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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

GE -Good Ending- 143

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 21, 2012 20:13 | Go to GE -Good Ending-

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Good Ending Chapter 143

Page 01

(Latest volume 14 is selling well nation-wide!!)
Chapter 143: Change of mood
(Kurokawa looks at the piece of paper from Tooru with his cell-phone number)

Page 02

Yes, hello?
I was waiting,

Page 03

You have time...?
Yeah. // I'm glad you're willing to talk to me.
... // I have
been thinking a lot after that...
No matter what your feelings were back then... // it doesn't change what happened...
With time passing, // we might get back to being friends in the future,
but being lovers again
is no longer...

Page 04

Yuki, morning.
Is your sunburn from the baseball game okay? It's pretty red.
...Yeah. // It's stinks a bit, but I put some lotion on it, so it's fine.
How was Kouno-kun after that...
Yeah, I was worried too, // but I got this mail..

Page 05

He sure cried a lot.
(From: Kouno // Sub: no title // File attached // Yo! Thanks for coming to cheer on me! I'm okay now. I just shed one or two tears. I'm a guy after all!)
But I'm glad he doesn't stay all depressed. // You get Eri around now anyway.
There's talk of having a party to get over it.
Want to come too, Yuki?
I want to go... // but I'm not sure about my schedule yet..
Well, you don't need to force yourself.
It's just going to be all crazy anyway.

Page 06

Are you okay?
You were staggering during practice. Is something wrong?

Page 07

No, I'm okay...
I'm sure you're still pondering about that thing, // but don't let it get to you so much. It'll break you.
always worrying about me and being considerate.
Ah... // Sorry, was I annoying?
We're supposed to be through, but I still talk to you like before...
So am I.
I should have paid more attention to your feelings.
Sorry I was so selfish...

Page 08

What are you doing!!
Geez, don't steal a march on me, Utsumi-senpai. // You always hog her to yourself when there's a chance...
I- I do not!
I was just asking if she's okay since she looked kinda out of it today.
Ah, I thought so too! // Are you feeling unwell? Or are you worried about something?
No, it's nothing...
That can't be! // Even if you can fool Utsumi-senpai, you can't fool me!

Page 09

I know!
Why don't you come hang out at my place?
Yeah, that would be good! // Most of the people coming to our store become all lively! // Utsumi-senpai also cheered up buzzing not long ago there.
This guy...
It's settled! // Okay, I'll change at mach speed and guide you!
Eh? // Eh?
Ah, since just us two would be too awkward, Utsumi-senpai can come too.
Give it a rest already..
I'm home~
Okay, come on <3

Page 10

S- Sorry for intruding..
Oh my. What a cute girl you brought today. And Utsumi-senpai is here again too.
What? Kouta's new girlfriend!?
I'm working on it so that she'll say yes...!
But this is a chance...
Okay, take a seat at the back~
I'm sorry for coming when you're busy...
Not at all~ I get my youngster essence after all~

Page 11

So you're the captain.
Is Yuu-chan doing well?
Yes, he's very athletic and quick to remember things.
I must say, you got good looks and nice skin...
Want to work here? You could ship in a lot~~
Mama, she's a high schooler!
Sure, you're pretty, but // you seem to hide something.
I thought so too.
Are you shouldering some kind of secret?

Page 12

Eh, what? Some worries?
Oh my, tell us! We'll help you out!
Yeah, it's their speciality to cheer up people. // And they can keep it to themselves.
But you're can't...
No.. It's nothing.
It will // make you feel better.
It's not good to hide your pain...
Everyone wants to help you.
Pain, pain, fly away. // Okay?

Page 13

about my ex...
He's my childhood friend... // We were dating during middle school, but there was some trouble and we broke up.
Since then I cut all contact with him. // But it seems he was always looking for me.
He says that trouble was a misunderstanding and we should get back together...
But I refused him, because I can't seem to change my feelings. // Yet he doesn't accept that and tells me to think about it more...
I'm at a loss...

Page 14

What to do so he won't be hung up on the past...
So lucky~~!!
To think he love you all this time~!!
It's only when you're young that you can be focused on one thing~
You won't find such a guy anymore at my age.
My divorced husband told me to return all his presents...
(Even though we were so deep in love...!)
Sorry, the topic slipped off!!

Page 15

But your decision won't change by his complain, right?
Then be resolute.
There might be some lingering feelings after having dating for long,
but if you get back together because he pushes you, you'll just regret it. It won't be any good for him either!
In the end, you can only walk
the path that you choose yourself.
Nice speech there. // You sure know what you're talking about.
Pushing, huh... Your previous guy, I guess.
Shut up.

Page 16

Going back to how it was before, // that mean it's the same as before.
To have him accept it, // I have to get it a grip.
Besides, if you're young, you're always get spoiled when you're a bit cute.
And when there's just a bit unpleasant thing, you complain without end. // The world isn't going to end!
I wasn't getting spoiled.
You were. No use trying to hide it.
I wasn't.
You were.

Page 17

You insists on it, huh, little girl... // Okay, we'll settle with a fast-drinking contest!!
Why does it turn out like this!!
Because it's my speciality!!
Fine. I like carbonic drinks too.
She accepted...!
No one has ever beaten her~
Captain, give your best!!
Who won!!
A tie!!

Page 18

No bad..
You too.
Her guts, her drinking...
I want her more and more for our store~
(She can't handle alcohol at all, you know...)
(Okay! Next we'll go with beer.)
(I told you she's a high schooler!)
(Don't tease my captain)
(*brrr*) x3
(Kurokawa smiles again after a long time. But meanwhile Tooru's feelings start to go out of control...)
(Calls: 27)
(Continued in Issue 44)

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