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Holy Knight 11

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 22, 2012 13:52 | Go to Holy Knight

-> RTS Page for Holy Knight 11

And suddenly it's back!!
There's still no volume 2, but some magazine raws popped up \o/
Pretty good quality, imo, so releases should follow soon.
Reserved for simhauu

Holy Knight Chapter 11

Page 01

(Chapter 11. The hidden past. The secret begins to reveal.)
A kind bond connecting the beautiful Kamyura and the dark Lilith....

Page 02

She was chased by the church.
She was hunted for being a Moroi
and lost both her parents...

Page 03

Her name is... // Lilith...!
Kamyura, from today on, you'll look after her...
Why do I have to look after this brat...
Make sure she doesn't find out about her being
a Moroi...!!

Page 04

Lilith... This is Kamyura. She'll look after you from now on.
Think of her as your sister.

Page 05

Eat up.

Page 06

Don't leave any!
*perk up*
Mom... I want to see...
my mom.....

Page 07

...Eat up!!
Help me with the laundry!!

Page 08


Page 09

Don't leave any today!! You're a freeloader after all!!
E- Ehm...
Ehm, Kamyura-san...
If I finish it all...
ehm... can I sleep with you tonight then...?

Page 10

Can... I?
Wh- Why? It's not that you can't...
But why would you want to sleep together...!
Eat up!!

Page 11

Here I am...
Wh- // Wha--

Page 12

I finished it all...
so I came...!
...Honestly. // Damn brat!
If you bother my sleep, // I'll kick you out immediately...!

Page 13

Damn~~ How can she sleep like that...
That's why I hate brats!!
I really don't want to look after all.
I'm still only 17!!
So why...
I want a boyfriend~~

Page 14

Dad... // Mom...
I want to see you...
Don't leave me alone...!!

Page 15

(Aw, hey! Your nose is running!! Damnit!!)

Page 16

You're really such a spoilt kid
that gets lonely easily...!
...Let's finish this task quickly // and go back home, Lilith. To our home...
We'll... sleep together again... okay...

Page 17

Page 18

Shin-chan hit that guy...
And he said he wouldn't forgive him...
Did Shin-chan notice what that guy did to me...? // Is that why he won't forgive him?
He hasn't noticed it, has it?
It's okay! He hasn't noticed it!!
Shin-chan doesn't know anything!! It's alright...!!

Page 19

I need to study...
O- Ouch~~

Page 20

That hurt...
H- Huh.... Huh!? There was blood until just now...
...Huh!? ... Huh??

Page 21

Meow <3
Meow <3
Meow <3 // Meow <3
Tadaa <3
(Shinta's Diary)
Shinta's diary, meow <3

Page 22

Eh... No.. Ehm...
Kyam-- Kyam---
Ever since you were small, I have
been writing a diary about you, meow <3
Read it, meow <3
It'll clear all your doubts, meow <3
? ? ?
Holy Knight * To be continued

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