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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

H.E - The Hunt for Energy 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 13, 2012 18:25 | Go to H.E - The Hunt for Energy

-> RTS Page for H.E - The Hunt for Energy 3

Reserved for Japanzai

HE Chapter 03

Page 01

The reason we're opposing mineral oil, which holds tan awesomeness akin to a monster,
to stop the world from getting any redder...
let's get started.

Page 02+03

Page 04

A mansion close to the company.
Ac- // choo

Page 05

Even though I have the better looks...
I keep making the wrong choices...
(From a moral standpoint on recent France literature...)
(My underwear has to be pink <3 My recent favourite is~~)
(Goal! Founding a company until 27! And form it into an international cooperate! AEE)
I got a job without fulfilling my dream of founding an own company...
What's more, I work in the basement...
But this might be an unexpected chance...
A chance..
I'll definitely get it!!

Page 06

Damn!! // I'm going to be late!!
Even if less sleep is the enemy of beauty, I slept too much~~

Page 07

Sakuragi-san, don't you need to go to work!?
Well, I have to, but....
Why are you so depressed!?
Am I...?
Just like a salmon, who just laid it's eggs.
Well, you know....
What can a guy like me do even if he gets motivated...?
Knowledgeable, determined // and on top of that a supernatural power...
(Even driving a porche...)
Narushima can handle it himself~
What's more~
I totally understood.

Page 08

That your heart belongs to Narushima, Hirosue-chan...
I realized that this is...
how the manga is supposed to go...
I have a bad feeling...
Anyway, let's go to the company together!
Sorry for being late!
Chief Narushima, why are even you so demotivated!?

Page 09

I'll explain.
Thank you. // You don't look all that well either, director.
They made a new team for the next-gen energy.
It appears we're to be in a competition.
Why so suddenly?
Their group leader is Urasawa Ryuu, who was affiliated with the overseas oil field development department.
The same age as Narushima-kun, 28 and even got the same position.
Ever since he joined the company he saw Narushima-kun as his rival...!

Page 10

He made a request to the president.
To leave such an important matter only to Narushima!
President! // Please let me form a new division too!
Th- Then, we just have to win over him?
We can't win...
against him..
Urasawa Ryuu is...
the president's son...

Page 11

Coming to work // made me even more depressed...

Page 12

Aww, my chance is going away again~
My chance to change my life...
(200x Miss Toudai!)
[Same poster as from 05]
I can only entrust it to you now.
And what?
What am I supposed to do, director?

Page 13

Sakuragi-san, come here!
Eh? What?
Whatever, just come.
are you free tonight?

Page 14

Page 15

Cold noodles and ehm...
and kalbi for two.
Did you know? Original kalbi gets cut with the bones with an axe.
Wah~ Amazing~
So, about your ambition, I mean your dream from earlier..
It's a pathetic story.
When I was in university, I wanted to found my own company. I even thought of a name, AEE.
It was supposed to be something on the lines of a railway company...
But everyone around me told me that my dream // was too exaggerated, since
society is pretty strict towards acknowledging youngsters and women.

Page 16

Is a young Japanese not allowed to dream of success?
Is it wrong to try to change the world?
I want to be a charming and ambitious woman.
Here, some meat.
Th- Thanks.

Page 17

By the way... // what did you want to talk about?
Ah, yes...
Our division totally lost it's spirit.
Guess so...
Specially Narushima-san, our centre, lost all his motivation.
Narushima is the centre?

Page 18

So I thought that // the only one to get Narushima back to work...
would be you, Sakuragi-san.
And that means, the real centre
would be you.
I... I'm the centre... // The leader....
So you can't become depressed.
Work hard...
and bring out Narushima-san's motivation again. Please.

Page 19

I see! // Let's not waste time! I'll call him now!!
His reaction is so quick!
(A real simpleton...)
*brrr* x2
What do you want, // Sakuragi...?
Hey, four-eyes!!

Page 20

The president's son
or petroleum, which is more awesome?
Answer me!
Obviously petroleum is.... // It's the most awesome thing in the world.
And the one fighting against that awesome petroleum
is showing the white feather against a lame opponent!?

Page 21

A rival is something // you beat with your own strength!!
We're going to change the world! // From now on, never again
give up so easily!!

Page 22

Page 23

Page 24

I knew you had it in you, Sakuragi-san.
So cool.

Page 25

This much isn't...
Anyway, let's go to the company together!
Are you free tonight?
The real centre
would be you, Sakuragi-san.

Page 26+27


Page 28+29

Hirosue-chan, you were in love with me!?
(Oh my god)
(You monkey)
Not at all. // 200% no!!
(Papa, these people are fighting)
(Haha, that's a love quarrel)
You guys go die too!

Page 30

Hirosue-kun, good job.
Just like I had hoped... // you restored their motivation.
It wasn't me, but Sakuragi-san...
It was thanks to you.
You noticed what had to be done... // Nice judgement.
You're also the centre of the team. // Everyone's the centre. That what makes our team..
Someday I'll become the sole centre of the team!
Okay, let's go!

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#1. by vinceled ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2012
So you took the project for H·E The Hunt for Energy? Nice :)
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2012
I didn't take it.
Since I dropped SKR and Nozoki Ana, I'm jumping around a bit between series.
It's nothing permanent. I doubt I will do another chapter of this.
#3. by vinceled ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2012
Ok. Too bad, but thanks for the translation :)
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