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Translations: Gintama 620 by kewl0210 , One Piece 850 by cnet128

Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari 11


-> RTS Page for Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari 11

Reserved for iMangaScans

Yarisugi Chapter 11

Page 01

Night #11: Huge Companion

Page 02

W- Who are you!?
Are you in league with that scout!?
Sorry for the missing introduction...
I'm Chicken Head Industry's CEO... Meaning the highest authority, Anaru Keiko.
Even the name card is huge!!
Our Chicken Head Industry...
is an underground organization that aims to transform all Companions in Japan into perverted slaves and then force them to work as sex slaves in our shops to satisfy our costumers.
The... worst...

Page 03

I won't forgive that! // In the name of something I'll punish you!!
Mass Squirting~!!
That technique... It's the pleasant squirting technique that made us come just a moment ago!!
With that she'll be finished off in one shot!!

Page 04

Heh.. What's this?
It tickles.
The Mass Squirting...
isn't working!?
Making me come with this?
Don't make me laugh.
Some sex technique from a country-side companion isn't going to work on me, the CEO!!

Page 05

Eat the sex technique of a CEO!!
So refreshing--!!

Page 06

W- Wh-
What's that...?
A giant Fr**k, created specially by an underground gene organisation!!
If you...
put that into the ass..
If you put it in?
Then it feels friggin gooooooooood!!
G- // Greeeaaat!!

Page 07

I'll share this pleasure with you all!! (Get the asses out)
Fr**k isn't meant to be put into the ass~
Yarisu's technique isn't working....
If you get such a big Fr**k into your ass, you're dead!!
Oh yeah!
It broke. Gonna put in another!!
Broke... Broke she says!?

Page 08

Right... If we have "that"...
Shizuka, you had your cell phone!?
(Loose Fisher)
Yes, Takeru here.
Oh! Houjou... Eh? A Spanish mackerel?
Yep! Bring all the Spanish mackerels you have to the western house in block three!! (Hurry!!) // Ah, wait... Also, some mullets! All your mullets too!! (No, we don't need any mackerels)
Who did you call!? And what's with Spanish mackerels and mullets!? // Why didn't you call the police!?
Ah... Right!!

Page 09


Page 10


Page 11

I won't forgive you...
cute ass...
How dare you put that into thereeee!!
Hehe, for you a special...
Overboard Kick!!

Page 12

I'll ram these Fr**k tenner chains into you.
Hey... wait...
Time out!!
Wah~~ I can't stop~~ I shouldn't have jumped in~~

Page 13


Page 14

Hah!! // The Fr**k were too big and didn't fit!
Ouch. It hit the pubic bone.
Tch. // Your ass is too small!!
What are you saying! Such big ones
won't even go into yours, CEO!!
Don't underestimate the ass of an CEO!!
Such a thing.. goes in with ease!!

Page 15

Look, look! It's going in completely!! (Yay!!)
C- Crazy.
CEO Power Up!!
Next is your turn!!

Page 16

I'm no devil.
I'll make it smooth before this time.
Stop it! Really!
It's impossible!
Night #11 Over

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