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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hajimete Datteba! 16

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 8, 2012 00:04 | Go to Hajimete Datteba!

-> RTS Page for Hajimete Datteba! 16

Reserved for Japanzai

Hajimete Datteba! Chapter 16

Page 01

Sixteenth Step: Sleep over (First Half)

Page 02

one more.
What's up?

Page 03

It's nothing special, but... // The captain isn't up to his usual style... // don't you agree?
There's this flowerily aura on him that he can't hide even when he tries to. (I wonder what that is?)
Lunch Break
You invited Takagi-kun
to sleep over!?

Page 04

My parents are going on a trip, // so I thought it's a good chance.
Hoo. When exactly?
This Saturday.
Nice~~ That sounds fun~~
I wonder if I'll go on a trip with Asaoka-san someday too~~
What should I do~

Page 05

*thump* // *thump*
*thump* // *thump*
I was just cleaning. // Come in.
Let's play some games later.
I sweated a bit, so maybe I should take a shower.
You don't need to.

Page 06

Hey... Takagi. // Why so sudden...
What's the problem. // It's been so long...

Page 07

H- Hey, Takagi, wait.
Aren't you rushing it?
Oh come on, // whose fault do you think this is?
W- Well, yeah....
But it's still bright outside. // Suddenly doing...
What's the problem-
It... It's embarrassing!!
No worries, I won't look.
Fat lie! (Even if you say it so seriously)

Page 08

*kiss* // *kiss*
Your neck is your weak spot, huh.
Yah, no. Where are you touching. // It tickles.

Page 09

A newspaper seller?
Just ignore it.

Page 10

Yahoo! (We dropped by)
(I think I heard that voice before...)
Y- You!!
No! I didn't call them over!!
Well, we heard about the sleep over party // and it sounded fun.
You have the whole house for yourself. // So we're going to have a pajama party, right!?
I was really looking forward to it <3

Page 11

I knew it was strange! You actually wanted to be all alone with your boyfriend, right? // I was trying to tell her that, but Remi-chan was...
Eh? We're invited too, right? // It's like a trip. So fun <3
Y- You think so?
Yeah! Let's go all together!!
Sorry, we should have properly asked. // Sh- Should we better go now?
Sorry, I let it slip about today...

Page 12

....Well, it's too late now.
We don't get together with everyone all that often anyway...
So it's alright?
Actually, I was looking forward to it to.
Is it really okay, Takagi?
We can always be alone again...
His real thoughts
A cry from his heart
He's forcing it...
Wah // Wah

Page 13

Ah. // Wash the vegetables properly.
Huh~ Where's the Konbu?
Will the meat be enough?
Remi-chan, you're holding the knife wrong.
Where's the bowl?
Need help?
Just stay there!
You'll be just in the way!!
Are you okay?
It's done

Page 14

Oh, it's good.
Really good.
You really have to eat hot-pot with lots of people.
I'll add some eggs and udon later.
I'm having a real blast.....!!!

Page 15

This is so different from the training camp of the baseball club!! // To think things would liven up so much with the mere presence of girls...
Is it alright for me to be here!?
Don't compare this to a training camp...
So good!!
Don't cry
(Ahahaha) Iwasaki-kun is so funny
Let's clean up together.
Now then,
let's take turns in bath?

Page 16

Who'll go first?
Let's go in together.
I reacted on reflex...
*water flow*
*water flow*
*water flow*
Wow, Remi-chan. // What size are they?
I can't really see...

Page 17

A H-cup.
I have really trouble finding a fitting bra. // I buy them online.
Yuttan, your skin is so pretty. // Must be nice to be so slender~
I'm not doing any sports after all...
Though I would like to be a bit more trained...
So you like muscles.
Just do some squats in the bath.
You too, Remi-chan!!
Me too?

Page 18

Sounds like they're having fun...
Kirishima sure got a huge rack...
Hey, Takagi.
How about we go take a peep?
Hah // Hah

Page 19

I think I have at least the right to peep at Nakazawa.
You don't.
You guys aren't even dating.
Stop it. // Kana's there too.
What are you doing?
You guys take a bath too.
(It will refresh you)

Page 20

I won!
It's my first time doing
a sleep over with friends.

Page 21

It's really fun~~
Thanks for becoming my friends~~
H- Hey, Remi-chan.
I have only a few female friends... // So I never hang out like this before.
I can imagine...
Ah! // When did she!
She mistook it for juice and drunk alcohol!!
*Minors shouldn't drink!!
Kana-chan~~ (Love ya)
Ah, hey!!

Page 22

She fell asleep~~ (So heavy)
Oh my.
Let her sleep just there.
We can't use the living room now....
Shall we go to bed too?
(I wanted to play a bit more...)
This will be the boy's room
and this the girl's.
Okay, good night.
Good night...

Page 23

(Ah,) that was so much fun.
Yeah, it's really nice once in a while.
Yuttan, say...
are you really not dating Iwasaki-kun?
I am not.
At the moment at least...
I don't think we need to be so formal about it // for now.
Mhm. // So you're dating.
I said no!
I'll go to the toilet.

Page 24

You guys aren't cold?
(Is the blanket enough?)
All fine.
Say, Oomichi.
I have a favour to ask.
My plans got screwed.
It was really too bad. // but well,
this isn't all that bad once in a while. (Next time...)
Stop it, Iwasaki....

Page 25

(Ehehe) Surprised?
Let me in.
So warm <3

Page 26

Sixteenth Step Over

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