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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Swing-Style 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 7, 2012 11:33 | Go to Swing-Style

-> RTS Page for Swing-Style 1

Reserved for Schthaxe

Swing-Style Chapter 01

Page 01

Swing-Style log: 1

Page 02

What did you say?
Like I said... I want to do something about the our boring married couple life...
And that there's a good method to it.
Isn't it exciting to be held by a man that's not your husband?
...Is what I thought.

Page 03

Oh, no. // Cheating isn't my...
You got it wrong.
Swapping. // ...You know what it means, right?
Actually, // my husband said he wanted to do it with you.
I got interested too and thought it might not be all that bad... // You don't need to answer me now. Take your time thinking about it...

Page 04

1) I was invited by a friend... Mika 10/28[Fri]15:36:14
*Rather than calling it "boring", "died off" might be more accurate.
*I married my husband because I was pregnant. After graduating from university and gave birth to a girl. And now my daughter is in middle school...
Will you be late today again...?
Yeah.... Go asleep without me.

Page 05

*I'm starting to talk less and less with my husband.
*Four days of the week he works overtime. And when he gets home late from work, he's tired and immediately goes to sleep.
*And not just conversations... We don't even have sex at this point...
You better hurry too, Mako-chan.

Page 06

Is everything alright between you // and dad?
What you mean...?
I don't want you to divorce after all these years.
I'm off.
*Geez... Middle schoolers these days sure are mature.
*Where did she get this idea.....
*I wonder.... if she already knows the pleasures of a woman....

Page 07

Ahh // Mm

Page 08

Oh god. // What am I doing with my own child in mind...
*So far I have only complaining about my husband. Since that day, I couldn't get Reiko's words out of my head and have been restless every day... The idea of doing it with a man besides my husband won't vanish from my thoughts and is stirring up a commotion deep within me that I can't stop.
*Just......what's wrong with me.

Page 09

He said he would like to do it with you.
*squirt* // *squirt*

Page 10

Yukihiro... I'm sorry.

Page 11

*I masturbated while thinking about the husband of my friend...
*I only met him 2~3 times, but I'm surprised how well I remember him...
*I have known my friend Reiko since high school....

Page 12

.....So, how do we do it?
I'm really looking forward to it.
Mhm... I'm... // still a bit reluctant...
I don't think my husband will agree. He's more possessive than the average man...
Oh my.
You won't know until you ask him. // He surprisingly might be up for it. // I also want to hold you like I did in the past...

Page 13

Ah... You got all red.
Again with that...
Stop talking about that in public.
So cute.
You're taking me for a fool...

Page 14

Ufufu // I made you cum so many times with my fingers.
That was before I ever dated a boy...

Page 15

Mika... you're so wet.
No... Don't say such embarrassing stuff...
What's up...

Page 16

Reminiscing the past?
You're still weak here, aren't you...
Ah. // Stop.
Mika, // Take a look at this.
It's the circle I'm in...
*It's not like I had a lesbian relationship with Reiko, but we had sex a couple of times.
*Maybe it's because it was HER who invited me.
*But I'm slowly starting to move on my own feelings.

Page 17

(Swing-Style.net // This homepage gives a platform for married couples or // with to exchange partners // Perfect Member System // (This is not a money-making site. // Everything is for free. The perfect // Already registered user need to log in.) // The content contains adult material, so only person from 20 years on // ENTER)
The couple "acquaintance" is to satisfy any desires for cheating and not an actual affair... // It's a sexual stimulant to deepen the bond between the couple...
So I better don't call it couple "change"...
A method to make life more lively...
If you decided on rules and stay polite, there's nothing to be afraid of.... huh?
I wonder if I can pull it off....

Page 18

I have something to talk about with you...
You know...
*Surprisingly, my husband was up for it immediately. Actually, he also had in interest in it for a while... We decided on a day and place at once.

Page 19

*Before going to the hotel, I took a batch and cleaned myself down there carefully. On my husband's suggestion, I put on some really sexy underwear.
You seem to be rather nervous. Are you okay?
*While driving to the hotel my heart started to beat faster and faster.
*I wonder if my husband could hear it beating?
What's up?
No... It's nothing.

Page 20

It's been a while, Eiji-san.
Long time no see.
Have you gained weight?
That's a taboo.
*After we eased the nervousness with a bit of alcohol and talking, Reiko's husband come onto me...
*It's finally getting started.

Page 21

What firm shoulders. // Your skin feels different from Reiko's too.
Oh please....
I always wanted to do this with you... // It's a miracle....
*Ahh... Eiji-san's different too. In the way he touches or undresses me.
Look there... They have already started.
*When I looked over after he told me that, I saw my husband closely embraced with Reiko. That made me really jealous, but arouse me even more and I grabbed Eiji-san's strongly.
*It wasn't as long as my husbands, but certainly firmer than any I had before.

Page 22

What sexy underwear... // Is that his fetish?
He told me to wear some really sexy ones...
for today...
Just lower your hips....
*I was quite wet and a sensation different from my husband's suddenly hit deep into my vagina.
*I forgot myself and started to moan loudly....
*I didn't know that sex with someone else could stimulate my body this much.

Page 23

Ah... // Ahn
Ah // Hyaa
*When I crossed eyes with my husband, I could tell that he got excited by seeing me being fucked by another man.
*Dear....It's alright for me to come, isn't it.... It's alright made come by another man, isn't it....
I'm at my limit. // I'm coming---

Page 24

You'll be late again today?
No, // I don't think it'll be that late today. // Okay, I'm off.
See you.
Hoo // You two seem to be happy these days.
Don't be stupid
and hurry to school.
*That's right... Lately, my love for my husband has deepened and every day feels so fulfilling.
*Now we're swapping with Reiko and her husband 1~2 times a week.
Seems she's looking forward to next week's meeting.
Good... // Now we don't need to have a secret affair anymore. // I'm glad we can have sex openly now.
Too bad though it dropped from 4 days a week to 1~2 for me. // I don't want Mika to be suspicious, so I need to work overtime now...
But in exchange, it's now a stimulant instead of an affair. So it's alright.
Guess so...

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