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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 12

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 15, 2012 18:36 | Go to Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!

-> RTS Page for Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 12

Reserved for Arrow and Arts

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata Chapter 12

Page 01

What happened so far!!
Tatsumi Raito, who claims to be from the future, appeared before the boring high school student Tanaka Yuu.
He tells Yuu that he has to marry his childhood friend Takane Kyouko // to avoid the extinction of mankind by the "mutation" that sleeps within him!
The organisation "Ashvin", who took power after the ruin, // sent assassins to this time to stop Raito from altering the past!
Various girls came after Yuu, because they were mind-controlled by the ability-user assassin!!
One of the assassin finally made her appearance: Tokitou Sayuri!
But her ability wasn't mind-controlling, but transforming!
So, how many enemies are there?
And what are their abilities...!?
(A real popular and dramatic story. It's new arc begins!!)

Page 02+03

And it's summer now!
(Dramatic development <3 A jet-coaster story!!)
A stimulating season----
Chapter 12: To the beach
The stage moves to the beach...!!
Start of the stimulating new arc!

Page 04

2 weeks earlier---
Tanaka Yuu!
Confess to Takane Kyouko at the Sea School...!!
---eh, // what?
(All of a sudden, what are you...)
According to literature, a "travel" is the main reason for a couple to form.
Well, you say travel, but sea school is still a school matter.
(It's to teach to work in a group...)
A travel is a travel.

Page 05

Actually, just because the ability-users have kept it down lately, I hope you haven't forgotten
what will happen to you if you can't marry Takane Kyouko...!!
I haven't forgotten at all!!
But it sure is strange.
The daily attacks from the girls have stopped completely... // Tokitou-sensei had a different ability, so that means the mind-controller is some other teacher or student, right?
Well, // if we assume that there are 3 or 4 ability-user
(Well it's like applying a theory onto another theory...)
and one of them can teleport, our theory of "the enemy is on school grounds" falls apart.

Page 06

I see. So that's not it?
? // What is?
I did some thinking on my own.
That maybe the reason I'm not getting attacked lately, // is because they're busy studying for tests!
So the enemy would be a student with bad grades...
Well, well. // You must know what you're talking about.
Well, I don't know their plan.
Anyway, you just think about a way to get Takane Kyouko!

Page 07

A way to get Kyouko-chan...
Thanks for the wait..
Okay, let's go.

Page 08

Long live sea school!!
Tsu- // Tsuchida-san...
To be honest, // I think it's stupid to set groups by alphabetic order....
(Group 3 // Girls: Takane, Teshima, Tokui // Boys: Tanaka, Tatsumi, Tsuchida
But our group got the best girls!!

Page 09

I don't even need to mention Takane Kyouko, who got good styles and a nice face!
Tokui's still developing body isn't half bad either! (Maniac material)
And the honourable mentioning gets the previously no-mark plain girl, Teshima!! // To think she had such treasures hiding away!!

Page 10

Right, // he was that kind of guy...
Hey, Tanaka Yuu...
You two seem close. Are you friends?
I'm Tsuchida! // The Tsuchida you roasted on the rooftop!
(We're in the same group!)
*See Chapter 5
Oh? Really?
So cruel!

Page 11

Every group has free time now until dinner.
But don't forget that this is all part of class.
Try to stay out of trouble. // Every group leader has the responsibility that the whole group is back in time for dinner...
... // Ehm, well then...

Page 12

Come here too, Yuu. // You can stand here, so it's all fine~~!!
(Fuh) You wouldn't understand the feelings of someone who can't swim...
(Hey! Don't ignore me!!)
Looks // like you're getting along well with Takane-chan.

Page 13

So this is a real sea...
Hey, // Tanaka Y--
It has always been bothering me,
but what's going on between you two?
Eh... // Wh- What you ask...

Page 14

Well, I heard that you're childhood friends.
But you're coming to school together every day. // That's more than just childhood friends, right?
Though it doesn't look like there is any love involved...
U- Uhm, Tsuchida-kun, could it be you like...?
I love all cute girls!
And all guys more popular than me are enemies!
A bit more and you're getting a beating from me too...

Page 15

...Ah. // So it backfired with Raito...
(So you want some after all?)
Are you lonely since Yuu got taken away?
Don't make such a seriously disgusted face...
---But // looks like Yuu became more sociable.

Page 16

Before he would turn all pale and look down when someone like Tsuchida-kun talked to him.
(Ehm... Uhm...)
...Well yeah, // she doesn't feel any love for me.
I'm sure, to her I'm
just a silly little brother...

Page 17

That's why even when he tells me to "get Kyouko-chan"
there's nothing I can...
Okay, // then give me some info about your sis.
(Like her three sizes)
I.. I don't know them!
The students seem to have fun, Koumoto-sensei.

Page 18

Honestly, they are so carefree.
(Hahaha) No wonder. They don't know anything at all yet.
Well, thanks to that we get to prepare in peace and quiet.
That's for sure.
Well, well...
The night is going to be fun. Don't you agree, guys...!!
(The teachers laugh keenly. Something is in the air. Don't miss the next chapter...!!)

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