like a log.
It wasn't.... a dream.
A song and rules that I don't remember putting on my MP.
A killing game I was dragged into without my consent.
And thus I was on the verge of getting killed....
Right... That black guy, what happened to him...!
I doubt he died from just your power.
I see... Good...
Good? Listen, Hida-- No...
I better call you <Cock Robin>.

Page 10+11

The 15 power-users, who made a contract with the <Birds> that appear in the song "Who killed Cock Robin", are the players of this game.
Every <Bird> is after your life. They have to kill you. // Because that's the rule of the game.
The one who kills <Cock Robin> gets one wish granted.
When <Cock Robin> is killed, all other birds beside his murderer get erased.

Page 12

The <Lark> is dead, so still 13 remain... You saw her death yourself, but still are so naive.
Also, I don't count in there. Though I could kill you in an instant.
But fighting those that are after you is more fun.
"Fun"? You~~!!
What? You're going to complain to me, who carried you here while you were unconscious from your power?

Page 13

I was even so kind to sleep with you, in case anything happens.
(Well..) That's all that happened. (*giggle*)
She's playing with me!!
Then, why are you naked!?
I always sleep like this.
Don't you have any shame!?
I don't think feel ashamed about my body. (Shall I prove it?)
This is my room.

Page 14

---3 hours later
She isn't coming back! (Uwa) // This house (?) is so big.
Just who is she?
The dinner is prepared.

Page 15

Sit down.

Page 16

Just how rich is she!?
These were all made by my lady.
(My lady...?) Saedano made...?
How rude. Is it that surprising?
There's nothing I can't do.

Page 17

No... I was just surprised at the luxury. // Say, is your family famous?
More importantly, it's been years since I made food myself... So
you ought to eat it before it gets cold.
Years? ...Then
Specially for me?
How's it?
...So good...!!

Page 18

I'm glad.
Shit.... Somehow my heart beats so fast and I'm getting hot.
Her reaction was just like Kimiko's...
Is the omelette good? // I'm glad <3

Page 19

She appears like a normal girl.
That's crocodile meat. // If you want to know, a really big one entered here, so I was pretty excited...
It was a fight to the death!!

Page 20

Well, I cooked it then, but I'm not really up to eat it myself.
Luckily, you happened to be here.
Then the cooking is just by chance?
Actually, I just realized, this isn't a pattern on your dress, but it's blood! // No wonder I started to get sick.
Call it a sign of victory.

Page 21

I'm an idiot for getting excited...!!
What? Don't tell me // you were thinking "Specially for me"?
A- As if I would!
I'm sick from the blood, so I'm going back!!

Page 22

Being with her just makes me angry.
It was sunny until just now.
She told me I'm not aware of my position, but doesn't that apply to her even more? // ...I wonder if doing this is alright.

Page 23

Even though we're fighting together.
It got worse from remembering.
(Uhh... Blood...)
Is there nothing she fears?
Then the rumours are true?

Page 24

That the lady's lover is here!
I heard she specially changed school for him.
I wonder what kind of guy he is if he could make her fall for him.
I haven't seen him yet! Though I want to take a picture of him and put it up in our lady's memory hall. // With a situation like this...
We have to take one secretly <3 (A scoop <3)
Hold it--!!

Page 25

As if I would come out after hearing that. // Actually...
what's that memory hall!?
(Saedano Minami // Memory Hall)
(His imagination)
(Like this?)
Now I'm interested...!

Page 26+27

These are all hers?
Piano, Kendo, Track and field... and even paintings and go. // ....Well
I knew that she wasn't a normal girl....

Page 28

Sa... edano... // U- Umm...

Page 29

What now..:!!
Sorry...!! // I just came her on my own and now I even broke something... ehm...
What should I do.
Right, my power! // I might fix it with my power...
I'm really sorry! Anyway, I'll try it..!

Page 30

It's fine.
These things mean nothing to me.
Nothing?... But it's amazing.
Amazing? // What's so amazing about winning a game without opponents or challenges?
Nothing or no one was a challenge to me.

Page 31

That's why I thought I would win this killing game easily too.
That I would have no trouble killing <Cock Robin>. // And I found you faster than anyone else.
Don't worry. I think I told you I won't kill you. // Or it would just become a pointless victory like all these here.
....Then I had an idea.

Page 32+33

If there are no challenges, I just have to create them myself. // I'll join <Cock Robin> and fight those coming after him.
Saedano.. It hurts... // Get aw---
Once I have killed them all, it'll be my victory...That's why
I'll protect you.... Kukuku.... // AHAHAHAHA!!! [really convincing...]
....Hah // ...

Page 34+35

Let go of me...!!

Page 36

I'm an idiot.
"Fighting together" my ass. // "She appears like a normal girl" my ass.
What was that. Is that the expression you made when you want to "protect" someone?
So scary...

Page 37


Page 38

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