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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 25

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 10, 2012 17:00 | Go to Kore wa Koi no Hanashi

-> RTS Page for Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 25

Reserved for Lila Wolves

Kore ha Koi no Hanashi Chapter 25

Page 01

(A 21 year age-gap love story between a novelist and a girl)
When you turned around
you had
the expression of a woman....
Chapter 25

Page 02

(Lately it seems like there are a lot of awkward silences between them...)

Page 03

"Tell me if you get a boyfriend"
"There's...no way I'll tell you that, Shinichi-san."
Again with that.

Page 04

How long do you plan to pout?
I'm not pouting.
Your attitude speaks differently though.
Man, I don't get you.
I'm just telling you to inform me when you get a buy. // What's the problem about that?

Page 05

...Seems you don't understand, Shinichi-san.
There's no way you could understand.
Thanks for the food.

Page 06

What's with her!!
She got really cheeky!!
Just because of a single phrase from her
"I won't ever tell you"
I'm getting all restless. Though I don't know why!!
Well, you know...

Page 07

That means you don't understand anything.
Brat... // Every single one of you...
I mean, it's obvious Haruka would get angry.
Not obvious at all!
Guess even the imagination of a novelist isn't perfect.
(Aw, geez, I give up!!)
(Talking to them will just drive me crazy!)
By the way, what's up with him.

Page 08

Ahh... // Don't mind that. // He just has a hard time accepting reality right now.
What the.
There's a big rumour going around at school. // It's because of that.
That Haruka got confessed to by Nanami-senpai.

Page 09

---That guy...
Lately you see those two together quite often. // Seems Senpai told a friend about the confession, so I think it's all true.
I wonder what Haruka will do.
Even though I want to ask her, she's always dodging the question---

Page 10

Well, thinking rationally, I don't think anyone would turn down Nanami-senpai.
Geez, how long do you want to lay there.
Go home for today, Ma-kun.
I doubt Haruka would speak to you anyway.
Don't call me Ma-kun~~
You go ask her too, Mister.
Huh? Why me?
What's wrong with it? (Just do it)
Sorry for imposing on you.
C'mon, Ma-kun.
Don't call me // Ma-kun!

Page 11

Man, as if I care about the brat's problems.
She got a boyfriend, huh...
I'm not really angry.
(So far) I haven't said anything!!
But... // Haruka...

Page 12

It would be a pain to have a pout again with my meddling.
"I'm sorry, Shinichi-san..."

Page 13

"I... might be in love"
"with that person..."
Hey! Why am I remembering that dream now!!
It's nothing.
A dream is just a dream.
To begin with, it doesn't concern me at all whom she loves.
I'm not hungry! // I'll go work!

Page 14

"Haruka was confessed to by Nanami-senpai"
So what.
"I might be in love with that person"

Page 15

Fine, love him!
Aw--- Geez--- // Why is my dream interfering with reality!
....I'm irritated.
Calm down....
Those feelings I'm having are
just "that"...

Page 16

The feeling a father has when his daughter gets taken away...
That's all.
But Haruka is just a stranger.
Yet I..
What am I thinking...

Page 17

There's no way I would
be scared of being alone...

Page 18

*knock* x2

Page 19

Dinner is done, so please eat it.
(Shinichi-san, today I ate without you. I put your dinner into the refrigerator. You seem busy lately, but be sure to eat properly. Haruka)

Page 20

Hey, Old man!
You're there, right? Open up.
It's just me, Old Man.
Oh come on, are you sleeping?

Page 21

You're there after all.
I was sleeping!
Morimoto is worried.
Since you don't look her into the face anymore these days.
She thinks you're busy with work,
so she doesn't wake you and just eats alone.
The heck are you doing, Old Man! // There's no meaning in Morimoto coming over now, is there.

Page 22

If you want to be her guardian, then act like one.
What's the point in making her worry!
What's with you.
You're all energetic again, unlike before. // Are you over it?
Shut up!
I was just a bit confused back then! It's all solved now.
(Yep) Morimoto turned down // Nanami-senpai.

Page 23

Well, that's Morimoto for you.
To turn down THAT Nanami-senpai.
Though it's typical for her.
Well, I'm a bit worried about the reactions from Senpai's fans.
There are some who complain even about turning him down. (Saying "So mean")
Isn't that great. // That she didn't get taken away by another guy.

Page 24

What's with your face?
You seem quite relieved about it yourself, Old Man.
That pissed me kinda off. // Don't tell me you were also worried about her being taken away.
I- // Idiot! // I wasn't thinking that at all!

Page 25

was relieved!?
Well, whatever.
Morimoto is really down.
Even if you're busy, make time to eat with her, Old Man!

Page 26

what kind of expression
did I had...
...Thanks for the food.
A relieved expression...?

Page 27

I don't remember making such an expression.
(Shinichi-san, today I made--- There's also soup. Please eat it. Good luck on your job. Haruka)
Being not aware of it myself
just makes it even harder for me to look her into the eyes...

Page 28

Ah, hello, dad?
Yeah, on my way home.
Yeah, all fine. // Ah, thanks for the clothes and Sakura's toys. (I got them)
Yeah.... Yeah. // I'm fine.
Shinichi-san too.
Though he's a bit busy.
...Yes, I understand. Thanks.
Okay, // bye.

Page 29

Page 30

...I want my lone lifestyle back quickly.
Lately I'm getting annoyed at myself.
It's like I'm being messed around by something.
But I don't know what.

Page 31

I think... it's Haruka's fault.
But it's not like she did anything.
Actually, she's doing so well that I have to be grateful.
That's why I'm confused.
What is shaking my heart so much?
Do parents always feel so restless...
I don't really remember my parents, so I don't know...
Sorry, Shinichi-san...

Page 32

That my mother did something like that
must have been because I made her somehow uneasy....
that's not right.

Page 33

They suicided together.
I didn't do anything.
There's no way
me, as a brat,
bears any responsibility for it...
Let's go together...
No, mom!

Page 34

A nightmare that I hadn't had in a while...
What time is it... // now...

Page 35


Page 36

(Haruka hurries towards Shinichi, who's bewildered by the fire...)

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