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Omamori Himari 56

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 7, 2012 14:24 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 56

Reserved for Vortex

Omamori Himari Chapter 56

Page 01

Chapter 56: Cat in the night wind
Young Master, why were you living all alone in this big house?
Weren't you lonely?
One becomes lonely when living alone regardless of the house size.
Actually, it never occurred to me to move away.
I don't remember much about my past, but...
this place has a lot of memories of my mom and dad.
I'm sorry, Young Master!

Page 02

I couldn't protect the house.
What happened!?
Amakawa-san's house is!!
I allowed your treasured house to be destroyed...!
What now, cat? Nano.
There has already been damage, but I would like you to erect your "illusion house".
I'll make the Nine-tails pay even more than during the Heian Period
that she wishes she had stayed just a fragment.
Impressive attitude considering you aren't wearing any panties right now...nano.

Page 03

Chapter 56: Cat in the night wind

Page 04

I'm here.
Below I smelled a scorching scent, so I allowed myself to go out first.
And times like these your cowardice is impressive... nano.
Aya, how's your stomach?
Including Yasutsuna, all your swords and clothes are to your disposal.

Page 05

Do you have some panties too... nano?
I'm not just a messenger. // Shall I bring it out now?
No thanks.
Please get in.
I'll bring you to the water resort!
I'll use the water in the northern park...nano. // Give me 20 minutes.

Page 06

I don't mind playing some catch before eating.
I like chasing, but not being chased.
I just don't swing that way.

Page 07

Credolka Iremalda Todac // Somadou Mronocaridoa
...You done?
Every witch from the Jinguuji has set up a limiter to keep their on magic in check
and not to cause knock out to themselves. Am I right?
And Kuesu sure needed a really strong limiter.
Even if you're a friend of Kuesu, why are you, a Yakouin, present during the secret ceremony?

Page 08

I had her watch Amakawa Yuuto's action while I was undertaking the operation.... // Mother.
Amakawa, huh.
Anyway, are you feeling anything strange with your body, Kuesu?
? No?
I feel alright.
There wasn't a problem with the limiter, right?
Then it's alright.

Page 09

Kuesu, Kuesu.
(I want to put on some clothes already)
I have an image from an observation camera of the amusement park from 7 minutes and 23 seconds ago... Wanna see it?
Jinguuji Kuesu will deploy at once!!
(*gasp* // It's in plain view, Kuesu. Kuhihi)
My lady, let's drop the act.
Such a thing has no meaning to Kuesu, who came into contact with the laws of the truth and everything of this world in England.

Page 10

She took the large wisdom into her body that would drive any ordinary witch to lunacy. // There's no way the Jinguuji seal works on her.
From now on, Kuesu's name will spread strongly through the world of Demon Slayer and Ayakashi for generations.
Though different from what she desires.
And she'll lose a lot of things...
You shouldn't forget that you're also a mother wishing for her daughter's happiness...

Page 11

Well, the thing is, even though I'm actually depressed, I'm also having some happy feelings when Kuesu acts all tough with "Th- That's not the case!".
Wait, that's the main point.

Page 12

They're not closing even though it's night already.
And even though the scary Demon Night starts now.
Sorry Yuuto, I couldn't get the Class Rep back.
Guess she's weird because of them after all!
"Them", huh?
Guess that includes

Page 13

Looks like you manned up.
Rinko, stay close to me. // I can't have you become a hostage too.
O- Okay. I'll stay close.
Minamoto no Raiko.

Page 14

Do you know him?
Only a bit from what I heard and read...
Then you know what happened at the castle of Oeyama. // It's famous after all.
A- Am I stupid for not knowing it?
Raiko is the one who fought with Shuten-douji at the capital in the past.
Indeed. We gave Raiko and his men a warm welcome at the castle. // We didn't get any warrior guests often.
But what they did was pure evil.

Page 15

What did they do?
....They brought poisoned sake as a present and made them drink it.
!! // That's...
Shuten couldn't move anymore due to the poison, so Raiko cut off his head easily with Yasutsuna.
...That's about right.
At least the story wasn't passed on altered.
But, but! That was only because you did evil to the people before. // Both sides aren't any better!
That's just the excuse for the humans.
That's why this time, we'll fight it out fair and square without any backhanded plans.

Page 16

Don't act so righteous!
Why would you manipulate the Class Rep then!?
Right, right!
....I'm in Tama-san's debt.
I can't voice my opinion.
A fragment of me was swaying in the gap between the real world and the spirit world for so long that you can't count it, when some day a strong demon power attracted me.
That was Tama-san.
Even if that wasn't her intention, it brought me back into this world. // So I'm grateful to her.
That's why I want to help her as much as I can with what she wants to accomplish.

Page 17

For someone standing at the top of the demon order, that surely is something praiseworthy.
I'm about to cry from such a pathetic story.
Oh my.... I have been waiting for you, Miss "Twilight Moon".
There's something I want to tell your old self:
(You didn't have to wait.)
A general must always be prepared for schemes after his life.

Page 18

You show no mercy. // I believe it's your style to press on with strength front up?
....We're pulling back for now, Yuu-chan.
Eh. (How rare)
Our little one hasn't set up the barrier yet.
And I'm also worried about Tamamo no Mae's action.
O- Oh, right!
This place is no good, since it has too many civilians.
We'll prepare a stage where we can fight at full power. If you want to play with us, follow us.

Page 19

Fufu, what a poor provocation. But I'll take you up on it.
Hey! Take me with you too!!
Want to go with me?
Ah, figures.

Page 20

What a persistent fox. // Let me go to my Master!!
Too bad that Shuten got the boy.
That's why I'm going there!!
Himari-sama, any wild movements with your dress-up involve... well, various dangers.
Tch. I really want to butcher her right now, since she destroyed the precious house of the Young Master, but...
I'm still worried about his well-being.

Page 21

The Class Rep....!

Page 22

I- Idiot! Why are you here!?
I heard from Aya three days ago! // That the battle is close!
I never thought you would really come. (All the way to the city)

Page 23

You're not being fair, Himari! You always hug the protecting part for yourself alone!
And not just him, but me too! Stop putting yourself into danger all alone!
Let me protect you too!!
B- But you...
...You came all the way here to get eaten...?
Shut up!!

Page 24

Your dinner is quite rebellious, you know?
Be careful it doesn't eat you.

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