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Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 20

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 21, 2012 13:02 | Go to Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!

-> RTS Page for Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 20

Reserved for K.I.S.S

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata Chapter 20

Page 01

Can't help but stick her nose into things...
Chapter 20: One after another
That's how kind Kyouko.

Page 02

(During shopping, he gets approached by a controlled beauty. A pinch!!)
To.. To think they would make a random girl attack me in the middle of the city...
You're sweating a lot... // Care to try our new product?
Ah, thanks...
It's said to be quite effective..

Page 03

Want to... test it with me together?
Geh! // No thanks...!!
Aw! // Wait!
Ugh, she's following me!!
! // Wah!?
Ssh! // Be quiet...

Page 04

It would be embarrassing to be seen here <3
Okay, taking picture.
(Photo Booth)
Wh- What's going on, they keep coming one after another.
Ah, there he is!

Page 05

---Geez, all you do is talk big, "Marionetter".
Making me and the "Demolisher" come out, what a failure.

Page 06

Besides, your way is just too naive. // You just went home, even though you knew Tatsumi Raito was weakened...
Calm down, Morphy...
I feel bad for Mariony if you keep blaming him so one-sided.
"Tatsumi Raito's power" comes from some kind of weapon // and can even be used by Tanaka Yuu.
So just getting rid of Tatsumi Raito might not solve our problems.

Page 07

(Geh) Don't play the leader here.
(And stop calling me Morphy...)
There's no reason to keep Tatsumi Raito alive. // We came here to kill him anyway.
Says the one who had her plan backfiring on her...
But "Morpher" is right. // 'Your' job is to get rid of obstacles. // ---But
I have a different mission... // Don't forget that.

Page 08+09

I'll take of my own job by myself.
I don't need any help.
After all I have always done so---
Why are you running away~
They keep increasing...!!
S- Sorry...
Oh my, it's okay~

Page 10

make some babies with me <3

Page 11

Sorry for the wait~
You're so late, when it was you who said to visit Tatsuumi-kun.
Sorry, sorry. It took some time to find out his address.
(But I got it now)
I better don't ask how she got it...
Ah, hey... // did you hear Yuu's voice just now?
Huh? // Again about Tanaka?
If you only keep talking about him, you won't ever get a boyfriend.
Am I talking so much about Yuu...?
You are.

Page 12

...I see.
Might be true...
(Aww // Aww)
What's up, Yuu-chan? Are you hurt?
(Uwaa) Nyantaro is gone~! (Uwaaa)
Oh my, what's wrong, Yuu?
(Oh my...)

Page 13

Auntie, is it okay for you to be up?
Yeah, I feel really good today.
I see.
Thanks for always looking after Yuu, Kyouko-chan.

Page 14

No problem!
I'll protect Yuu-chan!
...I see.

Page 15

That puts me at ease.
---Shortly after that she died...
And with my childish mind // I thought that I had to look after Yuu in her stead then...
Your sense of responsibility is pretty strong.

Page 16

But wouldn't it be suffering for Tanaka to get
cared for by the girl he's taken an interest in, out of responsibility?
...Eh? Yuu in me? // No way.
Just how dull is she...
Damn, a dead end...

Page 17

Ufufu, caught you.
"Ah, let me tell you one thing, you can't use the electrical body current all that repeatedly."
“If you do, you’ll collapse.”
Meaning it would be difficult to knock out all these women...
Fufu, no need to be scared.

Page 18

We’ll be gently <3
It... might be over for me!!
So late!
What’s Tanaka Yuu doing...
(No help in sight... Yuu in a dire pinch <3)
(Continued in Issue 43)

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