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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hantsu x Trash 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 30, 2012 23:10 | Go to Hantsu x Trash

-> RTS Page for Hantsu x Trash 3

Looking for some dedicated staff for this series or even a joint!
Only experienced people wanted. Contact me in PM.


Hantsu X Trash Chapter 03

Page 01

Chapter 03: I have a request!
(Carefully recharging energy <3)

Page 02

As expected of a trained athlete. You got a fine body.
Coach.... Will this really help me get a better time....
It will... (Uh)

Page 03

Every since she saw me having this DVD, // Hagiwara-senpai started to hate me.
Uwa... When I came, I remembered her face.
Dear god... Am I sinning?
Y- Youhei... (Lock up, you know...)

Page 04

Oops! Already done with it, boy?
Don't hold back. I kept going with it for a week, you know!
I'm not holding back at all!
You heard what Hagiwara-senpai said to me.
AH You're laughing

Page 05

Ever since she saw that....
You pervert!!

Page 06

Even though I didn't join the club for that.
Well, partly it was for that, but I can't say that...
If you hadn't given me that porn DVD...
So you say, but you watched it, right~~?
Hands off, you devil!
You spurted out a lot last night on this while thinking about Hagiwara, right?
I'll keep quiet about it to the others, so be honest with me. Okay?
Well.. I...did...
That makes us spurting brothers of Hagiwara!

Page 07

Look! I have part 2 of it!
Anyway... I have to stop doing this stuff and apologize to Hagiwara-senpai...

Page 08

I don't want to get hated any more...
My chance...!!
Well~~ Ehm, Senpai.. About yesterday.. that...
wasn't mine...
Tell her properly..!!

Page 09

By chance a friend forced that into my bag.
I couldn't help it.
But you took it home with you. // THAT DVD.
If that's your goal, I won't help you practice anymore.
We have a match this weekend, so I'm busy myself.
Stop staring at me!
P- Pervert...

Page 10


Page 11

You're... doing it on purpose, aren't you.
Get your hands off already!!
What's up?
Who knows...

Page 12

The day of the practice match of the girls---
How's that! A girl's school, bravo!!
Swimsuits, bravo!!! // Water polo, bravo!!
We're lucky that the match is held at a girl's school!

Page 13

Girls in tight swimsuits!
And as far as the eye can reach!!
C'mon, boy. You shout too. Girl's school...
The opponent is Nakazawa Girl's High.... A strong team... // Actually, I haven't made up with Senpai yet, so I'm in no mood to...
How's it guys? Bravo, right? // Oh?
Boy! It's your first time seeing a water polo match, right? // I'll explain it to you.

Page 14

This is a basic positional set up of water polo. This style uses attacking by surrounding the defence, so it's called "umbrella". // The one at the front is called Hole man. It's the main attacker.
(Point Man // Right Driver // Hole Man // Left Driver // Opponent Goal Keeper)
And the one opposing the opponent's Hole Man is the Point Man. // Then there are the drivers. They focus on dribbling, passing and shooting...
On a major foul you have to leave the field of play for 20 seconds.
(Penalty Zone)
Got that? Hey, are you listening?
What are you spacing out for!
The teams are split up wearing white or red caps... // Our team wears white.
At the beginning all players have to line-up at their goal line and when the referee confirms that,

Page 15

the match starts!
(Aww) We're luckily at a girl's school, but now they're all in the water!
What is he here for...
Damn! Now I can't see their crotches---
Are you listening!?
You feel the same, right?
Y- Yes...

Page 16

Our club lacks members so we're filling in for the manager role.
I'll do the records, so you keep a watch on the video, boy.
Not many visitors... It is due it being just a practice match?
Water polo is a minority sports... This is how a normal match looks too. // No news. (Hahaha)
Oh, look!
Hagiwara is battling it out with the point man.
Keep watch on her body movements.
Ah, yes.

Page 17

The first point. Nothing less from her.
I- If I can prove here that I have no ulterior motives...

Page 18

Nice shot---
Hagiwara is the best---!!
The unstoppable.
Go for one more point!
Wh- What's he doing.
We usually don't get such cheers...
so it's embarrassing.
Show us some slip-offs too---
Hey! Please don't say anything weird!
No problem!
They don't hear us.
But I must say, Hagiwara-senpai sure is amazing---

Page 19

Pass here.
A high one please!

Page 20

Listen to me!!
But wow.
She scored twice already.
Nakazawa girl's high is a regular at the nationals.
At this rate we might...
Oh, the first period is over.

Page 21

Hey, what are you doing!
The video, dude!!
The girls are coming out of the pool!
Ah, yes.
What do you think we're filming this for! // Get some shots, // idiot!
---Eh, it was for that?
Focus specially on Hagiwara <3 Her whole body <3
Listen!! This aren't peeping shots, but records of a match!
Senpai is just so damn cool... // Our team is pretty strong...

Page 22

15-4. In the end we lost... We were only good at the beginning...
But Hagiwara scored all the points for us.
Not many people play water polo, so weak schools like ours obviously have some amateurs in the team.
The difference between strong and weak schools is just too big. The score of this match isn't anything unusual----
Nothing unusual...
You can stop filming now.
Seems you're getting serious about Hagiwara.

Page 23

She seriously planned to win against this strong school.
I don't quite know why, but water polo is her love...
I... won't let this end like this either...

Page 24

We'll definitely win the next one!!!
There she goes...
Ssh. You're too loud.
The point man hit me two times, so I paid her back 5 times!
That's why you were taken out of play*, Chisato.
(*Punishment for a player that did three major fouls. The player isn't allowed to play in the game anymore.)
You did notice that they were toying with us since we're a weak school, right?
Well yeah. But it was an opponent we had no chance against anyway and just a practice match.

Page 25

Because a pervert like you was cheering so weirdly
I couldn't concentrate on the match.
I.. I'm not a pervert.
Also, you're too loud.
You ARE a pervert.
You brought that porn to school.
I'm sure you were having some perverted fantasy about today's match too!
I was playing serious, you know.
Watching these DVDs all day and doing perverted stuff is why I.... // hate boys.

Page 26

I watched the DVD and did perverted stuff. Actually, I masturbated!!
So what? I'm a boy!! My desire is always at full max! // So I masturbate 6 times a day at best!
I know that girls have desires too!!
I read about that.

Page 27

The worst...

Page 28

I'm sorry!!!
What the. For now let's take a pic.
He's bowing! So funny.
I'm.. a pervert.
But I properly watched the match.
You were amazing. I thought we're going to win that match...!!

Page 29

But... // I...
I don't mind being a pervert, but I want to play a match too.
Just a practice match is fine.
Boy! Stop it. We're even weaker than the girls.
We'll win!

Page 30

I'll.. give it my best... and if we win the match...
I have a request, Hagiwara-senpai!
P- Please... g- go on a date with me!!
My bag.

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Posted on Oct 1, 2012
thanks man
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