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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Onihime VS 25

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 20, 2012 11:09 | Go to Onihime VS

-> RTS Page for Onihime VS 25

Reserved for A-Team

Onihime VS. Chapter 25

Page 01

We can't go back to the demon world in shame like this~ // We somehow have to get back at the Oni Clan.
(The Zombie Clan in a meeting----)
You're only saying that because you haven't seen them in action.
Did you become scared after the lowly Oni Clan swept the floor with you?
Weren't you beaten up horribly too!?
You could have easily taken my heart before the fight...
But you waited to have a fair fight with Kanna-san and Co.

Page 02

(What's the defeated Erionelle thinking!?)
I believe that Kanna-san will protect me for sure. // I mean, she's a good Oni.
Chapter 25

Page 03

We're going to get Kashiwagi Setsuna.
Right, that's exactly my plan...!!
But... we're not going to take his life.
Uhh~ I'm so hungry~

Page 04

Dinner still isn't done~~?
(mirei should be back from shopping soon)
T- Troubles!!
What's up, Setsuna? Something happened?
O- On my way back... I met my sister, so we went home together and then...
The Zombie Clan...
The Zombie Clan kidnapped her!!
Then what about dinner!?
(Let's ignore the idiot)
Th- They left a memo with instructions...
(So cruel, Kanna.-san...)

Page 05

Page 06

(So, why are you here too?)
(Whose car do you think rode to get here!?)
Taking a hostage, so conceited.
Even without a memo, I would have found you easily with my magic.
It appears the previous punishment wasn't enough.
P- Princess...!

Page 07

I think you better drop your weapons and surrender.
You only have one chance.
Don't make me laugh!! // Who would surrender to you...!?
How you like it? // My perfect plan about sealing their movements with a hostage!!
(Where plans supposed to be like this?)
What are you doing? You don't care if she dies? Stop dawdling, get on the ground and beg for your lives!!
You brat! I'll smack you!!
No other choice.

Page 08

W- White Princess...!?
We have no choice but to abide here.
The prideful Zombie Clan would resort to such dirty tricks...
If we aren't careful, mirei will really be in danger.
S- Sister...

Page 09

Wh- What's this!?
Kukuku... This is surprising in it's own way...
To think the White Princess Kanna, a brutal Oni, would have her weakness in a human...
What kind of joke is this...? What made you get so attached to humans...

Page 10

I.. I'm sorry, Kanna-san.
I'm really sorry, girls...
It's all my fault.
Because I interfered...
... // Setsuna.
I told you, didn't I?
The Zombie Clan...
is just a pack of scum...
Oh! I got a great idea! Let's rip out his heart right here and have Erionelle-sama eat it!
N- No way!!

Page 11

Then allow me...
Don't make me repeat myself.
I have no interest in the Banrikou Heart.

Page 12

What are you doing...!? // No, rather..
what do you mean by these words...?
You have no interest in the Banrikou Heart...!?
Then why are we doing this...?
I just... wanted Kashiwagi Setsuna...

Page 13

What I want is he himself. I'll take him with me...
And risking my life, // I want to become a "good Oni"...
Wh-- // WHAT---!?
I found something I really desire... // As long as I have Setsuna, I have no plans to fight with the Oni Clan anymore...
A good oni!?
Did you get hit on the head!?
Wh- What's with her...?
N- Now choose...
Don't tell me
she really feels for Setsuna...?
Obediently come with me or....

Page 14

have everyone here die, starting with your sister....
(Th- That's not really a choice....)
What gives you the right to do with Setsuna what you want!?
He belongs to me! // He's... my slave...!!
(A- Arima-san...)
You're... Setsuna's master?
Yes! I'm his master!
So don't act all bossy when you're actually late to the party!!

Page 15

A confession in this situation?
Wh- What part of that sounded like a confession!?
(The whole part)
Shut up! You damn freeloaders!
Oh my, hiding your embarrassment?
Even if that's the truth, // I don't think you have it...
Have what...!?
The qualifications to be a "good master"...

Page 16

As I see it... Kashiwagi Setsuna's Banrikou Heart will
soon have reached it's maturity.
In other words, one of the Princesses here will devour his heart...
and Kashiwagi Setsuna will die...
Setsuna will... die?
Yet your siding with the enemy instead of saving him....
And even treat him like a slave....

Page 17

No matter how you look at it, you're not a person that thinks about Kashiwagi Setsuna's sake.
You're telling such an obvious lie... Who is it really that has no qualifications... Right, Hina?
You too, what are you saying quiet for!
Even if they got a hostage, there's no need to believe all their bullshit, right?
You will eat Setsuna's heart? As if that's possible... // Oh right! There was talk about that before.
And there was a huge commotion over this audacious lie, wasn't there.

Page 18

Sh- Shouko, this...
What Erionelle-san said is right.
Due to a certain contract, my heart
If I were
just gone...
is becoming the Banrikou heart for these two...
Until now, I was always a luggage to my sister. I hated myself for that and even wanted to commit suicide....
everyone could live...

Page 19

In exchange for my heart I got ten million yen and a period of one year... // I thought such a chance to help my sister wouldn't come again...
I'm grateful to Kanna-san and rena-san
from the bottom of my heart.
One day they'll rip out my heart.. but they protected me in all seriousness.
Even dying right now wouldn't be able to pay back the favour.
That's why...
I have to do anything as long as it's possible to me.
If me going with Erionelle-san saves the others, I'll...

Page 20+21

Hey, Setsuna... // What do you mean by all that...?
This voice...
Because of me... You... You will...

Page 22

What's more, Kanna-san and rena-san...
are going to eat your heart...?
(Finally the secret is out!? The last chapter starts on the next page!!)
(Two chapters this month!! // The last chapter starts on the next page!)

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