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Translations: Bleach 617 by BadKarma , One Piece 777 by cnet128 , Gintama 531 (2)

GE -Good Ending- 145

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 12, 2012 20:09 | Go to GE -Good Ending-

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Reserved for MangaBurn

Good Ending Chapter 145

Page 01

(Latest volume 14 is selling well, bundled with a side story!!)
(Her straight gaze aims at----)
Chapter 145: Conclusion

Page 02

Hey, what's up?
For now I'll get her to the infirmary...!

Page 03

It's anaemia.
Lately she drops by here to get some medicine. // She also seems to have a fever.
I see...
Let's have a rest for a bit. I'll tell the teachers about it.
Uhm... // Can I stay here for a while?
I have something to do, so I'll be away for a bit, // but be sure you don't miss class.

Page 04

Page 05

She's already busy with studying and the club,
but there's just too much happening lately.
already at her limit.

Page 06


Page 07

Page 08


Page 09

Fuhn~ // Fuhfuhn~
*ding dong*
Ah, // coming~
I was waiting. Come in!
Sorry for the sudden visit...
No, no! I'm happy you're here on a weekday. // Today was hot, so I left the cooler on. Nice and fresh, right?

Page 10

Are you thirsty? I have Calpis and tea. Which do you want?
Thanks. I'll take tea..
I was really happy when you called and wanted to see me.
About that...
Ever since that karaoke day, I was holding myself back to call you.
I thought you must be tired and that we could go back to before with a bit of time. // But I was certainly lonely...
Is club training still hard?
Mm... Somewhat... // I mostly got used to it.
Nice~ I was really surprised when I heard you made it past the first round of the qualifications.

Page 11

But I lost terrible in the second round...
Don't say that. It was always my dream to make it past the first round. // Maybe Yuki and me should have been stricter~
The next big match is--- the retirement game next month, huh. // I'm sure Yuki is focussing on that, so the training should become harder.
Might be.
But I'm a bit envious!
I joined a tennis circle immediately at university, // but just like Eri-chan said, we're partying more out than we practice.
To be honest, the crazy training in high school was hard, // but thinking back now, it was certainly more satisfying.
I mean, I can't drink alcohol at the party // and the drunken seniors harass me.
Lately, I'm just going to practice.
Hey... // Shou...

Page 12

Instead of a party...
I have more fun spending
time like this.
I was pretty worried about living alone,
but I'm getting more and more used to university.

Page 13

Unlike high school, in an university gather people from all over the country. // Lately I'm getting alone with some girls from Fukuoka and Akita.
They tell me various stuff like about their local dialect, delicious food // or other interesting stuff.
After hearing that, I felt like taking a trip.
If we can spare the time, let's go on one together.
Like back then...
I have // something to tell you today...

Page 14


Page 15

Page 16

Because... // I can't turn you down.

Page 17

I mean...
you're my boyfriend.
I don't want to hear
what you have to say.
I don't want to hear anything!

Page 18

I noticed it when I opened the door...
you plan to break up with me, right!?
(Shou's big tears flowing down her cheek wash away Utsumi's words---)
(Continued in Issue 47)

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