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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 24

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 22, 2012 22:01 | Go to Kore wa Koi no Hanashi

-> RTS Page for Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 24

Reserved for Lila Wolves

Kore ha Koi no Hanashi Chapter 24

Page 01

A 21-years age-gap love story between a novelist and a little girl.
(We're pretty much young ourselves)
Chapter 24
(aren't we....?)

Page 02

Is that true?
Yeah, I was surprised too...
(Talking a walk on seeing Haruka on a date is...!?)
But there's more to it.

Page 03

Haruka and...?

Page 04

"Maybe she found a love in middle school?"
So what.
It doesn't concern---

Page 05

What are you doing...
Weren't you trying to be an adult quickly?
Sugita... // Adults don't peep, you know.
Geez... What should I call you.... A wussy or an embarrassment...
So? // Who's that guy besides her?

Page 06

In the end, you're bothered by it too.
No!! It's not like that!!
The ace of the basketball club. // He's cool and smart. // A perfect guy from the book.
Perfect, huh...
Why is such a guy with Haruka?
Like I know. That's why I'm here.

Page 07

Popular guy on the one hand
and a peeping tom on the other...
That's so lame.... (You know...)
I don't mind being lame.
That's just how much.. // I love

Page 08

So I can't help it...
He says some embarrassing lines so easily...
That's youth for you.
I couldn't say such stuff even if my life depended on it.

Page 09

Hey, // let's go, Sugita.
There's no point in doing this.
If you're that bothered by it, // just ask Haruka herself.
Wha! // As if I could do that!!
That's even more embarrassing.
How does it come to that? You're wrong in the head.
It's fine! Leave me be!

Page 10

What are you two doing here?
!? // Sonohara!!
Just be quiet!
Over there, Morimoto is...
Eh? Haruka?
I don't see her. (Anywhere)
(When did she!?)

Page 11

Are you stupid? // That's why you were eavesdropping?
(Honestly) You have to stop him there, mister. (You're an adult after all)
I tell you, I was.
Forget about that already!
Oh, // you're finally back.
What, you're still here, Oogaki.
You~~ Don't give me that after you just left me here! // Haruka-chan already got back...

Page 12

(Aw, I'm hungry)
(Me too)
Hello, Utako-chan. // Long time no see.
(Reminds me!!)
M- // Mister Four-eyes!! // There's a book I'm interested in.
Maybe you have it?
Hee, what's it name?
Ah--- Well... I forgot // the title.
(Well, let's go in the living room)
M'kay. // Then what is it about?
Ehm.... That's...

Page 13

So you were all together.
Yeah. // We met by chance on the way---
Hey, Haruka! // I heard you were with Nanami-senpai on your way back today?
How do you know that?
He's the real handsome star of our school.
(And he was with Haruka? Sounds fun)
Hey, hey! How was it?

Page 14

Well... We just talked a bit at the park.
Eh!? No way!? At the park? Just you two!? (Phew---)
Now I'm interested!! // What did you talk about with him?
It wasn't... // really anything special.
Ehh!? Why! Dodging the question isn't fair!!
----Just now...

Page 15

She lied and smiled...
(She also turned red)
And what was with that pause.
Is he alright...
You aren't even in any club, Haruka-chan,
but you still get along with upperclassman?
(How did you meet?)
We're both in the committee meeting.
Nanami-senpai is part of the student council, // but there's a combined project. (So...)
Is he a good person?

Page 16

He's very kind. He should be very busy, but he still help us, the underclassman, out.
Today I was working alone, so he stayed behind and helped.
He's a very considerate upperclassman. // But isn't that just towards you, Haruka-chan?
Eh!? That...
Hey, stop with that already.
What? You don't want to know?

Page 17

I'll go play with Sakura...
Ah! Sugita-kun!
I have a new toy for Sakura. // I'll go get it.
Ah... // I see...

Page 18

Mister... // Haruka is quite popular at school.
Hee.... // That's impressive. // Don't lose to her.
That's not what I was getting it. // At this rate, Haruka is going to get a boyfriend.

Page 19

Let her get one if she wants.
What the...
So what are you going to do about Haruka?
I'm not doing anything.
But well, // I'm not against hearing her out if she wants advice.
I'm a stand-in parent after all.
Aww. Geez. I'm sick of hearing that.

Page 20

I really wanted to see you panic over it---
Yeah, sure. // Sorry to betray your expectations.
I'm watching TV if you need me.
Geez. Haruka isn't making any progress either.
(What does she see in him?)
Are you different, Utako-chan?

Page 21

....Guess so.
I heard about your marriage.
Thank you.
(Hah~~~) So mean~~ Saying that with a smile.
Even though I was waiting after you told me to wait for 7 years.

Page 22

All my efforts to pretty myself up went in vain...
So you say, but aren't I just a scapegoat?
You also aren't making any progress, right? // He's so close to you, but only paying attention to someone else.

Page 23

I don't know what you're talking about.
Guess girls are easily attracted to guys "like that".
I suppose they want to become the tragic heroine?

Page 24

Just watching, won't change anything. You should know that.
I don't
want to be used just so that you won't get hurt.
You're really.... // mean...

Page 25

...Simply put, // I'm just envious...
He only looks straight after her.
Even though I know it's no good
I still keep only thinking of him...

Page 26

If he were to face towards me...
If he were to think about me the same way...
I end up thinking that...
Then, // why did you come to me?

Page 27

That's the same as running away.
I might have said those things to drag out your real intent,
but there's no meaning if he doesn't face you out of his own will.
You get it?
A guy like Sugita-kun won't get it unless you tell him out straight.

Page 28

How can you be so direct---
I told you, I don't like being used.
---I see.
That's how it was...

Page 29

...But no matter what I say now, it wouldn't reach him.
I just know it.
So you wait?
I don't know.
You can't control your own feelings like you want to after all. // And I might run away if it becomes any more painful...

Page 30

Mhm, // Next time, don't come running to me.
I can't have an affair with a kid--
Oogaki understood Utako's feelings completely.
7 years.
If your feelings still are the same after 7 years, // I'll go out with you.
That's why he answered like that...
I think it's stupid
how everyone worries about love...

Page 31

impossible for me.
"That's just how much.. // I love her"
He's just a brat...
but just his words are already ahead of an adult....
"If he were to think about me the same way..."
"I decided to marry"
I thought nothing would change

Page 32

But it's changing...
Am I just...
going to get
left behind again....

Page 33

I... // might be in love
with that guy...
Those two...
I'm sorry, Shinichi-san...

Page 34

You woke up?
When did I fall asleep...
About two hours ago.
Everyone already went home.

Page 35

I was wondering if I should wake you up, since you looked like you were in pain....
Dinner is ready.
You want to eat?
is this uneasiness I feel?

Page 36

What is it..
Ah.. // No...
Impatience or uneasiness....
I just can't calm down.
When you get a boyfriend, // be sure to tell me.

Page 37


Page 38

no way I'll
tell you that, Shinichi-san.
(The reason for Haruka's resolute answer is....?)
(Continued in Aria Issue 11)

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