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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bloodline in the Dark 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 8, 2012 13:34 | Go to Bloodline in the Dark

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Bloodline in the Dark Chapter 05

Page 01

Read it.
Who are you?
Whatever. Read it.
Okay, I passed it on, so read it.
Ah, hey!
I- Is this...
a love letter...!?
(A letter from a little maid. It smells of danger...!?)

Page 02

I can't read it!! (Hieroglyphics!?)
H- Hey, you! I can't read this!
Seems like this school got more unknown people.
Yeah... Like a butler or a maid...

Page 03

Chapter 05: Ancestry of the Itanami family

Page 04

You're in a good mood, my lady.
Eh~ That's not true~
It's Amagi, right.
Wh- What are you saying, Lia!! // It's not like I did something to feel guilty about with Kouichi-kun all alone in the library yesterday!!
I mean, I'm just in a good mood, since it's such fine weather.
Damn Amagi... He'll get it later.

Page 05

I... I can't tell her~
That I initiated a kiss in the library yesterday...
A kiss...
What did that bastard to do my lady!!
H- Hey, just who are you?
And what are we doing here...
Ran-sama, I handed it over.

Page 06

Oh my, good job, Pochi.
Here your jerky as a reward.
Amagi Kouichi!? Why are you here!?
Well, I couldn't read the letter at all,
so I followed her here...
Eh!? What's with these hieroglyphics!?
I told you to write a letter saying "Come to the physics room after school."..!!

Page 07

Pochi!! // When will you learn how to write!! You useless dog!!
Uwa~ I'm sorry, Ran-sama!!
H- Hey, she isn't a dog, so you shouldn't...!!
What are you saying?
She's my dog. // My personal pet.
She's like that, but she's pretty capable as a dog.
Should I show you just how capable?

Page 08

Other hand!!
Lift up!!
Hey!! What are you making her do!? You're totally embarrassing her!!
Are you stupid?

Page 09

"Lift up" is a trick where you "show an embarrassed look while lifting up your skirt". // That embarrassed look is quite difficult.
Good girl, Pochi.
Whatever, stop showing your panties.
Was it really such a maniac trick!?
More importantly, what do you want from me?
Oh, right. I forgot.
I'm a bit interested in you.
I saw it yesterday at the library...
You, Amagi Kouchi,
let Itanami An suck your blood.

Page 10

N- No, that's not it. We just k- kissed...
No need to cover it up. I know it.
She's a vampire.
From the vampire clan that stopped sucking blood centuries ago:
Itanami Ian
And the only one she drinks blood from:
Amagi Kouchi
That's why I'm really interested
in your blood.

Page 11

J- Just who are you...
Oh, me?
My name is Kujou Ran.
I'm a vampire.
And she's my familiar, Pochi.
Cute, isn't she.

Page 12

Let me suck
your blood too.
H- Hey!!
Wh- Why are you stripping!?
Isn't it obvious?

Page 13

Because your blood will dirty my clothes otherwise.

Page 14

I wonder where Kouichi-kun went off to.
I wanted to talk to him a bit before class...
S- Sensei!! I feel sick, so I'm going to the infirmary.
Eh!? Hey, Itanami!!

Page 15

My Lady!! What is the matter!?
K- Kouchi-kun is!!
Isn't he just skipping class?
I can smell...
his blood...!!
I understand. I'll accompany you.

Page 16

Delicious <3
But not so delicious to go crazy about.
Is this making you crazy, when you normally don't suck blood?
Well, whatever. Since I started already, might as well take a bit more...

Page 17

Wh- What's this... K- Kouichi-kun...
Oh my, you found us.
Kouichi-kun, are you okay!! Hang in there!!
The Itanami family denied our existences as vampires by labeling the act of sucking blood as vulgar.
So I wanted to try out the blood you, from that family, have been drinking...
It was surprisingly average.
My Lady.

Page 18

Please control yourself at a time like this.
Ouch... I- Itanami-san...?
I- I'm sorry, Kouichi-kun, again I...
Nah... I'm okay.
No, you lost a lot of blood. Stay put!!
You're also a vampire.
What's your goal?
Oh my, a mere familiar is interrogating me?
Aren't you being rude?

Page 19


Page 20

Don't get close to Ran-sama!!
Kuh.. Don't tell me...
You're also a familiar!?
Geez, the familiars are having fun amongst themselves.
Why would you do something so cruel?
I just "ate", you know?
You have been doing it too where no one could see you.
Your eating method is a bit different, but calling it "cruel" is too much.
Besides... // You, the Itanami Family,
quit sucking blood, didn't you?

Page 21

Yet you got excited over Amagi Kouichi's blood?
So I wanted to know it's taste.
That's why I just took
a little sip <3
For that reason, Kouichi-kun was....!!
I won't...

Page 22

forgive you!!!

Page 23

R- Ran-sama, get away!!!
I- Itanami-san, I'm okay.
So hurry up and...

Page 24

Page 25

Geez, what was that!!
Ran-sama~ You're heavy~
...But I must say, these eyes...
My instincts told me to fear her...

Page 26

These eyes were without doubt the original eyes of a vampire.
But she hasn't been drinking blood properly, so why does she...
Okay, that should do.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
No... I'm also sorry.
Hey, Amagi.
What you mean by "also sorry"?
So you saw it after all!!

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