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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Shounen Shoujo 18+ 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 29, 2012 15:09 | Go to Shounen Shoujo 18+

-> RTS Page for Shounen Shoujo 18+ 3

Well, chapter 2 is already released, so I'm finishing stuff off with chapter 3.
Reserved for Quantum Scans

Shounen Shoujo 18+ Chapter 03

Page 01

I want you to show me
your everything.

Page 02

My name is Himegami Ringo.
I'll say it again, I'm just an average high school sophomore.
But if you're asking if the average me is enjoying an average youth,
then the answer is no.
As for the reason....
Hey, Ringo.
Look at this cover... Even though it's 18+ magazine, the cover is so pure..!!
Pure from the outside and adult inside, even a detective would be surprised at this gap moe...
Stop bringing that out early in the morning.
(Yep, yep...)
My childhood friend is making my life abnormal.

Page 03

Her name is Hayachine Nagomi.
She's my childhood friend and a serious bespectacled character, but loves 18+ manga. // I know that makes no sense.
Morning, Secchan!
Innocent grade schooler are so cute.
(So adorable)
And even these adorable grade schoolers will someday climb to the stairs to adulthood...
Just imagining that makes me...
Stop giving them such a dirty look.
Seriously, I have no clue what's going on in her head.

Page 04

It's my first time seeing Nagomi-san making such a frowning expression. // Her personality doesn't allow that after all.
What's not allowed it what's going on in her head....
Unforgivable. Wearing your shoes without socks is far from common sense.
Covering your feet is a basic, that's why when you show them off, their lewdness multiplies. Aw, geez, I want to make her wear some tights or knee-socks this instant.

Page 05

I want to see a girl's naked body...
Hello, police?
Don't report me.
You got me wrong. Drawing a naked girl is harder than I thought.
I copied it from other manga, but without having seen the real thing it's...
.... // Why don't you look into a mirror?
No good.
It's no good, since I know it's myself. // It's the same as that the food you made yourself isn't that good.
Don't compare it to food.

Page 06

Then just go to a bath house.
Bath house...
Drawing or taking pictures inside there might be impossible,
but you can watch all you want. (Since you're a girl)
You're a genius...
This idea didn't even occur to me. I see you in a different light now, Ringo.
...How did I appear to you before... (In your head...)
Right after school, I'll go to the bath house to peep on naked girls
Stop shouting such stuff with a loud voice.

Page 07

This is a bath house...

Page 08

I have never been to one so far...
This is a bath house...
Is this heaven...?

Page 09

I'm sure she's thinking stupid crap like that.
(You thought it were some service scenes?)
(Just some imagination)
It's been a while since I was at the bath house---
I have often came here with my sister in the past though...
Reminds me...
This bath house...
has a peephole to the woman's side around here...
Wait, what am I doing. // I'm no kid anymore.

Page 10

Here I am.
Welcome back. // ...So, how was it?
(Here, some milk)
Aww--- I made a mistake...
At the evening there are only old ladies and kids.... // All the girls with smooth bodies are still working...
(Speaking of, at the men's side too...)
Well.. The world has plenty of fetishes, so it's okay.
...Good for you....?

Page 11

Girl's toilet
...What's this smoke...
Oh my... You're the delinquent girl that sits besides me with bad manners, // Iwawashi Sakuya-san, 17 years old...
Who are you explaining that to!
Smoking... is against the school rules.
Damn, I was seen by a troublesome fellow...
Doesn't look like threats will work on her. // But it's unlikely she'll just let me go... // ....

Page 12

I'll just bring up some random deal!!
S- Sorry, I won't smoke anymore...
I wonder. I better should---
It's true, I swear. Please, don't tell anyone. // I'll listen to one request of yours, whatever is it.
...Whatever it is?
Y- Yeah!!
(Art Preparation Room)
Well... sure,
I said // I would listen to whatever request....

Page 13

But why do I have to get naked!?
Eh... But I told you "to be my nude model"...
(Don't hide them)
Well, you said that.
...Any complains?
Rather than complain...
It's embarrassing to be the only one naked...
Ah.. If it's just that, // I get it.

Page 14

I'll get naked too,
(Great idea)
so there's no problem.
Th- That's not it...
Geet... you're such a pain...
Actually, why isn't she wearing underwear!?
B- Besides, you could have asked others to be your model.
Drawing me won't do you anything good. // I'm just dirty.

Page 15

I don't think that at all.
Oppositely, I consider you pretty.
Like your legs, your head, your hair, your feet, // your breasts, your feet or your legs.
Aren't you too focused on my legs!?
That's why,
let me draw you.

Page 16

*ding dang dong*
It's closing time. All remaining students please head...
Oh my... Time's up.
Too bad... It was a rare chance, but I didn't get to draw much.
Th- Then... // come to me when you're free again.
I'll stick around until you finish one sketch...
D- Don't get me wrong! I'm just not turning back on my words.
Ah.. I'm glad you were a nice person...
...Ringo, what are you crouching there for?
I came back to get something I forgot and I see that...

Page 17

What a thing to happen.
Makes it twice in two years.
That Nagomi is so depressed.
First time after failing her entrance exam...?
H- Hey, Nagomi, what's...
came to taste despair.
I no longer
can draw 18+ manga....

Page 18

Why so suddenly...
After all I'm just a woman...
I saw a lot, heard a lot and practiced a lot, but in the end // I can't realize the hot seething of the groin,
nor the potency that robs you of your sleep // and not even the real sage time!!!!
[okay, the term "sage time" is a bit fiddly. It's a term used for the time after masturbation, where the excitement you experienced before slowly leaves your body and you're somewhat calm.]
To draw 18+ manga, I... a woman
has a too low imaginary level.
That's why...
I no longer...

Page 19

Listen, Nagomi. I'll tell you something great.
The 18+ manga I gave you by mistake two years ago,
it was written by a woman.

Page 20

Furthermore, // all the 18+ books in my treasure box under my bed are written by females!!
And these have always been a great help to me. // "I can't draw 18+ since I'm a woman", that's too naive! (You have to work harder)
Besides, in this day and age, sensuality is gender free! // There are tons of men, who like girly stuff.
And to be honest,
I get excited already by the fact alone that a female is written porn!
....Then you get excited over me too when I write?
Damn, my encouragement backfired...

Page 21

Damn pervert.
In the end, I want to be recognized for the quality of my work.
Then write! // Write away!!

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