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Imouto Trouble 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 26, 2012 23:32 | Go to Imouto Trouble

-> RTS Page for Imouto Trouble 1

Some more hilarious stuff <3
Less likely to be continued than Houtai Shoujo.
Free for Scanlation

Imouto LoveRu Chapter 01

Page 01

this is for you.
It'll grant a miracle only once.
Use it with care.
Thank you, God.

Page 02

For all the "Older brothers
that don't have a little sister" in the nation.

Page 03

Uwa~ The test results are out.
That guy from class A got the top again.
That guy?
Hey, wait!

Page 04

What's with him, creepy.
That's him.

Page 05

Sakura Yamato from class A.
The all so great genius that ranks 1st in our year.
He's smart, but you don't know what's going on in his head. // I have never seen him speaking with anyone. Does he even have friends?
He's getting all too cocky just because he's a bit smart.
But it seems he's popular with the teachers.
Eh, what the.

Page 06

Geez... // The idiots sure can bark.
If they have any complains, they just need to score better than me.
Only a big mouth when in a pack...
So at that time, my big brother...
Big brother!?
An elementary school little sister!? Which Eroge is that from!?

Page 07

Hold it.
Let me... hear about that in detail...
Huh?? // Don't come talking to us so casually, you lolicon!
Your life will be over if we report you to the police.
Let's go.

Page 08

How pitiable.
I fear for our elementary education. // I would never raise my little sister like that.
Treating someone she met for the first time as someone suspicious, so rude!
My parents work overseas and are rarely home. // I basically live alone.
I'M home, Big Sis.
The only ones to talk to in the house are the memento stuffed animal of my big sister...

Page 09

I'm home, my cute little sisters!!

Page 10

Kirino!! Were you lonely!?
What~? You weren't waiting for my return or anything?
Then why are you in my room? // You tsundere~ *lick lick*
And next is....
you, Nanako!!
Sorry to make you look after the house! I'll spend the whole night with you!
Hahaha, that tickles, Nanako! You're so honest and cute!
Hey, my cute little sisters! Don't fight over me!

Page 11

Ahahaha, you're all so cute!! Long live little sisters!!
You're all my brides!!
In contrast to that...
Big Sis, you...
should learn a bit from my little sisters on how to act cute! // Mm?
Even my.... love for Yamato doesn't fall behind theirs!

Page 12

A... girl!? // And naked!!?
Wh- Where did you come from!? Wh- Who are you!?

Page 13

What's with these breasts!?
Why are there raw breasts in my room!?
(Hah) For now, some clothes! Wear this!
Why do you have a girl panties?
...Came along with a magazine.
I see. So cute <3

Page 14

Who... is this girl? // Use your brilliant mind and find it out, Yamato...!
Don't tell me...
My delusion became reality!?
Did I finally reach the stage that no other veteran could reach before....!?
Then this girl is also my little sister...!?
No... I know about all my little sister characters....
Excuse me, but... what game are you a character from?

Page 15

You... don't recognize me...?
I'm... really sorry.
I'm your big sister Towa...
Sorry, but if you ain't my little sister, then leave!
So mean!!
Even though I spoiling you so much....
Idiot~~ Yamato is an idiot~~~
Wah! Hey....

Page 16

I get it! I'll listen to you, so stop crying!!
Big Sister...?
My big sister died a long time ago.
Hehe... You're kind after all....
Thanks for treasuring my stuffed animal. // Because you talked to it every day and gave it a soul, I could come here today through it.

Page 17

You mean you came from heaven?
What did you come here for...?
What for?
Mm... // To grant my cute little brother his wish, I guess?
...My wish?
Yes, // by using this.
...And that is?

Page 18

A ticket from god that grants one wish.
You see... I died in an accident when I was still small.
That made Papa, Mama and you were sad.
So God told me to go treasure my family.
Eh~ That easily?
So I can grant only one wish of my beloved Yamato with that...
But in exchange....

Page 19

give me your virginity.
Stay away from me, you pervert!!!
Why are you backing off, Yamato?
Kuh....What a blow. To think my big sister would be a pervert after my virginity....

Page 20

But...this makes it clear.
This is a dream!! A day-dream!!
I would never have any delusion about giving my virginity to my big sister!!
Fuh... Now that I know that, I can play along with you....
Okay, big sister! I'll let you grant my wish!
Yamato...Suddenly you're so aggressive...

Page 21

I have only one wish...
A pure...super lovely, obedient and docile // little sister, perfect to my tastes...
Give me a little sister!
? // Big sister won't do?
I don't want an old hag like you!
Look at my treasure collection!
This! // And this!
And this! It's all about little sisters!

Page 22

The world is full of idiots, but my little sisters won't betray me....
Mankind's treasure.... The perfect existence, that's a little sister!
I gave my innocence to the existence of the little sister!
That's why I have no virginity for you to take!!
By the way, I won't mind an older little sister!!
Yamato... So cool... (Haahn <3)
Hurry up and show me if you can really do it!

Page 23

Uhh....I'm sad that you won't belong to me alone anymore, but...
it's the wish of my beloved Yamato, so I have no choice...
...Okay, here I go.

Page 24+25

Page 26

Woow!! It was really granted!! // Good job, big sis!
Huh? Big Sis?
Uwa!? You turned back into a stuffed animal!?
That took quite a lot of energy. I'm done here now, right..
No! Wait! // Hey! Is this really my little sister!?

Page 27

Sakura Moeka, 15 years.
She lived with our parents overseas the whole time, but came to Japan to attend a Japanese school. // She'll live with you from now on and loves you very much. That's the setting.
My // little sister...
Uwa, her shoulder is so thin... And her skin is so soft and white.
Her hair is all fluffy and really pretty.
What's more... she smells so sweet!!

Page 28

This girl is my little sister!!
She's my little sister, so I can do whatever I want, right?
Of course...
M- Moeka, wake up.
If you don't, I'll kiss you~

Page 29

Farewell my innocence! And greetings door of taboo!
Here comes... my first kiss!!
UWAAA, She woke up!!!
---Big bro?

Page 30

Big bro!?
First time.. I was called that <3
Right! I'm your big brother, Yamato!
Where am I...
My room.
You were sleeping so soundly.
Were you dreaming of me?

Page 31

FUAH, so cute!! Long live little sisters!!!
It's a bit embarrassing getting patted like a kid,
but... it feels great to be patted by you, big bro.
...I love it.

Page 32

Kyaa, that tickles, big bro. // Here's payback.
There, there.
Is this paradise... Am I in Eden!?
Now you have done it!! Payback for the payback!

Page 33

Ohh~~~ Your panties are striped!
Big Bro, you...

Page 34

Ahh <3
This also is
Ah... // I... I'm sorry, big bro.
the deserved rule <3
Big Bro, hang in there!
Big bro~~~
(Continued in February Issue)
[Side] Delusions running wild next time too!

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