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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hantsu x Trash 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 9, 2012 00:31 | Go to Hantsu x Trash

-> RTS Page for Hantsu x Trash 2


Hantsu x Trash Chapter 02

Page 01

(I have no ulterior motive! I swear!)
Chapter 02: Animal

Page 02

The class mostly splits into these groups:
The rude group with sportsman and delinquents.
The intelligence group.
The Otaku group.
Or average guys...
that just love music and have no special passion.
And ranked lower--- at the very bottom: The plain, unrefined and boring guy.

Page 03

---That's me,
Hamaji Youhei.
But... It's different now.
I started playing water polo...
And I'll become the best player in Japan!!
Of course I'll be popular!!

Page 04

H- Hagiwara-senpai.
For my sake,
show me your manly side...
If you want to see that bad
Iyah <3
look at it all you want!!

Page 05

Time I head for club activities.
They gave me some
cold stares....

Page 06

H- Hagiwara-senpai!!
A freshman's classroom feels so nostalgic.
Who's that? She's cute.
A sophomore?

Page 07

Hey, hey, are you coming to club activities today?
Will you?
Y- Yes.
Of course!
She came all the way here for me.
I was a bit worried
if you would come again.
She's talking to me with direct eye-contact...
I'm so happy...
Okay, see you at the pool.

Page 08

Hagiwara-senpai is
an angel.
I'll become a man!!!

Page 09

I'm sorry.. Hagiwara-senpai..
I'll go release some power!
If I don't calm down this guy, I can't wear my swimwear!!
Sfx: someone taking a dump
Ugg... I came to a Hagiwara-senpai taking a dump.

Page 10

If it isn't the boy.
Nakashima, huh...
I was looking for you... We have training today... You're coming too, right?
Don't touch me when you haven't washed your hands after taking a dump yet~~
I'm a worry-cat, you know. // Because we get so few members.
I.. I'm coming, so wash your hands already..
By they way, Boy...

Page 11

Looks like you released a lot to Hagiwara...? // Shy boy.
Heh! Don't hold back when relieving yourself.
I already have six kids with Hagiwara... (In my fantasy)
They're increasing!!
Well, water polo is a minority sport.
So I can understand that you only joined the club for Hagiwara.
U- Umm...

Page 12

Does she have a boyfriend!?
How would I know.
If you want to know, ask her yourself...
Well, I'll at least support you.
Come to the club room.

Page 13

HAHAHAHA // My little brother finally gave "it" back to me.
Y- You're too loud...
Yay, big cock!
Uwa--- His motives aren't any better...
You don't want it? Then give it back.
N- No.

Page 14

I'll gladly take it!!
Okay, boy. Burn Hagiwara's swimsuit appearance into your eyes.
Then image it later <3
Burn it...
For the eggbeater kick you...
into my eyes...
My empty hearts gets fill up with Hagiwara-senpai...

Page 15

You're here.
Y- Yo, Hagiwara-senpai.
Nakashima-kun asked me to train you... I won't go easy, even if you're a beginner!
Umm... I wonder if there's someone you like?
....As if I could ask that.

Page 16

The basic of basics for water polo is
Today you'll do plenty of swimming.
Y- Yes...
I'm burning it in.

Page 17

? Burn what?
No, nothing!!
I gotta get into the pool or my boner gets exposed...
Nice! You're so motivated!
That's good <3
Okay, then swim until I stop you. // Go!

Page 18

I'm not confident in my swimming,
but I gotta show her my best side!
Work hard!
U- Uhm, I'm not done yet~~?

Page 19

I'm dying.
You only swum 50m...
Umm... I'm more suited to that...
Playing with the ball...
Too early!
Okay! More swimming!!
I'm starting to think
Cmon, swim!
that she's a devil...

Page 20

How's it? Is he working hard?
He's no good at all! He's out of breath after 50m but wants to practice with the ball already.
Practicing with the ball, huh?

Page 21

That's too early for you!!
If you want to play with the ball that bad,
then wanna be the animal? // Mh?
A- Animal...!?
Animal refers the hard shooting practice 1on1 before the goal.
The defence is allowed to do whatever to the offence, except hitting or kicking.

Page 22

And you're going to shoot, no matter what's done to you.
It's practice to polish your shoots and guts while you're clung to or hold on.
Haa... // Clung to...
You'll be the offence, boy. If you manage to score one point, you can join the ball practice today.
Pick anyone you like for your opponent. // Anyone you l-i-k-e.
H- Ha-
Hagiwara-senpai please!!

Page 23

M- Me..? // Mm...
Well, why not!
Hehe! How you like my nice assist. // Hoo?
Eh? Ah.. that's what you meant?
Okay! Some clinging play!!
A real good chance!!!!
You're too loud!

Page 24

I just have to get the ball inside there, right.
Seems surprisingly easy.
Now's the time to show off in front of her.
Uwaaa, she clung to me---!!
What pressure.
Long live the animal!!
Let me tell you,
I haven't lost once at animal...

Page 25

Okay, Boy! Here's the pass!
Shoot it!
My breath....
C'mon, make a shot already.

Page 26

If you can do the eggbeater kick, you won't drown from something like this!
You don't have the basics down!!
You're beyond help.
I thought I was a goner...
Hah! A chance.

Page 27

That was good. Using that opening.// But you missed.
Next one, Boy!
You're a man, aren't you.
You have to put your pride on the line or you won't give win against me.
Put my pride on the line.... My pride...
Did I have such a thing? Something I'm proud of....
Nope... NOTHING...
Hey!! Get the ball already!!

Page 28

The offence breaks free here and makes a shoot.
...Uhhh. I think when it's underwater a foul was allowed...
Last time, she also
did it to me...
Then... now's my time
for payback underwater!

Page 29

Hey, what are you doing!!

Page 30

Aw, it went all the way in.
Too naive!
I'll become a man
through Water polo.
Out of the way!!

Page 31


Page 32

What are you doing!!
Honestly, you have to start from the basics!
Y- Yes...

Page 33

I saw it. Without doubt that was
c- cute nipple <3

Page 34

Sorry for today. You okay?
I forget myself during a game.
That stuff with the swimsuit happens a lot.
I let my guard down. I won't let that happen again!
There are some guys who join on a perverted motivation in the co-ed training...
These guys will just be killed off.
I.. I see.
Well, you're a beginner, but quite of a fighter. // Work hard tomorrow too!
Y- Yes.
W- Well, yeah, those guys with perverted motivation should just die. // Just what are they thinking this pure sport is.

Page 35

U- Uhm, this isn't mine...
H- Hamaji-kun.... So you joined the club for that kind of thing...
I'm disappointed...

Page 36

You damn pervert!!!
Oh.. Boy...

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