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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Hantsu x Trash 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 31, 2012 16:06 | Go to Hantsu x Trash

-> RTS Page for Hantsu x Trash 1


Hantsu x Trash Chapter 01

Page 01+02

(A boring guy joins the "martial arts of water"!!
(A sports comedy full of desire!!)
Chapter 01: Touch all you want, fondle all you want!?
(Struggle desperately! Youth comes only once!!)

Page 03

(Sweat, Laughs and Slip Offs. An ecstatic new serialization)
I'm sorry Hamaji-kun.
I prefer cool sportsmen.
And you're only spacing out all day doing nothing. // You're so boring...
Why don't you try doing something?
Also, your look is quite perverted. I can tell, you know.
Why do I have to get lectured by a plain girl like you!!
Also, a girl's bra is also showing through.
Why aren't you grateful that I confessed to you!!
(Of course he gets rejected! His depressing days won't end....!!)

Page 04

That's what I'll do with you.
Show me your p*ssy!

Page 05

Heh... This time I'll let you off with just my fantasy....!
Gonna be a hard night....
What are you confessing to my girlfriend for?
What for... Ehm... nothing really..
I... wanna die...

Page 06

I'm Hamaji Youhei. A freshman at Kyuuto High Schhool.
Luckily I made it into high school, but I spend my days doing nothing, but laying around.
To begin with, I have no interest in anything... Meaning, I'm good-for-nothing.
(Damn, it hurts)
Though I ranked all the girls.
C'mon, once more to your limit!!
Isn't there.... some dream-like club like the breast research association?
There is one close by.

Page 07

You're Hamaji?
W- Well, I am...
But who are you!! // Or rather, how did you read my thoughts.
You spoke it out loud.
I'm Nakashima, a sophomore.
I heard there's this freshman called Hamaji, who hasn't decided on a club and spends his life like trash. // So I came flying over to recruit you.
(Viva clubs)

Page 08

Wait, you said there's a breast club... // Are you serious!?
Well, it isn't a breast club, but close to it.
Oh, are you interested?
Eh... // Well...
What's more, it isn't just breasts.
T- Te-
Tell me more!!
You're going to lunge at the girls all the time!!
Touching all you want, fondling all you want!! (Are you interested?)

Page 09

This sounds too suspicious.
What was that... Recruiting for his new religion!? // I bet if I joined the would take my last shirt----
The good side of high school is that the girls are all hot.
And all the skirts are so short <3

Page 10

High school is a panty paradise!
Right now, adoring panties is my only pleasure.
Right... This is indeed a panty paradise.
You again!!
And you read my thoughts again~~
I tell you, you have been saying it out loud...
(Don't read my mind!)
You know, I can already imagine what kind of guy you are.
You can't keep up with studying, no good with sports and you won't stick with anything for long... You're just trash that goes after panties...

Page 11

If you speak of only pleasure, it should be screwing over the girl that rejected you, over and over in you fantasy, right.
He got it right!!
I was right...?
We're are alike.
You know... I screwed all sophomore girls. (In my fantasy)
(Not included the (super)ugly ones)

Page 12

We might be practicing shots, but where are you shooting...
Aw, what now.
It... It's encroaching----!!

Page 13

What's more
she's super cute....!!
Nakashima-kun! Pass me the ball!!

Page 14

All the girls are already practicing.
You hurry up too.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Mh? You took a liking to her?
She's Hagiwara Chisato, from class 2-A.
The ace of our club.
In my fantasy world I have five kids with her!!
Don't fantasize it---!!

Page 15

Okay, let me show you something nice...
Look here.
It's a slip off from Hagiwari during club activities....
That's her breast...
If you join out club, you get to see that everyday! You also get to touch and fondle all you want!!
Do you want to fondle them? Or don't you want to?
I- I want to fondle them.
Then it's settled.

Page 16

Next day---
Reminds me, I haven't asked yet what kind of sports it is.
Well... if it's anything annoying that includes obstinacy I can just quit...
For now, as long as I get to touch and fondle the girls...
Our club is the...
Water Polo Club!!
M- Marco Polo...?
Close, but no. // It's a sports called "Water Polo".
Hurry up and change into your swimwear!

Page 17

S- So small.
I'm going to wear such a small one?
It'll pop out immediately when I get an erection with it...
Let it out!!
(It's already out)
Just let it out when it erects!
Don't hold back... It's freedom.
Erection is freedom!
Aw!!! You don't have to show it to me!!!
Actually, why are you already erected!?

Page 18

Was it really wise to join this club...
So... where are the others...
They'll naturally show up when the girls are here.
Oh, there they are.
Ohh <3
H- Hot!! So hot!!

Page 19

Whoops! The girls are already starting. We can't stay idle.
I'll show you something great.
The girl's winding legs paradise!!
Winding legs!?
I'm not good at swimming...
AW!? // My feet don't reach!

Page 20

Ah, I forgot to tell you.
The pool for Water Pool is deeper by two metre.
That's why you have to float by using your "winding legs".
Well, you should be able to dive, right? Follow me.
O- Okay...
What's... that!!!

Page 21

So that's the winding leg

Page 22

Just like a swan...
The cute high school girls are floating on the water....
and below their grains are encroaching so beautiful!!
I see---- Winding legs are profound!
So beautiful~~~
I got an erection!!!
where are the others!?

Page 23

The cold water feels good on my erection groin <3
Shit!! M- My breath...
I'm out of air...

Page 24

GYAAA!!! A corpse!!
A p*nis!
A p*nis~~
You overdid it, Shy Boy.
He's the new guy?
Don't get killed...
How lame... They even saw my penis...
He's the new member.
Yeah! This body drowned because he couldn't do the // winding legs.

Page 25

Well... Nothing unusual for me...
Aw.... I'm sure Hagiwara-senpai saw it too...
My false phimosis penis....
Wait..! It was erected so it should been peeled off!
All fine.
I am a MAN!!
Hagiwara, you're the best with the winding legs.
So you teach the boy.
A nice pass <3

Page 26

Water Polo is a ball game on the water.
It's similar to soccer or handball.
I think I heard of it before...
It's pretty famous in Europe...
Anyway, you always have to float on the water during a game.
And for that you need the winding legs.
C'mon, spread your legs a bit wider than your shoulders. // Let go off the rope and wind up from your knees.
O- Okay.

Page 27

Huh? // I'm sinking...
GAH!! // I'm drowning!!
Not like that. You catch the water with your ankles.
You wind and let them rotate... // Look below!

Page 28

encroaching groin....!!
Ohh!! Yeah!!!

Page 29

Take it seriously.
Yes, that's good.
You wind up at the knees and catch the water!
Wind up... Catch the water...
It works.

Page 30

It's like your standing in the water....
Y- Yeah...
Okay, now we aren't going to use our arms. Try it with a weight. // For now, 3 minutes!
EH!? (3 minutes!?)
Aw, no good.

Page 31

Water Polo...
is no fun at all...
Hey! What's up?
So gloomy.
You have to try a bit harder, boy---
Water Polo isn't that easy.
Uhm, what about the touching and fondling all I want....
A- And the slip off Paradise...
Fuh. You're an impatient one.
That's what I call a natural pervert.
You're one to say!!

Page 32

In Water Polo, you're going after the ball with an innocent look.
As long as the referee doesn't see it, you can cling to the opponent in the water or pull on their swimsuits all you want. // And because we're low on members, we're practicing co-ed.
Okay! I'm going to fondle
Haigwara-senpai's breasts!
I'll go fondle them right now during Water Polo!!!
I.. I see...

Page 33

I can't stick to anything for long...
I'm just trash that fantasizes about girls...
Then I'll act like trash.
I'll quit after I touched and fondled Hagiwara-senpai all over!!
Okay, 3on3 for 5minutes!
Don't get erected.
Will the newbie be fine? (He seems motivated though)

Page 34

Water Polo is a walk in the park!
It's just a stupid ball play!
Got it!!

Page 35

Her legs---
Hey, hey... He attacked her.
(Mhm) Normally that's a foul.
Geez, what's with him!

Page 36

That was totally lame just now.
You gotta do better to stop your opponent's movement.
Even if the opponent is a guy, I'll do it efficient.

Page 37

How's it? You can't move now, right? // This secret techniques is also possible!
In- Indeed, I can't move if she grabs me there!!
So that's how you play Water Polo...!!

Page 38

Hamaji, for you.
A.. A pass for me.

Page 39
It's... dark...

Page 40

Oh, he scored a point.
I scored?
Kyaaa!! What are you doing!
Don't make me grab on weird stuff!!!
That's his second time today...
Nice, boy! To think a newbie scored...
He's a golden egg!

Page 41

Me, who's just trash that doesn't stick with anything... scored a point....
Water Polo is such an aggressive sports that it's also called the martial arts of water.
Injuries aren't rare...
Your shot really surprised me! // What a high jump! You couldn't do that without good leg strength.
You're amazing!!

Page 42

how was your first time playing Water Polo? Liked it..?
Eh, // U- Umm...
I... I wonder~~
Ah, a nosebleed...
Water Polo is a minority sport....
Nakashim-kun has been asking a lot of freshmen,
but we don't get many members.... // So I would be happy if a capable guy like you sticks with us.

Page 43

She would be happy if someone like me stays here!?
Ah, I'm coming now!

Page 44

Okay.... Then let's try
Water Polo for a little longer...

Page 45

He was right.
If you search for girl's water polo, you get this much hits for slip offs!
The slip off paradise was no lie!!
Oh? That's the one he showed me.
The one of Hagiwara-senpai.
H- He tricked me...

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