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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Innocent Prelude

On Your Mark

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 25, 2012 10:03 | Go to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Innocent

Reserved for GiB

Every line represents a bubble/box/thought
() signalizes different sized text, usually for out of boxes or small text.
[] are comments from me for a better understanding of the situation

Nanoha Innocent Chapter 00

Page 01

(A beginning for our new selves.)
BD (Brave Duel) - Rerise Up!
Duel: 00 "On Your Mark"
Mahou Shoujo Nanoha Innocent
Author: Tsuzuki Masaki // Artist: Kawakami Shuuichi

Page 02

Kaisei Private Elementary School // Year 4 Class 1 // Takamachi Nanoha
What a big cumulonimbus....
...noha. // NANOHA!!

Page 03

S- Sorry, Arisa-chan.
The sky was just so blue, I...
Kaisei Private Elementary School // Year 4 Class 1 // Arisa Bannings
You sure like to look up to the sky, Nanoha-chan.
Likewise, Tsukimura Suzuka
So, // we were talking about that new toy shop?
That's right!

Page 04

A large shop opened up in front of the station! // Seems like you can buy this suuper amazing game there!
According to my sister, it's supposed to be a test run only in a part of Tokyo.
And I heard it's open today. // We just have to go take a look!
Certainly, I'm interested now...
Speaking of, what's the store called?
Ehm, I think...

Page 05

Excuse me~
Please make way.
Please be careful, Chief.
Amy and the others are so fired up...
It's a good thing they're so energetic.
Hobby Shop T&H // Owner // Lindy Harlaown
Also Owner // Precia Testarossa

Page 06

The opening of the store went all well, // but the real challenge starts now.
Of course.
This game floor is the pride of our store.
Only a bit longer until school's over for the kids... // We have to get ready.
I hope a lot of kids will enjoy it.
Okay, let's do some finals checks ourselves too.
I wonder where they went to...
Since it's them, I'm sure they...

Page 07

How's it? // No problems?
Yeah, // it's working well.
Second Daughter of the Testarossa Family // Fate Testarossa

Page 08

It'll be activated soon,// so we have to check it carefully.
Do what you can, so that they can enjoy it, // Sis.
First Daughter of the Testarossa Family // Alicia Testarossa
Pet Cat // Linith #2
Pet Dog // Arf
Leave it to me~

Page 09

But I must say...
this Brave Duel is really amazing.
My first time seeing such a game.
It's a kind of body simulation game!
Be it kids who like games or who like to move around. they'll definitely love it.
Yeah... I'm pretty hooked on it too... // I hope I'll get to play with a lot of other kids.

Page 10

That's the spirit.
You're our ace, Fate. // So you have to work hard.
Y- Yes.
I will.
Okay, let's move on to the next test~
Reminds me, I heard they set up another two positions for it here in Uminari...
I wonder if they're doing the same there.

Page 11

How quietly. // It's so peaceful.
House Yagami // Owner, Yagami Hayate
My master, // isn't it about time?
House Yagami Employee // Yagami Reinforce Eins
Pet Dog // Zafira
Oh, right. // T&H's owner and Grans-san said we're all opening simultaneous at 15 o'clock.
We also have to prepare, so that our store can open on time.

Page 12

But even so, I can't leave the counter unattended...
Sorry for the wait~
Master Hayate, // please leave the counter to us and go prepare.
House Yagami Employee // Yagami Signum
Sorry that it took so long~
Likewise, Yagami Shamal
Welcome back, you two.
Vita isn't with you? // She was the one looking forward to the opening the most.
No worries. // She called us earlier.
She's heading straight here from school.

Page 13

Okay, see you~
See you, Vita-chan!
see you~
House Yagami Youngest Girl// Yagami Vita
Argh! I had forgotten that I was on cleaning duty... // I have to hurry home!

Page 14

Starting today, I can fight against strong opponents nation-wide... // With my Yagami Deck, boosted by my own and my family's cards...
I'll be the champion of Uminari in no time!
After that I aim for the top of the nation...
(I won---)
(Vita, so cool~)
Aw, I have to hurry. // Hurry!!
Oh my?

Page 15

Eltoria Girl's High School Freshman // Kyrie Florian
What's up, Kyrie?
Just now // the little one from House Yagami was...
Likewise, Sophomore // Amitie Florian
I don't see anyone?
She was running at full speed~
That aside, // we have to go back to the research center!

Page 16

After all!
Today's the day, where Papa's intrigues (research results) will be exposed to the world~ [the kanji read research results, but the furigana reading says intrigues]
What you mean exposed!
It's a publication!!
All over the country, //inspiring, // thrilling
and really exciting.
In short: ITE!! [KKD stands for the beginnings of the japanese terms. so I matched them to inspiring, thriling and exciting]
Sure, sure.
I can see that you're all excited about it, // but we don't know if it'll become a hit nation-wide, left aside here in Tokyo. // Don't get all sad when we barely get any costumers on the first day.
That will never happen!

Page 17

Advertising on the internet.
Handing out flyers.
Driving around with an advertisement cart. // We all worked so hard for it.
Well, yeah, you sure worked hard.
You did too!
You were spreading the news with your friends by word-of-mouth.
What could you be talking about?
I know everything about you, Sis.
At any rate, these kids and us are the Top Duellist of the Granz Research Center, the Brave Duel Stronghold. // We have to give our best with passion!
Sure thing. // Just keep it to limit.

Page 18

Let's make dad's // and our dreams come true.
If you don't call him "Professor", // he'll pout again.
(I have to be careful)
And thus she's wasting more time...
Well, guess Papa and the others will do all the preparations.

Page 19

Now then, // Let's simulate this sequence again with this bypass.
Okay, Professor.
Exchange Student // Yuri Eberwein
Roger, Professor.
Likewise, Levi Russell
Understood, Professor.
Likewise, Shutel Starks [Couldn't find this name anywhere]
Well, // I believe you guys are the only ones honestly calling me "Professor". // I'm grateful, thrilled and really exciting. In shirt GTE! [again, matched the english terms]
Granz Research Center Chief // Granz Florian

Page 20

The Brave Duel System and Duel Simulator that you created are finally getting published.
I was surprised it will be published nation-wide.
A competition that let's your blood boil... It's such an interesting game. // I believe that everyone will just have to love it.
We'll see about that soon!
Without doubt, strong kids that enjoy it will gather around it. // And I'm full of excitement over that.
Right!! // Starting today, more discoveries and new ideas will...
Ew, your intro is too long.

Page 21

How long are you going to make me wait!
At this rate my special muffin will get cold!
Exchange Student // Dearche K Claudia
Ah, sorry. // I don't want to spoil your fun nor make you angry. // So let's get started!

Page 22

All final checks are made.
No problems with the electrical power either.
please begin.

Page 23

Oh my, // already done with the test?
That's my daughter for you.... // No...
That's my LOVELY daughterS for you:
Sure, sure.
E- Ehen.
Fate, // onto the final test.

Page 24

Let's go a bit wild at the end.
All setting okay here.
We're ready anytime.

Page 25


Page 26


Page 27+28

Avatar Scanning Start!!

Page 29

Page 30

Summer 2012.
In a provincial town, a researcher (weirdo) developed a body simulation game. It'll now conquer the world. [again, the furigana reading for researcher differs from the kanji]
It's name is "Brave Duel"
This a story about a single girl meeting her fate
of meeting various rivals and competing with them.

Page 31

Their summer
is about to start---
(Courage in the heart, Cards in the hand. A passionate summer starts---)
(To be continued. Serialization starts on the next Issue 12 (on sale on 26th August))

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