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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Shounen Shoujo 18+ 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 28, 2012 23:42 | Go to Shounen Shoujo 18+

-> RTS Page for Shounen Shoujo 18+ 1

I didn't check if this was released before...
Oh well.
Reserved for pataboy/kobester

Shounen Shoujo 18+ Chapter 01

Page 01

My name is Himegami Ringo (17)
Your every day high school boy without any special traits.
If there's something that makes me different from others
What are you spacing out there for..
Help me looking for....
It's her, // my childhood friend,
France SHOIN Bunko. [A magazine from an adult book publisher]
As if our school library has that!!
who's somewhat strange.

Page 02

(18+, but barely OK.....?)

Page 03

Her name is Hayachine Nagomi (17)
With her black hair and glasses she looks like a diligent girl.
I'm not really diligent...
It's just that my parents set high value on outer appearance.
So without my consent
they trained me into a flawless person that others wouldn't consider shameful.
That aside, the expression "trained" sounds somewhat erotic..
What are you going on about...

Page 04

Ah... I can stop by the bookstore? // I want to look at some reference books.
(Center Math)
(Japan History)

Page 05

Nagomi-san, you're here for reference books, right?
(Give it back)
Yeah, so what...
What's a 18+ rated manga giving you reference for!!
... // 18+ manga.
I mean
my dream
is to become an erotic writing Mangaka.
The words she said today with the best possible human expression
are these.

Page 06

Nagomi, who looks like a upright maiden on first glance, has a hobby.
And that's erotic manga!!
I would totally leave her alone, but I bear responsibility for making her like that.
It happened at the end of our 9th grade...
Nagomi was depressed for failing to get into her first choice of high school.
...It's over for me...

Page 07

I spent all my time on studying and this is what I get...
Mom and Dad even said they don't need a useless daughter... // I'll... die now.
If such a thing would kill you, then I wouldn't have enough lives.
What's the problem! You only got off the trail that your parents laid out for you.
Besides, studying was all you ever did.
There are a lot of fun things you missed out on by studying.
Like this for example.
(Me and the payback favour from the cat that lived a million times)
Once you have read this, you don't want to die anymore. // I'll lend it to you!
That was
my most touching novel...

Page 08

---'s cover over an erotic manga.
I was surprised when I got home.
S- So shameful...
Th- This is the fun stuff Ringo spoke of!?
It didn't even occur to her that it was only a prank by switching the covers.
S- Surely, it's something I don't know of, but... such a thing...
No, returning it without reading it would be...
Anything is an experience....
She was quite upright.

Page 09

30 minutes later
At first I wasn't taking it seriously...
But what's this... // This is BASICALLY DIFFERENT from all the manga and novels I have read so far!!
The stories were annoyingly filled with the author's bias, but this has nothing of that!!
There is only erotic!
The product and the purpose are a perfect analogy!!
And specially because it's a narrow genre of 18+, each panel is filled with so much passion.
There is no waste!!!
This refined beauty
is just like

Page 10

..To think such a thing existed...
This is a
first for me---...

Page 11

...That's how it was...
Why did you draw it...
I'm not that capable to express it verbal.
..Actually, you felt guilty, huh.
(That you gave me a 18+ book back then)
(Just so you know, I made a mistake)
Well, somewhat...
(I swear)
will you take // responsibility?
What kind of punishment game is this...
(Cash Desk)
Excuse me, I need to verify your age..

Page 12

Reminds me, since when have you been wearing glasses? // You didn't wear any in middle school.
Since high school... or rather, since I awakened to 18+...
Actually, these are frosted glasses.
(fake glasses)
Why would you do such a pointless thing... Isn't it tiring?
But... without them
I start fantasizing on the behaviour of the girls around me..
(Like in P.E. It's really hard to hold back the desire to draw in my right hand....)
Waah, she's a pervert---

Page 13

Hey, Ringo.
What are you always talking about with Nagomi-san?
Eh!? // Wh- Why!?
She's hard to approach, but quite cute.
I would like to talk to her, // but don't know how...
It's a kanji only used for wicked words like rape or incest,
but why does it consists of three times the woman kanji...?
Why is there no man kanji?
Don't tell me this kanji represents
a girl 3P!?
Th- That's a discovery...
If used right, my manga...
But can I handle
such a maniac topic with my skills.
...I wonder what's she thinking about.
I don't even want to think about that.

Page 14

After school, no one else around. Nagomi called me out since she had a favour to ask.
...So, // what's up?
Take a
Of what?
I have problems with drawing a pose.
I'll do that pose now...
So take it.
B- But what you want to draw is...
No worries. // It's not 18+.
It's totally all-age.

Page 15

For all
...Hurry up and take a photo already.
(It's hard to keep the balance)
As if I could---!!

Page 16

What's with you! Since when did you become like this. Your father doesn't remember raising you like that!!
I don't remember either...
Anyway, don't strike such a pose so easily in front of a guy.
Get your female friends to help you on that.
I don't have female friends....
I never had.
I was always studying and never leaving my desk.
You were the only clueless one to call out to me, Ringo.
You say it's a weird hobby, but it thanks to you that I'm interested in something besides studying.
You're the only one I can rely on.
You're the only one

Page 17

who can do it.
But I'll be a bit more careful.
(I'll draw a similar post from my materials)
What's up, Ringo?
You're face is bright red. // You pervert.
I don't want to be called that by you.

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