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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Otomari Honey 25

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 8, 2012 09:42 | Go to Otomari Honey

-> RTS Page for Otomari Honey 25

Reserved for Vortex

Otomari Honey Chapter 25

Page 01

(S- Sorry, I wasn't trying to...)

Page 02

Matsuda-kun, can I come in?
EH!? // Y- You can't, Class-Rep.
What are you saying. // This is a mixed bath.
That's not the problem... // Y- You're being too bold...
Oh really?
Then put on your glasses // and look at the bold me.
They won't fog up <3

Page 03

Th- This is Class Rep's bo-- // -DY!?
Gnar... I can't imagine it, since I have never seen it.
(The glasses doesn't matter)
Argh, what am I doing~~
(Not good)
Are you okay, Matsuda-kun?
You look pale.
I'm fine.
Yeah? Don't force yourself. We're on a trip after all.
Thanks, Class Rep.

Page 04

Spring Vacation
We're all going on a 2day 1 night trip!
Wow, a hot spring trip~~
I'm looking forward to various stuff~~
R- // Really?
I mean, it's a hot spring! // Sudden naked encounters or mistaking the changing room.
And at night, with Miyuki... <3 <3 // Just kidding!
Are you allowed to have such dirty fantasies?
It's a fantasy, so no problem!
(No harm done)
(I wonder)

Page 05

Aren't we there yet~~?
I'm getting sick...
I know it said out in the nature, but this is too much~~~
A trip with Yanagikawa-senpai <3
In a hot spring with him <3
It was cheap, so there had to be downsides.
(It's so small here and my body hurts)
Don't say that.
If they hadn't won in the lottery, we couldn't have gone at all.
Guess so---
(Drawing a lot during an errand...)
(I won a hotel stay, food included, for 5 people)
(I won a bus trip)
(I won a trip for 3)
(Let's pay together for the rest and go all together!)
(Go make your own plans)

Page 06

We're finally here!

Page 07

...Somehow... it's so PLAIN?
Doesn't look like a ghost will appear.
It's no pomp either.
Why do you look so displeased!
With Mitsuki, anywhere is paradise for me <3
Geez, Senpai <3
Yeah, if it's with Matsuda-kun... // <3

Page 08

Here, Class Rep.
That's the key for the girl's room.
Okay then! Let's put our luggage away and meet in the lobby!
Why are you giving directions?
This isn't a field trip, // CLASS REP.
Of course we're going into the hot spring immediately!
(We only got one night)
N- No way...
(Hotel Map // Girl's room // Boy's room // Front - Lobby // Men's bath // Big Bath)
If we split up here, I won't get to be with Matsuda-kun!

Page 09

Our room is a room for two on the 2nd floor. Let's go Yanagikawa.
(The girls's room is a big one on the 3rd floor)
Too small~~~~
OH! // Full of retro-games!
Let's take a batch already and play to our heart's content!
See you, Class Rep. Take your time.
Y- // Yeah...
...He doesn't mind getting separated from me?
That is, // if you like
let's play some game together later when the ruckus calmed down.

Page 10

Let's meet up later <3
WAH! // So big!
You can look outside!

Page 11

It's full of cherry trees...
That's what makes open bath so great.
The water is so warm~~~
(Good for the skin)
Nothing less from a hotel that works on hot springs!
I'm glad we came here~~
Let's take a good rest here!
---But there's a single one not enjoying it.

Page 12

Wh- What?
Everyone has it's own way of taking a bath.
You just want to get out as fast as possible.
I can understand your jumpiness....
But if you're so unsettled like that, don't you think it will affect Matsuda-senpai too?
Embrace your impatience and polish yourself for now...
After all, we're at a hot spring.
Bragging, since you have a boyfriend?
Actually, didn't you breast get bigger?
You can tell?

Page 13

So you're ready to show them off anytime~~~?
No, I'm not yet...
So you say, but you're prepared for it.
What you mean "It"~?
P- // Please don't tease me so much.
Right now I have to take a bath to smoothen my skin...
(Work hard)
Incidentally, there's someone, who's having some admirable growth.
W- // What?

Page 14

Once you're confronted with the harsh reality, you can't help but worry about yourself.
That's not growth. // I assume it's that.
(Is it that?)
The udders
of a cow!
I don't like it...
Gulp it down at once!

Page 15

(Game Corner // Rest Room // Vending machines)
Bastard. Die.
Class Rep!
Had a good time?
Yeah! // The bath was really great!
Okay, we're all here now!

Page 16

Let's start the famous Hot Spring Ping-pong tournament!
The loser has to listen to the winner!
Therefore, bring it on, Matsuda~~
I'll have you switch rooms with Miyuki!
Like I would let that happen, idiot!
Shut up!
Has to listen?
Play against me! // Please!

Page 17

Our clumsy Yukino is all serious,
but our Matsuda can't really go all out against her...
Too naive, Matsuda! Stop with the act, beat her down!
Once you win, she'll have to listen to your orders!
My orders!?

Page 18

J- Just a bit more and I could have seen...!!
I won't lose!
---Tch. Didn't see.
(Here I go)
Yukino-senpai is so careless.
She's not wearing a T-shirt underneath.
R- Right.

Page 19

I'm wearing one, you know.
Well... Your nipples are standing out,
so I guess it's service enough?
Match settled!
Yukino wins!
I was distracted because I nearly saw her breasts...
Nice, Yukino~~ // Order Matsuda around!
Okay, Matsuda-kun!
Share two-person room with me <3

Page 20

Wait! We aren't even dating yet. He'll think I'm weird for suddenly wanting to share a room with him...!!
(I was trying to copy Yanagikawa-kun..)
E- Ehm...
I know!
B- Buy me an ice...
Feed it to me?
Ah... // Ok...

Page 21

What's the hell is this!?
Is this really punishment for the loser!?
Mh <3 // Delicious <3
I can't watch this.
Where are you going, Senpai?

Page 22

Let's take a stroll in the garden, Miyuki.
I want to see the night cherry blossoms with you.
Yes <3
What will we do?
Back to the room?
Lazing around sounds good---
I worked up a sweat in various meanings..
(Big Open Air Bath // Time Schedule // Women 6:00~21:00 // Men 21:00~6:00 // *On Tuesdays it's reserved for women only all day)
(*On Tuesdays it's reserved for women only all day)

Page 23

What beautiful cherry blossoms... // I wish I could watch them together with Matsuda-kun...
We're on a trip together,
I'm getting drowsy..
Let's head out.
but not making any memories together...
Stupid Matsuda-kun!!
Hii // Sorry!?
Wait, Class rep!?
Eh, // Matsuda-kun!?
D- // Don't look.

Page 24

Today's... Tuesday,
so only women are allowed in here, you know?
No way!?
Shit. Am I going to get arrested...?
(What now...)
But I'm glad. // That you mistook the times.
Shh---- // Be quiet..
Stay for a bit longer... // Okay?
(Can't see well)
Here, look...

Page 25

The cherry trees are in full-bloom.
You can't help but gaze at them.
Though it's different for me.
I'm happy for being with Matsuda-kun <3
Class Rep...
Sorry, I don't have my glasses, so I can't see well...
R- Right. Wait, I'll get them for you!
(How could I forget)
No, that's just wrong!
Ugg.. I'm at my limit...
Kyaa // Matsuda-kun!?

Page 26

Yukino-senpai! Can I join you?
I just heard during the stroll. // KYAAAAA
What's up, Miyuki? A pervert?
KYAAA! // I told you to wait at the back!!
Wah, // Why is Yanagikawa here!?
A pervert!!
No... Listen to me!
U- Umm...
Can some call help...
(Like a doctor....)
They had such high quality pillows.
Yeah? Mine were just normal.

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