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Translations: Gintama 620 by kewl0210 , One Piece 850 by cnet128

Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 26, 2012 20:13 | Go to Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou

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Kimi ha midara na Boku no Joou Chapter 01

Page 01

Page 02

By looking at Subaru, who's right besides me,
I recognize how far away she's from me.

Page 03

Good morning.
Subaru is my childhood friend.
When we were small we played together every day until it got dark.
But... she is from a rich family.
An extremely rich one at that.

Page 04

Subaru's family traces back to the old nobility.
Due to her beautiful appearance, her mere present changes the whole atmosphere of the classroom.
No one denies the fact that Subaru is the most beautiful girl at our school.
It wouldn't be even strange to say most beautiful in the world.
She doesn't emit a single shred of obscenity... As if she's a heavenly being.
That's why she's obviously popular.
But not even one of the wealthy boys of our school dares to talk to her.
But her appeal...
Ah, Subaru...
You dropped your handkerchief.

Page 05

Hey... // could you not call me so casually?
It's disgusting.
is only directed at everyone
but me.
In the past she was a tomboy.
We would always play together, not afraid of getting dirty.
She really was like a boy...
So much that I even made fun of her as a "Boy-girl".
But upon entering elementary school I got unable to see her.
That's because she entered a rich boarding-school.
It was a famous private school that required a fee of 1 million yet to enter.
The entrance exam even included a interview with the parents.

Page 06

Since I was still a kid, I couldn't understand the "difference" between her and me.
So I really wanted to go to the same school as her....
Obviously, I couldn't with my background.
But her school accepts a few students, who have outstanding grades, each year
on a special scholarship for the high school division.
So I studied my ass off in my desire to meet her.
And finally, this spring, I got to attend the same school as Subaru.
I worked so hard getting into this school, but Subaru is treating me like air.
I thought I could spend my school life with her,
but the first semester is about to end and we haven't talked properly even once.
Actually you could say she's totally avoiding me.
No one in class even knows that we are childhood friends.
We even bathed together...
and got on the toilet together.

Page 07

To her these days are a loathly memory,
so she wants to stay away from me, who knows about it.
She became so beautiful...
While I'm still poor and haven't even grown much.
We're supposed to be childhood friends, but...
I'm farer away than all these other strangers.
Hey, hear me out. // I read a love charm on the internet last night.
Eh? Tell me.
"I'll do as you say, Obverse God". // After that you pray for something and it'll get granted.
But the Obverse God is going to take something in exchange.
Eh? Really? Such a scam.
A scam alright...

Page 08

Our school is a boarding school.
It's build far in the country-side, so we can only visit the city at the weekend.
Right across is the female dorm.
Subari is living there.
At day and night,
she's so close, yet so far away.

Page 09

I have...
always been in love with Subaru.
Ever since I was small...
And I haven't fallen in love with any other girls so far....
But she drifted far away from me...
What can I do to get close to her...
I wish my closet would connect to another dimension...
and Subaru would come out of it...

Page 10

I'll do as you say,
Obverse God.
Please connect my closet to Subaru's room.
So stupid.

Page 11


Page 12


Page 13

Hey!! What are you doing in my room!? // I can't believe you!!
Eh!? Hey...
This is my room!!
Don't be stupid!! // This is my room!!
Are you screwed in your head? To think you would break into the girl's dorm!! // I knew you were an idiot, but not this kind of guy!!
You got it wrong!!
Take a look around!!
This is my room!!

Page 14

It's not my room...
So why are you hiding fully naked in my closet, Subaru?
A- As if I would do that!! // This is my kitchen!!
Can I look?
It's really your kitchen...
What's going on...

Page 15

My room
and your room got connected...
Don't tell me the charm really worked!?
Long live the Obverse God!!
Then... // where did my room go to...
I'm worried about my stuff in the closet too...
Who cares about that!!
My desk, my books, my clothes. Everything...
where did it go?

Page 16

Here. // Some pants and T-shirt from me.
Don't be stupid!! // Why would I wear a boy's pants!!
And specially yours!!
.... // sure, okay.
If you don't mind wearing nothing down there...
Such humiliation...
I'll make these pants my life-long treasure.
Subaru, who I thought of as a heavenly being, is now in my room...
Thank you, Obverse God!!
I'll stay at another girl's room.

Page 17

Eh!? // You can't do that!!
You know... You'll get expelled if you stay in another room besides your own. // So it'll only cause trouble for the other girl.
Then it can't be helped.
I'll stay here today.
...Well, // it can't be helped in this situation.
Obviously I only have one bed...
You sleep on the floor then.
It's only obvious. // Or do you want me to sleep on the floor?
.... // So sleeping together isn't an option, huh.
You know...

Page 18

I really hate you.
Subaru.... That boyish attitude of yours sure hasn't changed.
Sure, appearance-wise you became a fine girl...
but you're still the same inside.
A boy-girl.

Page 19

I'll stay at another girl's room after all.
I'll explain stuff to a teacher tomorrow.
Rooms connecting to each other sure is unbelievable, // but once they actually see it, they should accept it.
Now... I know my place.
I studied desperately to get into this school
and our rooms got linked to each other...
but no matter how physically close I get to her...
there's no meaning in it.
Ehm, do you have a minute?
Wh- Who's there!?
Not there, but over here.

Page 20

The pillow talks!!
It's not like the pillow talks. // More like I'm using the pillow as a medium.
That's... ridiculous!!
Say what you want, but I still connected your rooms. // A speaking pillow isn't anything to be surprised about now.
Don't tell me you are...
I'm the Obverse God.
Why a pillow...
A pillow is something you rest your head on. // And something spiritual is easier to possess...

Page 21

You said these words.
I granted your wish, since you were willing to do anything.
So I came to get my pay.
Are you going to take some of our lifespan?
It don't need such a thing.
What I want is
your self-control.
.... // Self-control?
Yes. // Self-control is a greatly needed emotion to stay human. // After all, animals don't have self-control.
A border between humans and animals. // That's something really important.
There's also a border between humans and gods.

Page 22

Thus I'm taking the self-control of you, the contractor.
If I just take away your self-control, you would die soon. // So I'll only take it away for an hour each day.
You got it wrong, pillow. // It's me who called on you.
I know. You're the sub-contractor.
That's all I have to tell you.
I'm telling you Subaru isn't involved in this!!
One hour per day?
And taking away self-control? What's with that?
That's so abstract. What a half-assed explanation... // Is it something like a blood donation?

Page 23

Hey... What's up...?
You say, but...
Shut up!! // It's nothing!! Leave me alone!!
Could it be...
He really took her self-control?
What you mean I haven't changed...

Page 24

What you mean I'm like a boy...
I... really tried hard... // to become girly...
I grew out my hair. I learned flower-arrangement. I also was careful of my speech pattern... sob // I was trying so hard...
you said you like more girly girls...
I... // said something like that?

Page 25

You always called me a "boy-girl"...
but called girls with long hair cute...
And then I couldn't see you anymore...
I always regretted it...
I don't remember that at all.
She took the teasing of the 6years-old me seriously
and always tried to become more girly?
Then why did you always treat me like air? // That's just weird when you became girly for me.
I was doing it...
for you all the time...

Page 26

And showing you...
my girls side then was just too embarrassing...
I didn't... sob
want you to see me like that...
Her attitude towards me, which I thought to be repellent...
was actually because I was too close to her...
So please...

Page 27

have sex with me.
O- Out of the blue!?
You know...
Whenever I'm alone...
I'll masturbate thinking of you...
Even now, wearing your pants, // really turns me on...
Look... // I'm already so wet...
When I see you at school, // my panties always get soaked...

Page 28

Subaru really got no self-control!!
I want to have sex...
No... // wait...
What am I saying...
Guess a bit self-control is left?
But it's no good... // I can't hold back, so I'll relieve myself...
No... Don't look...
Subaru... is going crazy...!!
Without doubt she's going crazy, but...
she only lost her self-control...

Page 29

At school she...
was so upright...
Is this her real self...?
Don't look...
You know... I...
always masturbate while fantasizing that you screw me...
But... That's no good now... // You're so close by now...
I want sex....
Fuck me.... // Screw me real good...

Page 30

Subaru's tongue...
These are her breasts...
So soft...
Ahhhh!! // Ahhhhh!! Yaahhh...

Page 31

Put it in...
Put it in...
Fill me up..
Impregnate me..
If she makes such a face..
I no longer...
I won't cause you any troubles..
So please...

Page 32

What the!?
It's like she was turned off...
A bit of a shame... // but I'm also relieved...
L- Let's calm down first...
If I were to jump on Subaru in this condition...
Subaru would cut all ties with me when she has all memories once she regains her self-control.
But if these were her true feelings, she wouldn't get angry, right? // Not doing anything to her would also only give her shame...

Page 33

I fell asleep...!!
...You found your uniform?
I took it off in the bath, so it was still there.
I'm... // going ahead to school.
Eh? // Okay...
Can I borrow that pillow?
Mh... // Sure...

Page 34

You too
be careful not to be late.
I wonder...
if she doesn't remember the time yesterday when she lost her self-control...
If so...
that's better.

Page 35

I want to die!! I want to die!!
Kill me!! Kill me!! Kill me!!
W- What?
Please!! Just kill me!!
Stupid pillow!! // I'll give you 20-30 years of my life, so give me back my self-control!!
UWAAAA!! I want to die!! AWWWW!!
.... // Seems she remembers...

Page 36

isn't here yet...
I tried that charm yesterday!! // It didn't work at all.
It worked alright for me...
You know, it actually had one more condition.
Eh? What?

Page 37

Your partner also has to chant the same wish.
Eh. What's with that?
But that means it's need to be a mutual love to begin with? // No meaning then.
Really. // Hahahaha
Subaru also...
wished for the same?
That our rooms would connect?
Ah, Kawana-san, morning.
Subaru must have wished it for it first...
That's why she's the main-contractor.

Page 38

Despite what happened yesterday
she still gives off a lady-aura in the classroom.
Can I sit besides you?

Page 39

You must be disappointed // in me.
No way.
I was happy.
I got to hear your real feelings.
That weren't my real feelings!!
...Whatever. // From now on I'll just avoid you in the hour I lose my self-control.
That's no good.
You might assault any near people.
Don't be stupid. // I won't do anything from the norm, just because I lost my self-control.

Page 40

Except in front of you,
I won't do such a thing when I lose my self-control.
And then...
I grabbed her hand while she still had her self-control.

Page 41

Don't get cocky.
Guess she's still close, but far away.
Don't go touching me so casually.
I'll get wet again.

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