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Dethrone 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 21, 2012 20:12 | Go to Dethrone

-> RTS Page for Dethrone 2

Screwed up the title in the scanlated version, oh well.
Reserved for iMangaScans

Dethrone Chapter 02

Page 01

Are you looking forward
to this body!?
Chapter 02: Don't think, Don't feel

Page 02

I only wore it once and it's ruined already.
(Even though I have the entrance ceremony now)
Maybe I should have taken it all off...?
If I could control my "ki" like my master,
(Call me Shion)
it wouldn't get ruined.
I'm glad I brought a spare...
I gotta be careful not to ruin my bra.

Page 03

Whoops, you were changing!?
We're roommates! I'm Asari Mari.
Everyone calls me Mari-mari!
(Nice to meet ya)
I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. // My name is Gotou Masamune!
So formal---
Gotou.... The 16 night style---!!!
(Masamune, huh. Nice name. Sounds like a past sovereign.)

Page 04

Mm <3
Kaorin...! What's up?
D- Do something // about her!!
Don't run away, Kaori-san.
(Uwa // She's fondling your breasts)
That's my friend, Kaorin. She lives next door.
I'm Gotou Masumune. Nice to meet you~~
Yeah--- I'm Sakuraba Kaori. // And she's my roommate, Kuki Natsume.
Nfufuh <3

Page 05

As a proof of our friendship,
show me your panties <3
Hey... Wait...
She swings that way...
You be careful too.
Ahn <3 It's white~
Nyaa, Someone help!

Page 06

I'm more interested in the next opponent,
than in the favour of the Dragon Queen!
Uwa, now she said it! // Do you get it, Gotou!?
If time hadn't change that would mean seppuku!
Shut up, Kaorin.
When the soul is completed, a "miracle" will happen, you know!?
You'll gain the greatest power, wealth and glory...
And you're saying you don't care about that!?
(Mh, guess so...)

Page 07

I mean, we're completing the Dragon Queen soul
for the Chairman's... the Fujimiya family, right?
To protect the fragment in us, // we learned martial arts and combine it again by fighting...
That's the fate of us, the vassals of the Fujimiya Family.
It's no coincidence that we're classmates, but the inevitable!!
It's the guidance of the "Dragon Queen", you know!?

Page 08

I just---
want to try out my own strength.
I might get the opponent's fragment as proof of my victory...
but more importantly, I want to see various techniques and their strength!! // Is that wrong?

Page 09

Isn't it fine?
For the main family or for yourself,
it's all the same!
Right, Natsume?
Natsume has a fragment too!?
Nfufuh <3
I want to stay foreeever in the same room as Kaori-san~~
So I'll just sit by and watch as much as possible <3

Page 10

But you have to be careful! // I think... the sophomores and seniors will be "hunting".
I heard the Student President, Kitazono Karen, has quite the power
and created something like a group to hunt on freshman.
Kitazono Karen---!!
(A really powerful opponent!?)
Uh...Eh!? Ah... my cell.
Ehm--- // What do I do again?
Masamune... Keep it on manner-mode on school grounds.

Page 11

Manner what? What's what~~
Ah, it's from Master.
*beep* // Hello? Mast- I mean, Shion?
(Fufufuh, the student president~~)
Where are you?
Eh? // The entrance ceremony is now.
When you leave the big park with a well to the south, // there's the school building of the seniors.
And further ahead is the first gym. Come to the back there immediately.
Eh? I told you the entrance ceremony is starting.
We'll get so see something real nice. Hurry up--!
Reminds me, we haven't changed mail addresses yet.
I have no cell, Kaori-san~

Page 12

Need something?

Page 13

I'm Kiwamura Kirika, a sophomore.
You're // Nanba Momoko-san, right?
I heard you're
calling yourself the leader of the seniors?
My breast size or form doesn't lose out to anyone!
(My butt isn't all that bad either)
Be serious here!
Listen!! The leader is our grand Student President, Kitazono Karen-sama!!
There's even word that there's another senior who can beat you!!
So don't screw around!!

Page 14

I'll test you.

Page 15

(Ah, there are contrails.)
So this is your personal thing?
Those who don't bow to the "Queen" get punished, huh.
(A weirdo is watching us)
Mocking the president
gets you divine punishment!

Page 16

Page 17

Hoohoo! A flicker-jab?
(She finally made her use her hands.)

Page 18

What...!? // What did she do---!?

Page 19


Page 20

Damn... She broke my elbow---!?
It's over... She choose the wrong opponent.
Thinking is too slow...
I can...
still use my legs!!
Just feeling it is no good either.

Page 21

See through it.

Page 22

As the representative of the new students----
Where did she go?

Page 23

Where am I? I'm lost again~
Entrance Ceremony
Girl's Dorm

Page 24

And now the Student President,
(That's how she goes...)
Kitazono Karen.

Page 25

She'll give the new "female" students a message.
Only for the girls?
"The girls
with the Dragon Queen Soul // have returned after a thousand nights"-

Page 26+27

Ascertain your own power and devote yourself to it.
I hereby proclaim it's beginning.
What does she mean?
What's beginning?
Blonde drills, nice.
What's with that soul?
I finally found you, // Shion.
You're late! It's already over.

Page 28

But it's so broad here, I don't know my way...
(Geez... You're so dull)
What is over?

Page 29

Shion... Just now, the soul moved....
This girl is...
She might be the strongest senior.

Page 30

I'm starving.
(Aw, my late breakfast becomes later and later.)
Hey.. Shion.

Page 31

I think... she's incredible.
When we met eyes, the fragment in me made a jump!
I was scared. I could barely stand.
But somehow I'm excited. // ...I wonder what this feeling is.
You have seen through it.
Unlike that defeated girl over there.

Page 32

Be prepared, Masamune~~
You might get done it...
(You're actually my master...)
Awah. The entrance ceremony!!
I'm skipping on the first day!?
It doesn't matter to me.
It's not like I enrolled as a student here.
Is that so!?
----Wait, she's gone!
(Reminds me....)
(How old is she...)
[Right Side] All masters with their own techniques... We want to see the drop-kick in black stockings again!!

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