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Dethrone 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 11, 2012 18:21 | Go to Dethrone

-> RTS Page for Dethrone 1

Damn blackmailing...
Reserved for iMangascans

Dethrone Chapter 01

Page 01

The time has finally come!
A new battle stage called high school!! Something like this?
(What if I get bullied...?)

Page 02+03

the queen.

Page 04

(Oh, prez <3)

Page 05

Girls, who just like me---
have the "Dragon Queen's spirit" in them, will gather at this academy.
We're girl with a destiny to fight as to combine // the divided spirit again.
You know about the spirit, don't you, Hikari-san?
Yes, prez <3 // It was the treasured guardian god of the chairman's family... the Fujimiya family.
The soul of the "Dragon Queen"....<3

Page 06

And the fight for that "Dragon Queen's spirit" is about to start!
After a thousand years....
(Awww, she's so close. I'm already....)
The Fujimiya Family's greatest desire will be fulfilled.
By the hands
of myself,
Kitazono Karen---

Page 07

I'll make every girl with the spirit crawl at my feet.
A spectacular show is about to start, Hikari-san!!
(You're too radiant, prez---)
(I got it first)
(It was me)

Page 08

Huh~~? Master isn't here.
(I'm hungry)
She told me to wait in front of the dorm, but I can't tell if it's right since it's so broad here.
Where's my cell...
Hey, you're a freshman?
That's quite some luggage there.
Are you my seniors?
Do you know where the female dorm is!?

Page 09

If you'd like, we can show you around "plenty".
Really!? Yay <3
What's in it? So big.
Isn't it heavy? Shall I carry it?
Can I ask that of you?
It's full of clothes, more clothes and some iron dumbbells.
I'm really luck to meet such nice seniors.

Page 10

If possible, this too---
So heavy----
Don't tell me... you're a "Dragon Queen" girl----?
(Uh, my shoulders.)
So you know of it, Senpai~~
I need to gather the spirits!

Page 11

You don't have much luggage.
I had it send yesterday. Ehehe.
What room are you in?

Page 12

So mean. You're so mean, Senpai~~
You were so nice that I dropped my guard, but then you attack me...
No... That wasn't my intention at all.....
...I'm sorry.
Huh? But why do you know about the Dragon Queen?
It doesn't concern boys...

Page 13

You know, my ex // told me to pick on strong-looking girls.
What the hell is this?
I once died karate, you know.
Though in vain...
So, what's this Dragon Queen Spirit?
Was there another girl like me?
No... You're the first.
Who are you calling your ex, Pon~~!!

Page 14

Freshman, huh...
A Dragon Queen Holder, I take it?
Wah! You were listening, Momiji~~
I was just hoping you were----
Technically, that guy has a black belt in karate.
And you could overpower him so easily---

Page 15

"Shinzaki Family, Ever shining palace"
Shinzaki Momiji..... Bring it on!!
The real deal!? // Here it is.
Please wait a moment.
Folding it correctly
and pretty.

Page 16

Godou Masamune, 15 years!
My breasts live up to my name!! [as you probable know, mune means breasts. Though her name has a different kanji for it]
Godou!? The Godou 16 night style----!?

Page 17

Page 18

The family shredded in mysteries the most of the Fujimiya vassals, the Godou family---!
I heard they haven't participating in any matches with other styles, nor had the favour of the Shogun since ancient times.
But for some reason rumours about their strength don't vanish...
I'll make you show me your true potential, Godou---!!!
Ever shining Palace Secret Arts!!
Claymore Burst!!

Page 19

Get her, Momiji!!

Page 20

Impossible... Pon---!?
Godou 16 Night Style, 3rd night---

Page 21


Page 22

Snail Mark

Page 23

What power---
the feeling of a real battle----

Page 24

You got the "power" input wrong,
Hawa. Master!! Where have you been!?
Call me by my name, Shion and not master!!
You idiot!

Page 25

Since it's you, I'm sure you chose the Snake Mark unconsciously, // but it was the right choice.
The recess was small too.
It's the technique you can execute the best at the moment.
But did you notice?
That guy called Pon.... He felt your Ki raising
and protected that Momiji girl.
In this case
you don't get a passing grade, since you only hit Momiji through Pon.

Page 26

You were lucky that Pon is a trained man.
If he were one of the weak that you're supposed to protect, then he would be dead now.
(That pisses me off)
(You're always telling me off)

Page 27

That thin guy over there.
(I fought in such an embarrassing outfit...)
The fatty will wake up in time, // but Pon and Momiji need a hospital.
Care Pon specially careful.
(Call me Shion)
What was that....
Who are these "Dragon Queen" guys...

Page 28

I forgot!!
Idiot. You were going home without collecting the important spirit!?
But master, you also---
Call me Shion!!
Okay! Place your hands on her breasts, Masmune.
Huh? // Eh~~? What the?

Page 29

Like... this?
No!! // Fondle them firmly with both hands!
And directly!!
You mean raw!?
Gah---I would do it,
but I don't have the qualification!!
(A godly skill)

Page 30

M- My first time
touching someone else breasts.
Claim yourself the winner.
Hooo, this is quite...
Dragon Queen---I defeated this person!!

Page 31

Ah... AH
Uhh~~~ Shionn
Here it comes.
The spirit goes from the weak to the strong one.
It's seeking strength and reshapes...
I didn't... hear of this---!!

Page 32

What's this, Marimari!?
Don't let out a weird voice.
This is... // a reaction of the spirit.
Even though the entrance ceremony is about to start.

Page 33

They're already at it!?
Fufuhn // In time, the great Sakuraba Kaori will gather // all the spirits!!
Work hard, Kaorin!
Once I have them all, have a fight with me putting "that" on the line.
(I'm totally at a disadvantage then)

Page 34

The two resonating pulses of the Dragon Queen
became one inside me----
The first ceremony was a success...
[Side] A battle of girls seeking the completion of the Dragon Queen begins!! Look forward to the next issue!!

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