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Fukanzen Shinsei Kikan Iris 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 16, 2012 19:11 | Go to Fukanzen Shinsei Kikan Iris

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Forgot to add.
Reserved for Extras

Fukanzen Chapter 03

Page 01

(Ilis' true identity is a military android!!)
(But she's still Nagi's Maid Robot!?)
Chapter 03: Ilis going to school

Page 02

I won't accept this!
This maid android is going to be my classmate!?
And on a special scholarship like me!?
How did you get this acceptance letter!?
I myself needed 3 weeks to get it...
And you just a few days!?
It's all about efficiently.
Successful gathering of information turned out to get me accepted-

Page 03

Basically, before I accessed the academy's server by // hack---
Don't go admitting your crimes so openly!
Don't you have a better explanation? // Like you were lucky with the question.
Suspicious... So suspicious...
Nagi! Nagi Ichisaki Zeal! // Just how much did you bribe the principal with?
Do I look that rich?
Confess already!
I get it. If you don't have the money, then with you body...
Principal X Nagi... Not bad.
You're rotten!?
This is my seat...

Page 04

Nagi gave me
another place to stay----
Okay, maggots. Take your seats in two seconds flat. // I'm starting the morning home room.
Instructor Uryuu Nay Yumelda
Because of her attitude and speech gained through years of military service, // she's a sad person in her 30s, worrying about being single.
Our empire is threatened by Yuugenshu.
Many countries fell victim to their invasion. // The remaining three great nations oppose Yuugenshu and it's currently a stalemate.

Page 05

The three big nations---
First there's "El Maria Shinkyoukai" in the south.
They worship the "Forbidden Crystal" that's said to be highly divine. They use it's power for their secret arts.
In the west there's the "Land of Bukyuutounona". [screw you with terms]
They're fighters that can even overpower an android through extreme asceticism.
And then

Page 06

There's our "Empire".
Shii, what's our empire known for?
Eh... Ehm...
For it's COOKING?
Only to you!
Here a hint: What's this school?
Th- The Houjou Academy.
Right! // The overwhelming technology and science that the other two nations lack, gave our empire a fearful army.
That's the pride of our empire! // Our empire can't afford to fall behind on this battle that has mankind's fate at stake!

Page 07

On the surface, the three nation are fighting together against the Yuugenshu,
but underneath a race of military rigging is taking part between the nations.
I think they should just be honest and join forces,
but I guess the higher ups of their own ways.
In time, you guys will be soldiers of the empire too. // Until then it's your priority to find as much comrades as possible...
Eh~ // Anyway, what I want to say is---
Today a new classmate will be joining...
When did you...
...Just now

Page 08

we were fighting that topic.
That was just you.
Geez, so an introduction is needless...
Okay, // then home room is over.
I'll start the first period in 2 minutes and 47 seconds, // so everyone get to the exercise room until then!
We're second years at the academy.
Just 1 1/2 years until graduation.
Until then we have to learn military techniques and knowledge // and how to use a weapon.

Page 09

Yes... In preparation for the coming fight with the Yuugenshu.
...So I say,
but the first period today is
home economics. Am I the only one who thinks this is contradicting?
That's not true. // Even as soldiers, we're still students.
I believe it's an important curriculum.
Hey, Shii. Did I cut this right?
Yep <3
Nagi-senpai, you can still use this.

Page 10

Nothing less from you. So fast and accurate! // It's three times thinner than mine.
Ilis-san!! // I poured my heart into making this steak.
Would you please taste it?
Class-Rep, she's an android.
Just like Mikael, she can't eat.
How inconsiderate of me.
Two androids in our class....

Page 11

That's like a coincidental reunion of two archrivals.
We must put an end to this!
It's a cooking challenge, Ilis-san!
I see.... // But I have no reason to fight with you.
Is what I would like to say....

Page 12

But as a Master Maid well instructed in chores, I cannot run
from this issued challenge!!
Hey, hey...
(I don't approve)
When did you become a Master Maid...

Page 13

What will the challenge be?
Look at the cream stew from my group.
We're going to add ingredients and seasonings. The one with the better taste wins.
The judge will be our class' cooking Master Shii.
And Nagi will be the referee!
Please make something eatable.
Es expected, Mikael handles the knife so well.
Mhm, // how's Ilis-san doing....

Page 14

Ah // Hyan
H- Huh?
My body is all sticky...
The clumsy Ilis-san scores high!
(10 points!)
It's not that kind of contest...
Actually, // I'm scared that she choose something unfit for a stew.

Page 15

Oh my.
I can see the ending already.
It's not over yet!
With this watermelon---
Huh? But now!
I can't get the knife out...

Page 16

KYAA!? // I'm sorry. Call an ambulance...
That's only for humans.
I'm an android, so I'm fine!
....Kuh // What a mess.
A mirror...
I want to check my appearance.

Page 17

What's this!?
Nagi you perv!
Why am I getting hit!?
Count yourself lucky, Ilis-san.
The challenge will be postpone for another date!

Page 18

You sure about cancelling it?
Mikael-san... A fearsome opponent.
Next time it'll be even fierier....
Fiery my ass. Keep it civilized.
you always look so happy when you're talking to I-chan.
Who's I-chan?
She's right in front of you.

Page 19

I know she's a cute and good girl, but... // I'm confident my cooking won't lose to a maid robot...
Anyway, stop doting on I-chan alone, Senpai.
And even with in the three sizes.... // In chest
and butt
I'm... clearly superior...
Sorry, Shii. // I couldn't hear the last bit...
It's nothing!
I'm doting on her today because it's her first day at school. // Oh I know, won't you become her friend, Shii?
That would set me at peace too.
Of course!
Well yeah, but that's not what I'm getting at...
Geez... Nagi is so dense!

Page 20

I-chan is a fearsome opponent.
You were that fired up about cooking?
You shut up, Nagi/Senpai!!
The day is finally over...
I was worried what Ilis would do,
but she honestly attended class.
Math and biology are her speciality.
I only need to look out for her in home economic, the excerise....
and... also...

Page 21

NAGI!? Are you okay!? You still seem to be breathing.
Hah... Hah... I was nodding off, // so I nearly drowned...
I'm sorry. My maintenance took all night...
That's not it.
The academy was really fun. // Thanks to your hard work
I can be here now.
I'll... work hard as a maid and at school!
That's the spirit.
Then right away....
? Sounds like clothes being taken off----

Page 22

Excuse me.
Hey, wait!! What are you doing!!

Page 23

? You already saw me naked during my maintenance.
Well, sure, but...
Not good.
Even if she's a machine, to be together in the bath with a naked girl...
How should I say it... If I accept that, I think I'll lose something important as a human...
What's up? Suddenly going all quiet...
N- No... well.. // after all it's a bit embarrassing
to be seen up front...
B- // But I...
will give my best for you.
Nagi... hurry up.

Page 24

Washing her master's back is also the duty of a maid.
Even I am // embarrassed...
so don't stare too much.
(Nagi's (wonderful?) worries will continue!)
...This is going
a bit too far.
Nagi, where are you going!? // You'll catch a cold like that.
YOU put on some clothes already!!
The stalemate continues. // The whole night I fought with sneezing.

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