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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Omamori Himari 53

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 18, 2012 11:04 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 53

Why didn't I add this...?
Reserved for Vortex

Omamori Himari Chapter 53

Page 01

The golden Nine-Tails?
Not someone I really want to get involved with.
Chapter 53: Cat and meeting
You met her too?
Rather than met, she tried to eat Sasa, so we crossed blades once.
Impressive you survived.
As if I, the great Ageha, would be defeated by a sly fox.
We were in a real pinch, but Pochi saved us.

Page 02

What's up with the Nine-tails!?
Seems Amakawa is after her for real.
Hee... // That good-for-nothing, who didn't even stand a chance against me.
He changed, you know? // At least he's prepared to defeat those that threaten him.
Then let us fight too.
The Nine-Tails and the Demon Slayers... Just let them crush each other.
I have no obligation to help them.

Page 03

There's no need to go. It seems the Ayakashi hating "Twilight Moon" is with them.
I just want you to stop any Ayakashi that might come to help the Nine-Tails or Shuten.
It's too much for me alone.
The Nine-Tails wanted us to join her though when she saw our strength.
So we might just do that?
I doubt it.
If you help us,
Amakaw Yuuto will be happy.

Page 04

Wha... Why would it matter to me if he's happy or not.
Are you an idiot!? That makes no sense. (Idiot, idiot)
Well, stopping all of them might be impossible though.
I'll do what I can. Any complains?
She's so easy to read...
Okay, about the Nine-Tails and Shuten-douji.

Page 05

Even if we want to strike at them, we don't know where they are. // So we're waiting?
According to Yakouin Hitsugi's prediction, these two are hiding here in Takamiya with a 98.7% possibility.
We're going to take them both on at once...?
If would like to take them on separately, but if they're in the same place, that's going to be difficult.
...It might be possible depending on the plan.

Page 06

(Cat in heat)
The Nine-Tails wants to eat Himari-sama.
(Handsome Guy)
(Tiny breasts // Good-for-nothing // Death Yandere)
And Shuten is after revenge against the humans, meaning a battle to death. // So there's a gap.
What you mean cat in heat!?
So it's not definite that they'll cooperate.
Then I'll become a bait for the Nine-Tails.
And in the meantime, you guys take out Shuten.
Himari! (That's...)
Don't worry. I can least buy you some time.
You plan to be reckless again, aren't you, Cat.
Take him out, huh.
Somehow I seem to be able to say these words so easily now...
But if talking doesn't help, we can only fight.

Page 07

And as long as we show them what we're capable of, I'm sure they too will---
---Then I'll...
Young master,
you don't need to do anything.
N- No, but I'm...
You're the general.
You'll be the headquarters.
Stay put at the back.
Just look important. (Yes.)
What about my opinion and situation...?

Page 08

!? (EH!?)
Just leave the fighting to the soldiers. The king should engulf himself in various things at the back line...you know
Ah... Not there...
If you allow me, I'll send you to heaven with my R-18 death ceremony.... you know
D- Death...
You're in charge of our "Illusion House".
(Punishment for you later, Yuu-chan)
Illusion house?

Page 09

Yes. If we're wreaking havoc without a care, the city will be destroyed.
(Specially with your destruction spells)
I'll temporarily create a spirit realm over Takamiya...you know.
No matter how wild you run there, it won't case any damage to the real buildings or people... you know.
That's a legitimate worry.
(You were here!?)
It's a high level barrier... you know.
And I also have to harden it with more power, so that they can't escape from it... (You know)
Heh. Creating a pseudo-space is something
I keep telling you to use all your power towards attacks... you know.

Page 10

The rivers floating through the city... I'll be making use of all the water... you know...
Okay. I'll set it up as a short water cut-off.
Be impressed by my power // ....you know <3
Okay, it's time for me to go.
I have to set my limiters for my magical powers.
Whoops, already this late. I have to go change too.

Page 11

Hohoho, have a good day---
Okay, Liz-san. See you.
Don't slack off, Cat, you know.
Hey, Liz, // just go tell him if you have something to say.
Ah.. Okay!
Geez... I'm so sweet.

Page 12

Are you going to fight no matter what..?
Auh. I can't be of any help...
Uhm... I...
Ah, but I could mix in some C4 or TNT into the tea and use it for an attack.
Don't do it.
(you know)

Page 13

Hauh. Th- Then what should I...
Your role is to help us relax. // We'll definitely come to drink your tea again, so wait for us.
Have some scone ready too... you know.
I understand.
Then at least let me give you my special flavour tea protection charm.
Flavour... what?

Page 14


Page 15

Mm <3
Now you'll be al---

Page 16

I was thinking about closing the store if by chance anything should happen to you... you know.
To begin with, you don't have a real body, so it doesn't matter how often you die, right?
(We'll use you as cannon fodder)
No way. Aww. But my lips already belong to Yuuto-san <3
Die! Die! Die, you big-breast maid! You know!
(We'll make your shop a coffee shop.)
*kick* x5
(Calm down...)
You like them bigger, huh.
(You don't appear often, so don't get cocky.)
Ahn, noo.
Meanwhile, Rinko was
Damn~~ I have to do something.
working hard.

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2012
You saw no reason to do that?

Still, why hasn't this title ended yet? It is going in ring D:
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2012
It's about to.
Shitz gets real in vol 10.
I estimate vol 12 to be the end.
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