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Nozoki Ana 95

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 15, 2012 16:10 | Go to Nozoki Ana

-> RTS Page for Nozoki Ana 95

Reserved for Japanzai

Nozoki Ana Chapter 95

Page 01

Chapter 95: Look

Page 02

*elevator arriving*
(From Watari Madoka // Subject No Topic // The door is open, so come in.)

Page 03


Page 04

Don't // turn on the lights...
I'm glad you're here... // Kido-kun...

Page 05

It's cold, so close the door // and come here...
...She's naked?

Page 06

I came today // to talk...
We can still do that in the dark. // And if you come closer we can see each other just fine...
If Emiru were still there, // I'm sure I wouldn't be in Madoka-chan's room...
If Emiru hadn't disappeared,
I'm sure we would be talking in my room.
Whatever she did, it was to have Madoka-chan and me // meet in front of the peeping hole...
A place where her gaze reaches. That's for sure.

Page 07

I probably complain to her about being peeped at // and then calm down.
She would tease me for it
and in the end, I would be saved by her words.
Whatever she plotted, // and even when no one else understands her,
that was her own way of watching over me. I know it.
I really realized // that too late...

Page 08

Will you listen to me, // Madoka-chan?
Sure...? // How about on the bed...

Page 09

Hah // Mm...
Emiru... // you changed me...
From the stupid and simple-minded me // into one that understands other people's feelings...
I can clearly read--- // Madoka-chan's feelings...

Page 10

Her feeling of uneasiness that were born
in the time we didn't meet is pressing down on me...
By pressing her body on mine---
We haven't... // met for two weeks...
she's trying to fill the gap between us...
There wasn't such a long period without // sex before...

Page 11

C- Can you see // all the way in...
For a moment
her action resembled Emiru's.
I don't know if
she was aware of it..

Page 12

But it was so unlike her that I couldn't stand watching...
But I // understood that it was her desire to keep me...
It's so pitiful it hurts my heart-----
I'm... // already so wet...
Madoka-chan forgave me about the hole
and stayed as my lover.
What's more...
C'mon, // it's cold, so let's continue in bed.

Page 13

her attitude towards love // was purer and sincerer than anyone else's.
And to such a person, I---
Ikuno Emiru is gone // from that room...
from my side.

Page 14

Isn't that great? // Isn't it?

Page 15

The person causing you grieve is gone.
Now we two can...
finally be normal. // Right?
You know, that hole...
was a really mysterious "hole".
From things I don't want to see to things I have to see--- // it shows various things....

Page 16

The reason I peeped through it // wasn't Emiru's tempting body on the other side.
What I was peeping at was...
a real coward... // that continued to run away for now reason...
a sly, spineless... // pathetic...
and stupid guy beyond help...

Page 17

It was myself...!!

Page 18

I won't deceive her anymore... // I don't want to tell anymore lies to her...
I love her... // beyond reasoning...
I love // Ikuno Emiru!

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#1. by wolf3092 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2012
Thanks! :D
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