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Uwagaki 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 18, 2012 01:10 | Go to Uwagaki

-> RTS Page for Uwagaki 1

Meant to be a spoiler release, but picked up permanently by Japanzai.
Reserved for Japanzai

Uwagaki Chapter 01

Page 01

Chapter 01
Even if you fell for me, it's not going to work out. // Just give it up, Ajio.

Page 02

Chapter 01: Getting along is a wonderful thing
What are you talking about, Chiaki?
Wh- Who fell for whom?
Aw, geez. It's so obvious.

Page 03

Wh- What's obvious?
I.. I didn't even confess, so don't jump to conclusion by yourself.
You're stuttering too much...
(Makes it so obvious...)
That's because you claim this weird stuff about me.
Actually, it's just me, isn't it?
I'm the only girl you call so casually. // It's quite obvious.
That's... Well...

Page 04

You two seem to have fun there.
Y- Yamada-sensei!
When did you...
(Actually, where from...)
Getting along is a wonderful thing.
But haven't you forgotten that you're cleaning as a punishment?
The centrifugal you broke during the experiment was quite expensive, you know~ // You'll have to work your share.

Page 05

...So, Ajiokawa-kun,
you're in love with Terui-kun?
W- Wh- What are you saying, Sensei!
Yeah, even though he's just stupid Ajio.
Wh- What you mean stupid!?
I see. It really shows in his speech. // So, how do you feel about Ajiokawa-kun, Terui-kun?
To be frank, no chance. // I have a boyfriend.

Page 06

Ahaha~~ Then there really is no chance.
Isn't it, Ajiokawa-kun?
Oh my....

Page 07

....I didn't know.
....What's he like?
Eh? Well....
What's he like?
An university student from my part-time job... // You don't know him.

Page 08

The perfect subjects for my experiment!
You see, I'm researching a bit on my own.
The theme is "About human love".
You two are perfectly suited for that~~
No way.

Page 09

I haven't said anything yet, Terui-kun.
Can't be anything decent.
I'm not telling you to participate for free. // How about I cancel your 1month cleaning punishment for it?
Doing both, cleaning and a part-time, is tiring, isn't it?
I believe it's a good deal.
U- Uhm, Sensei?
What are we going to do?
Good question, Ajiokawa-kun.

Page 10

Please make it a mutual love with Terui-kun.
Huh? Not the reaction I expected. // I think it's a charming offer, considering you're in love with her.
"Be a man and do it", isn't it?
(Wh- What the?)
Ehh? Ah...
I said no way!
I have a boyfriend.

Page 11

Meaning, you have no intention to date him?
Two-timing? You kidding me?
There's no chance at all!
Ah, certainly, two-timing wouldn't be good.
You're teacher, so stop misleading us. // Besides I'm all lovey-dovey with my boyfriend.
I see.
I get it.

Page 12+13

How about we do this then?

Page 14

Page 15

Whoops, I nearly forgot.

Page 16

H- Huh?
Okay, let me explain.
(Terui-kun // Copy)
Just now, I created a copy of Terui-kun. // The body and personality are exactly the same as hers.
It's just that I altered the memory of the copy and erased everything about the boyfriend.
(That thing just now, huh...)
Now we'll have Ajiokawa-kun court the copy.

Page 17

Eh? Ehh?
Rejoice, Ajiokawa-kun!
It's a Terui-kun without a boyfriend.
Don't rejoice.
....Was there a need to erase the memory?
I had to erase the handicap. // To see what's going to happen if you don't have a boyfriend.
That "if" is the experiment. // Well, additionally.

Page 18

Terui-kun will deepen her love with her boyfriend
and Ajiokawa-kun will court the copy with his best efforts. // I want to run that experiment for a few months.
And... what then?
Hahaha. You sure are impatient. // In the end, Terui-kun and the copy
will fuse.
When at the time "the copy's feelings for Ajiokawa-kun" are
stronger than "Terui-kun's feelings for her boyfriend", // then the copy's feelings will
overwrite Terui-kun's feelings.

Page 19

Wait! Eh? What's with that? // If I lose, I'll forget about Kazuya-kun!?
Well... simply speaking, yes.
That isn't funny!!
Uwa, what a shallow reaction.
You really have no memory of Kazuya-kun?
Hee! He's called Kazuya. // What kind of guy was I dating?
Uwa, for real?
C'mon, tell me, we're likeminded after all. // His age? // What's he doing?
Wah! Shut up, myself!

Page 20

Well, so take care of one.
Y- Yeah, well...
I didn't say I would agree yet.
Besides how do you decide which feeling is stronger?
That's a eligible question.
The lovey-dovey checker!

Page 21

(H- Huge)
(Where did that come from?)
We connect both Terui-kun and the copy to it and we'll know at once.
Well, you surely would lose the memory of your boyfriend when you lose,
but you're all lovey-dovey with him, right? So there's no problem.
G- Guess so. Even this machine can't measure how lovey-dovey we are!
Haha! Full of confidence.
What about you, Ajiokawa-kun?
Eh? Mm...

Page 22

You're hesitant? Now is the only chance to cancel it.
What happens if we cancel?
I'll erase the copy and you're back to cleaning tomorrow.

Page 23

I... I'll do it!
Oh, glad to hear that! It's settled then.
Okay, Ajiokawa-kun, from today on, you keep the copy at your house.
Huh? Why at Ajio's house!?
Take care of me, Ajio!
Hey, wait!
What are you thinking making them live together!
But won't it shock your parents if two of you were to return home?

Page 24

What if he does something to me?
Mh? I don't think there's need to worry.
(You will do something?)
(I.. I won't)
I mean, I only erased the memory of your boyfriend.
Otherwise she's the same as you.
See? No problem.
(What are you doing...)
I see.
who are you, Sensei?

Page 25

An alien.
A time-traveler. // A dimension-jumper.
A magician.
etc, // etc.
Call me whatever you want.

Page 26

...Geez, really.
Creating a copy is just unreal.
Aw, I so confused.

Page 27

...I'm late again.
Yo, you're late.
Hello, Kazuya. Is the owner angry?
Nah, it's alright. He's out right now. // I filled in for you.
I'm sorry.

Page 28

Okay, I'll clock off, Chiaki.
Yeah, good job! I'll call you later.
Hey, Chiaki.

Page 29

Sorry, // but can we break up?
(Chapter 1 END)

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