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Morning Glory and Kase-san 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 14, 2012 13:48 | Go to Morning Glory and Kase-san

-> RTS Page for Morning Glory and Kase-san 5

Reserved for Yuri Project

Kase-san and Spring breeze

Page 01

Kase-san and spring breeze
The school holds a marathon.

Page 02

Hah // Hah

Page 03

Well done, Yamada.
With this, the marathon won't be a problem!
You can run the whole 8km.
I'm not good at sports.

Page 04

So I practice for the marathon with my friend every morning.
Thanks to that I can run pretty well now.
Not bad, Yamada! // The practice paid off!
My friend is in the track and field club and I can't catch up to her at all.

Page 05

You're amazing, Kase-san... // You ran so much, but aren't even out of breath.
That's because I'm used to running. (Ahaha)
My friend Kase-san is
the complete opposite of the clumsy me. // She's in the class next to mine and a bit boyish.
Hey, Yamada.

Page 06

Should we have a party when you mange to run the whole course?
I mean, last year you cramped your feet at the school gate and retired.
Eh, how do you know that!?
I saw it because I was already back from my course.
(Difference in range)
This year you'll surprise everyone with your running. (*giggle*)

Page 07

...Thank you.
I never could do anything well. // But thanks to you, I can run well now...
I became a lot more confident!

Page 08

It's all thanks to you.
Thank you, Kase-san!
When I manage to run the whole 8km, I'll give you a present as thanks. // A real big one!
What would you like?
You don't need to...
That's not what I was after...
That's no good! At least...

Page 09

Look there!
I asked the teacher to let me set up a flowerbed along the course.
I thought everyone would appreciate the view.
(plant appointee)
And I feel more motivated with flowers!

Page 10

Then say, Yamada,
when you manage to run the whole course // and when I finish it first,
will you listen to a request of mine?
Yeah, sure!

Page 11

---Ah, // forget it after all...
Anything is fine. // Just say it.
since forever
there's... // something I want you to do for me----

Page 12

Do something for her!?
it's embarrassing, so I'll tell you after the marathon!
It's embarrassing!?
(--gh School 120th Marathon)

Page 13

It's colder than I thought. // Running 8km now is going to be hard.
I wish the girls would just need to run 3km. Don't you agree, Yamada?
Why is she so motivated?
(It gives me Goosebumps...)
Ah, it's Kase-san.

Page 14

"There's something I want you to do for me----"
So cool! // The whole track and field team wears a uniform.
What could it be...
Th- That embarrassing something...
Kase-san might not finish first this time.

Page 15

You didn't hear, Yamada?
Everyone's talking about it.
This year, the track and field boys run the same course.
Before they only helped out behind the scene.
And Kase-san is just a girl, even if she ran in the interhigh.
Guess she won't make it this year----
No way!?
She didn't mention it at all---

Page 16

That can't be!
(School 120th Marathon)
Kase-san will surely finish first!
And I'll run the whole course too!
After all she trained me so hard.

Page 17

I'll definitely run it to the goal!
After all I promised.
That I would finish it
and listen to her request----

Page 18

No way?
(The...) The flowerbed....!
Ah, Yamada!?
(Where are you going...)

Page 19


Page 20

Okay, just let her rest now.
I'll go take a look outside.
Yes, // I understand, Teacher.
Did your nosebleed stop, // Yamada?
No... // Not yet...

Page 21

I see...
(Not yet...)
Yamada... you worked hard.
So it was true that you were practicing.
It wasn't for long, but I saw it properly: How brave you ran...
That's nice of you, but you aren't looking my way at all...
Sorry, I'm no good with blood...
(It was gushing out like crazy...)
Thanks, Mikawacchi.
I'm fine here. // You can go back to...

Page 22

Really!? // Good!! I'll come by again later, Yamada!
(Take care!!)
I... couldn't finish the marathon---
From outside...?

Page 23

Ohh, the top runners are already back!
Nothing less from the track and field club.
The track and field club?
It's not her----
She also...

Page 24

Page 25


Page 26

Page 27


Page 28

Just wow!!
Kase-san is really amazing!!
I need to get back on the course too.
I mean, letting it end here is just----

Page 29

What happened to you!!?

Page 30

Uhm... // I fell down a bit...
I'm okay! // It's just a nosebleed...
Fell down!?
Don't scare me! // I saw you all covered in blood in the infirmary!!
(Just a nosebleed!?)
Aw, geez...!

Page 31

I used up all my power like in a tournament....
Easily first place...
And even a spring....
I thought I was done for~~
Kase-san is really amazing!
Just wait, Kase-san! // Once my nosebleed stops, I'll go out again! // So once I finish, let's celebrate together!

Page 32

First off:
"Congratulations on finishing first, Kase-san"!
Kase-san is really amazing!

Page 33

You beat me to it!
What now...

Page 34

When I finish first
I wanted to // ask you to say "Congratulations, Kase-san" and // shake my hand...
Eh...? // Your request...
Because you're never around when I run.
So you have never done that for me... // A handshake and stuff...

Page 35

Oh god.
Oh god.
A handshake...
So that's what it was---
Oh god.
Oh please, that was your request?
Because you said it was embarrassing, // I imagined something more...

Page 36

Nothing at all!
Just kidding!
I was just kidding // just now...

Page 37

What am I thinking about.
Oh no.
That's just impossible...
We're both girls, so----

Page 38

Page 39

Page 40

...Can I // change my request,

Page 41

Go out with me.
If you don't mind,
would you go out with me?
Ehm... // Not as friends---

Page 42

No good?

Page 43

I- // If it's no good...
S- // Sorry... // I---

Page 44

It's alright...

Page 45

It's totally...
alright, // Kase-san...!
I also always...
My first kiss was in the infirmary---

Page 46

on the day of the marathon
felt the same way...!
during my 3rd term, when the spring breeze blows.

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