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Bloodline in the Dark 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 18, 2012 22:42 | Go to Bloodline in the Dark

-> RTS Page for Bloodline in the Dark 6

Had this laying around for some time now...
Free for Scanlation

Bloodline in the Dark Chapter 06

Page 01

H- Hah
P- Please, Kouchi-kun, go a bit slower...
You're too fast...
That won't do.
You were the one who said to do it.
S- Sorry.
B- But I can't move anymore...
There's no helping you.
Okay, we'll take a break from swimming practice and have lunch.
(When you force a girl too much.... it'll become a catastrophe!?)

Page 02

(Speaking of a date in summer, it means the pool!!)
Chapter 06: Frankfurter
---As you can see, I came to the pool with Itanami-san today.
It's quite unexpected that you can't swim, Itanami-san.
It's not just me. Actually all vampires have trouble with it. // In the past we couldn't even cross floating water.
I... I see~

Page 03

Why is she wearing such a bold swimsuit!!!
I have trouble looking at her straight!!
Ah... Is this swimsuit weird after all?
I didn't have a swimsuit,
so I consulted my mom and she told me to wear this...

Page 04

N- No, it's not weird.
It's quite bold and troubling me.. wait, not that. // It really suits you. It's cute.
T- Th- Thank you.
Y- You're welcome.
Those two...

Page 05

Are sure to hide some kind of secret.
Otherwise there's no way for me to lose again
Hey, hey, Ran-sama~
Itanami, who doesn't even properly drink blood...
What is it!! You're so noisy!!
Let's swim, let's swim!!
You're such a kid... Then go have some fun.
Listen, don't get found by these two.

Page 06

Okay, thanks for the wait.
K- Kouichi and Itanami-san!?
Misa-chan!? Why are you here!?

Page 07

My grandpa asked me to help out in the store!! // More importantly, why are you two here together!?
Cheating!? Are you cheating on me!?
Kouichi!! I'll have you explain everything later.
I don't get it, but sorry!!
Th- That's not it.
I'm just getting taught how to swim by Kouichi-kun!!
So you say, but what's with this revealing swimsuit!!!

Page 08

W- Wh- What are you doing!?
If you want to be with him that bad, then challenge me!!
If that stops you from interfering with my practice, // then I'll certainly do so!!
Okay, whoever swims 50meter first wins.
Ah, not fair!! Wait!!

Page 09

Fufu. I might not look like it, but I'm quite athletic.
Specially at swimming!!
Come at me if you can!!
OH DAMN!!! Itanami-san is drowning!!!
She can't swim!!!

Page 10

H- He... He is holding me in his arms!!!
Not good!! She's unconscious!!
G- Going by this development...
Meh! We need to help her immediately.
I need to perform CPR on her!!
Here it comes!!!
A... A k- kiss from Kouichi-kun!? // Aww, what should I do!!
To think my inability to swim would be useful in this way!!!
I.. I guess it's better to have my eyes closed....

Page 11

Okay, please give her CPR!! (With a big smooch!!)
G- Guess I have to.
I'm fine already!!!
Child porn!!! [Guess because she's still underage? I don't get it...]
This isn't funny, Ootsuka-san!! // Actually, who was that guy!!!
That's what you get for pretending to be unconscious just to get Kouchi to do something to you.
Now I'm angry!! This time we'll race one round in the kids pool!!
An endurance race, huh. Okay, you're on!!
No, let's all get along....

Page 12

Hah... We should just have fun together when we're all here already...
(Hah~ What now)
At those times Lilia-san usually pops up....
I wonder what's up with her? She didn't come here today?
I... I have to
hurry to my lady's site.

Page 13

What's with this swimsuit!!?
B- But...
Listen, Lilia. Wear this swimsuit and teach Ian the "charms of an adult".
---Is what Master told me...
It's impossible, Master!!
I can't go out like this!!
(Wah, what a daring swimsuit. Just like at Electromagnetic Pole) [http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9e49c_downtown-electromagnetic-pole-after_fun]
A lot of places and things were clearly been seen!!!

Page 14

What fine weather today...
Th- This girl is the familiar of that Kujou!!
Wh- Why is she here!!?
(Smells good)
Can I.. eat this? (The frankfurter)
Can I!!?
S- Sure, but can you promise not to harm us anymore?
What are you talking about. I never harmed.... // AH!

Page 15

Listen, don't get found by these two.
If you promise it, I'll also add some Yakisoba...
I'm sorry, Ran-sama~
I was found~
Eh? H- Hey, what's up so suddenly?
It's over. I broke my promise with Ran-sama. I'll be abandoned~
Hey, calm down, okay? What you mean you got found?

Page 16

Is it good?
Yeah, quite.
Be sure to keep it a secret to Ran-sama!!
Yeah, I won't tell her. Actually I barely talk with her anyway...
Reminds me, Pochi-san.
why are Kujou-san and Itanami-san on such bad terms?
Even if you gave me a Frankfurter, I won't spill Ran-sama's secret.
I'm not that cheap.

Page 17

How's the Yakisoba?
(Owa, what's this~)
It's good!! Just ask me whatever you want!!
But I don't know anything about Itanami-san.
I'm just a dog after all.
I see...
Ran-sama said that the Itanami family are just failures for not drinking blood.
And that they are hated for that by other vampires.
No way... Why?
I don't know. I'm not a vampire.

Page 18

Ran-sama also said that Itanami might have awoken her vampire powers.
Vampire powers?
The vampires of the past had even more powers than Ran-sama now.
But these powers were lost over time.
But the power Itanami showed before was close to that of the past.
Normally, a vampire's strength is decided by the amount of blood drunken.
So it's strange that Itanami, who barely drinks blood, brings out such a power.
Speaking of, Itanami-san only drinks me blood...
Yeah, that's why Ran-sama concluded
that there is
some kind of secret between you two.

Page 19

What's that about a secret?
Here we come back from our race and you're with another girl again!!
Actually, isn't this the girl, who troubled us before!?
W- Well, this isn't what it looks like. Ehm..
It's about vampires, so I can say it in front of Misa-chan...!!
I... I better get away here for now!!
Don't run away, Kouichi!!!
Explain it properly, Kouichi-kun!!!
Eh!? H- Hey, wait. // WAAAH!!

Page 20


Page 21

Yuck. (Beh)

Page 22

Hey, Kouichi, are you okay? Sh- Should I take a look?
N- No, it's fine. Forget about it.
Th- That was his... Bigger than I thought...
... // Feels like I forgot something...
H- Here I go. I have to protect my lady...!! // It.. It'll be alright. Master choose this swimsuit.
Oh my. What are you doing? We're already closed.
I'm sorry, Master!!!
I don't care how you dress, but you can see everything.

Page 23

Hah~ That felt good.
After a bath,
fresh blood is really the best.
But I wonder what's up with Pochi? It doesn't want a recharge at all... // And who's Frank?
(Frank... Yakisoba... Munch)
Fuah~ <3 Blood really is the best... // or not?
It's the blood I always drink...
but it tastes different?

Page 24

Eh? What..
My body's getting hot...
What's... this.
I want
his blood!!?
(Just what kind of secret bears Kouichi's blood!?)

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