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Countrouble 33

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 29, 2012 13:34 | Go to Countrouble

-> RTS Page for Countrouble 33

The recent course of events in the manga forced me to drop this title. Sorry.

Reserved for Simple

Countrouble Chapter 33

Page 01

I finally completed my ultimate magic!
Yeah!! Listen and be surprised!
(You lock on both targets and pull the trigger)
It makes a boy and a girl go totally lovey-dovey, regardless of how much they hated each other before!! (It also works for dogs, cats and monkeys.)

Page 02

Wow, that's amazing!
That's quite a decent magic item coming from you.
But I'm sure it has the usual condition of "Do XY 10 times", right?
Nope! It doesn't got such a pain in the ass function!!
...Didn't you just insult your own magic?
The downside is that you can only use it once a week, because of it's huge magic output.
Well, I hope you get some good results with it.
A magic to easily form a couple, huh.
Well, I don't need it anymore.

Page 03

(Just live how you want!)
(Latest volume 6 is on sale)
Chapter 33: Love Power

Page 04

Geez, just Meiko.
What you mean "just"!? Come down here for a sec.
I need your help...
Why are we suddenly at your room...
Just come with me!!
Yukki! I brought him!!

Page 05

Ah, hello... Meiko, who's that?
She's Akoshima Yuki-chan. The manager of our club. (Nickname: Yukki)
So Kouta, right down to business: You know Dobashi-kun from the soccer club, right? (From Class 1)
Well, yeah. We were in the same middle school.

Page 06

You see, Yukki is in love with him!
Oh really?
H- Hey, Meiko!!
Why the fuss? We need to tell him anyway to get stuff going.
Well, yeah...
So... why am I here?
Advice, you know!! You has a boy should know him better!!
But it's not like we're close friends...
Actually, are you close to Dobashi, Akoshima-san?
N- Not at all!!
Getting close to Dobashi-kun would be too arrogant of me!!

Page 07

Arrogant, huh... How meek...
You have at least hang out with him... right?
Not even once.
Th- Then talked with him?
Sadly no.
He knows who you are---
N- No way you can confess to him then....
You would need magic to make it work---
I have an idea!!
Just wait patiently!!
About your magic tool from earlier---

Page 08

It's a success!!

Page 09

used it already...?
Don't say you got a request from a human...?
did you use it on cats!?
Well... they were fighting, so I wanted them to get along....

Page 10

My idea didn't work out!!
I see. That's too bad.
Sorry for getting your hopes up...!!
Really, how can I apologize to you...
No, no!!
You don't need to! Don't worry about it!!
It was a crazy request to begin with!
Yeah... Even if it had turned out well, there would have been meaningless...

Page 11

I'm transferring away next week.
So don't worry about me!
I just wanted some courage at the end...
I'm sorry for dragging you into this, Matsuhiro-kun.
That's no good...

Page 12

You're too quick to give up!! You still have a week!!
You'll surely regret it if you don't do anything now!!
I'll help you out, so let's give it our best!!
Even without magic, I'll make this love work out!!

Page 13

First your hair-style.
We'll research the latest fashion!
It'll be a complete image change!
Wouldn't straight hair look good?
Mhm, but I like my curly hair..
Yukki!! You need to be brave and change yourself!!
O- Okay!!

Page 14

With this you can check it out before actually cutting the hair!
You got a surprisingly kind side.
Right back at you.
She's trying so hard.
It just makes me want to help her.

Page 15

Next up is make-up!
Okay, I'm done!!
Really? Show us.
How's it?
Hey, what's that!?
Ehh!? I gave it my all...
A bit too much...
This magazine says that boys prefer natural make-up.
Mhm, I see.

Page 16

Okay, next---
Sign: Esthétique Charites
U- Ugh, this place is a bit...
(An Esthétique salon...)
(And expensive...)
Right? It's overdoing it.
(Too expensive for a high schooler!)
Ah, but I can get it for free here.
Wh- Why...?
It's a branch of my parent's company!
(Okay, // let's go in!!)
Who's she!?

Page 17

1 week later----
How does it look?

Page 18

It's like I'm not myself anymore...
It looks fantastic!
I didn't recognize you...
Okay! Now we have done everything we can!
And tomorrow comes the confession!!

Page 19

So today it is.
She really gave it her all. I hope her confession goes well!
Hey, Kouta, a week passed. You sure you don't want to use my ultimate magic?
Yeah, it's fine.
She can do it by her own strength!
I'm sure it'll turn out right!!
Not much longer until the transfer...
Today's the last chance!!

Page 20

I like someone else.
No way...

Page 21

Hello? Sasara!?
Come here immediately!! We're going with Plan B!!
Wait a moment, Akoshima-san!!
There's still hope! Someone's coming right now and will do something about it!!
No, it's fine.
Please tell Dobashi-kun---

Page 22

That I'll become even cuter and make him regret his decision!
I'm not sad!
I managed to confess by myself.
I'll find someone better at my new school!
Sorry for wasting all your efforts.

Page 23

I'm really glad that you two
(Thank you!!)
helped me out!
What a surprise.
To think she was so positive...
She changed.
---You know
if it's for love, girl can change completely.
Love is quite amazing...

Page 24

Sorry for the wait! Okay, where's the target!?
always has such bad timing...
Ehm... well, the cats over there are fighting...
Leave it to me!!
(Cats again, huh!!)
(Continued in the September Issue with "Suddenly an unbelievable development".)

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