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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Hajimete Datteba! 15

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 23, 2012 23:46 | Go to Hajimete Datteba!

-> RTS Page for Hajimete Datteba! 15

Reserved for Japanzai

Hajimete Datteba! Chapter 15

Page 01

Fifteenth Step: Exciting sabotage

Page 02

It's raining...
We can't train on the grounds then. // That only leaves running indoors...
and some training in a classroom...

Page 03

Hey, Manager.
What's up?
My stomach hurts.
Take me to the infirmary.
You don't have a fever and it doesn't seem to be food-poisoning. // You might have under cooled your stomach last night. It's nothing to worry about.
Thank you.
You can still attend practice, right?
I wonder.
Is it that bad?

Page 04

I might feel better when I got something I forgot.
(Eh) Why do I have to go with you? // Hey, wait.
Don't make such a fuss.
What about class.
Of course we're skipping.

Page 05

Hey, Nakazawa.
Do you like sweets?
I don't eat them often, but I don't dislike them.
I see.

Page 06

Calm down.
No one's looking. // So it's fine.

Page 07

Where are we going?
What do you want?
this one.

Page 08

Here I live.
I'll wait.
*wave* // *wave*
Just hurry up. // We have to get back to school.
Take it easy.
Since we're here already, let's eat the cake we just bought.

Page 09

Your parents?
At work.
Your mother works too?
My parents divorced, so it's just my mom and me. // She's a nurse.
She works at night and won't come back today.
Is this your room?
Ah, // thanks.

Page 10

It's good.
Feels somewhat weird.
To be here on such a hour during the week...
It's my first time skipping class.
For me too.
It's weird for having you over.
You brought me over!

Page 11

What a pour down.
It's all black.
Well, since we're taking shelter...
What's with the hand?
Don't to anything funny just because we're all alone!
Kuh... Now you said it... And here I was hoping...
You don't need to be so direct.
If you don't attack me, I don't mind giving you a cuddle.
What's a cuddle?
Can I eat that?
It's like this.

Page 12

Page 13

You're smaller than I thought.
It stopped raining. // Let's hurry back to school or we'll late for practice.
Actually I forgot my uniform.
Shame on you, ace.

Page 14

You know,
today's my birthday.
I know.
Happy birthday.

Page 15

(EHH) What? No way, you knew!?
For real!?
I'm the manager.
A sports necklace!! (I really wanted one) Wah
I see! You came along because you knew it was my birthday!!
Today was a special service.
I had fun.

Page 16

love you.
Whenever you pitch, Iwasaki-kun...
no matter what kind of pinch, // you never lose your cool.
And pitch with incredible determination.
Your eyes full of confidence.

Page 17

How you trust your team-mates behind you.
How serious you take every match. // How you're more passionate over practice than anyone else.
I really respect these characteristics of you.
I also l...
love you...

Page 18

Let me kiss you.
I don't mind, but...
we aren't even dating, so I don't really think I need--

Page 19

Page 20


Page 21

Who said you can put in your tongue!
We made it!

Page 22

I knew it...
Right. // Yeah.
You two weren't in the afternoon classes~~
So rumours spread // that you two are dating.
I'm not going out with him.

Page 23

Definitely not.
It don't really think it matters.
Going so far just makes it unnatural...
Yeah. // They should just date already.
But well, // it's not much of a difference anyway...
That's not true.

Page 24

I'm really happy to be your girlfriend.
I'm so glad...
Takagi, next time,
want to sleep over at my place?
Fifteenth Step Over.

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