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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 23

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 13, 2012 20:08 | Go to Kore wa Koi no Hanashi

-> RTS Page for Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 23

Reserved for Lila Wolves

Kore ha Koi no Hanashi Chapter 23

Page 01

(A love story between a novelist and a girl with a 21year-differene on 38 page)
(Our youth)
(has only just began)
(Start of Haruka's middle school arc!!)
Chapter 23

Page 02

(Shinichi never changes. But time certainly goes by....)

Page 03

Thanks for carrying the bags, Sugita-kun.
No problem. (This isn't much...)
My club ended early today anyway.
How's are the new freshman? Lot of work?
Yeah--- Now I'm trapped between the freshman and the seniors.

Page 04

Aw~~ I'm thirsty. // I'll take the barley tea, Morimoto.
Guess I bought a bit too much after all..
Mh? They're gathering here today?
Maybe I should join in too then.
Why even you?
Ah, // Shinichi-san.

Page 05

I'm back.
Yeah. (Welcome back)
I'll start preparing for dinner.
You were sleeping, huh...
An afternoon nap.
Afternoon is over already though.
Haruka, // did I tell you that the others are coming over today?
Yes. // Thus I was shopping for dinner..

Page 06

And // I helped her carry the bags.
So you're saying you deserve a free meal now?
I always thought so, // but you're quite stingy, aren't you.
(It's just a single meal. You're already 4, one more won't hurt!)
(You always eat the most!)
I'll go change.
I'm off to the toilet.

Page 07

Going to peep? (On her changing)
As if I would do that! // Actually that's what I should say to you!!
(It's fine)
You're at that age.
(Don't get so excited)
I said it's not like....
Forget it.

Page 08

I'm not going to bother talking back to you anymore.
Again with that?
How boring.
You better stop acting like a kid too, Old man.
It somehow pisses me off.
I want to become an adult fast, but you, an adult, are acting like that.

Page 09

It's not fair.
Lately, he
is kinda obsessed on the thing called "adult".
Being an adult isn't as great as you believe it is.
That's just a problem of your life-style.
(You brat)

Page 10

(Hmp) You learned from your first failure?
(Haha) Just kidding.
(Now he's angry)
Don't make such a face.
There are jokes you can tell and these you can't.
Yeah, sorry.
I still find it great.
I'll only say this now, // I thought for sure you would only test for the same school as Haruka, judging by your character..

Page 11

I can't decided my important future on such reasons.
Are you stupid?
Oh~ How mature~
Though in the end, you all ended up at the same school anyway.
(What gives?)
(Didn't pass for his first choice, a boy's school.)

Page 12

(No talking back, huh)
The brats are already in their second year of middle school.
Suddenly they grow and their horizon broadens.
On the opposite, I'm like always.
I'm not growing at all.
Though growing doesn't really matter anymore with 35...
If possible, I don't want to change at all...

Page 13

As long as nothing changed it was peaceful.
I ended up with troubles by taking in Haruka.
The brats were there
and things just went by...
And now, this situation became the norm---

Page 14

Ah! // Sugita-kun!!
You can't eat yet.
But I'm so hungry...
The others will be here soon.
Reminds me, where's Sonohara today?
Utako-chan got home tutoring today.
Ah, right.

Page 15

Sugita-kun, can you set the glasses?
Ever since "that" day, Haruka...
is overly energetic.
I don't know if that's on purpose or just natural.
She's not depressed at all, rather she's so bright
and doesn't try to cover up her scar now.
Though I become depressed whenever I see her scar---

Page 16

I still have it in my head.
The pain in my chest that felt like I was being tied up and Haruka's crying face from back then.
Every time I remember it, I...
Even though it's actually Haruka
who was left with a scar----

Page 17

What's the matter? // The others are here already.

Page 18

Oh please, you were sleeping, Shinichi?
What are you doing, hurry up.
Y.. // Yeah...
What was that just now?

Page 19

For a moment
I couldn't breathe...
You sure a laid back, Old man. // I haven't seen you working at all lately. (Just sleeping)

Page 20

C'mon, tell him off, Utsumi.
Haruka-chan, this is really good!
Really? I'm glad.
Utsumi is a night owl. // I get his scripts every month and his books are selling.
He even got a second printing.
His position as a popular author isn't in danger yet.
Isn't that just you praising him as his editor?
Hahaha. Not at all.

Page 21

This is still off the records, but...
there was an offer for a movie adaptation...
Eh!? For real!?
I never heard about that.
The editorial department has a lot to think about.
Hey-- // Appreciate the food some more. (You guys!)
Haruka-chan worked so hard on this. (Right!)
No, it's fine... // I'm just doing it because I want to...

Page 22

Morimoto! This tastes fantastic! (This deep-fried)
So good.
You're ready to marry off anytime now, Haruka-chan.
So typical of men.
Sorry... // ehm...
Thank you...
Please teach my wife next time too.

Page 23

Just now...
Gakki said something really weird...
Something about a "wife"...

Page 24

I decided to marry.
You're all here so that I can tell you...

Page 25

(Hey..) What the!? Why!? Explain!! (I haven't heard anything!)
No need to be that surprised. // I'm at that age after all.
No!! Impossible!!
Gakki is!! He is!! // So suddenly! Why!? // Who would marry this total asshole!!
S- Satomi-san.
Don't tell me... you...
(Banged her up...?)
(How careless)
Well, // that's how it is.

Page 26

You're the worst!! There's an order to things, you know!!
That's so old school, Satomi.
(You're an old hag?)
Who is that woman!!
Why are you so angry?
I mean, he beat me to it!! That Gakki did!!
It never occurred to me. I thought I would be the first. But now it's Gakki of all people!

Page 27

Congratulations, Oogaki-san.
Thanks, Haruka-chan. // You're the only one to congratulate me.
So with that, I'm moving here soon.
(Wh- ) WHY!?
I'm used to coming here and I like the scenery around here.

Page 28

Anything but that...
What gives. It'll make the job easier.
Hey, // I wonder how Sonohara will take this news.
(I mean, she's in love with...)
I think that won't be a problem...
Eh? // Really?
Things I thought would never change,
start to

Page 29

change one by one---
Oogaki is marrying, huh...
Guess it's natural...

Page 30

I probably haven't changed at all.
I alone might stay like this forever.
Okay, thanks for the script.

Page 31

Good job again this month.
Were you serious about that from before?
Mh? You mean the marriage?
I was.
Is it that strange that I'm marrying?
It's not strange... // I'm just wondering if you'll be fine.

Page 32

At least I think I'm better off than you.
It didn't mean it like that.
It's okay. // It's not as flippant as you think.
Though the order was messed up for sure.
But it's what I want to do. // That should be enough, right?

Page 33

...Then it's fine.
So, what's with you, Utsumi?
I never spared marriage a single thought.
Haruka-chan would break into tears if you bring up marriage.

Page 34

This got nothing to do with her.
Oh really?
She was all over you
yet // lately I haven't heard her say it at all.

Page 35

Stuff like loving you or wanting to be with you.
Maybe she found a new love in middle school.

Page 36

That would be just fine.
Actually, that's how it should be.
*click* // *click*
What's up?

Page 37

It's just out of oil.
I'm going to buy some.
Out of oil, huh....

Page 38

(Something in Shinichi that he doesn't want to change, slowly starts to change....)
Really, // you're so easy to read.
(Works just fine)

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