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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 28

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 8, 2013 21:11 | Go to Kore wa Koi no Hanashi

-> RTS Page for Kore wa Koi no Hanashi 28

HNNG chapter.
Next one is going to be lame though...
Reserved for Lila Wolves

Kore ha Koi no Hanashi Chapter 28

Page 01

(A 21-year age gap love story between a novelist and a girl)
I'm sure the beautification magic was cast by you, my soul mate...
Chapter 28

Page 02

(Haruka waits alone at the house. And of course the one who comes home is...)
I'm home.

Page 03

You were here.

Page 04

Welcome.... back.
A- // Are you done with your job?
Yeah.... // for the most part.

Page 05

I... see.
Sorry // for being gone so long.
No, it's okay.
Oogaki-san told me you had work. // Besides Satomi-san was here nearly every day for the rebuilding of the kitchen...

Page 06

The new kitchen is really easy to use!
Good to hear.
Ah... // I'll prepare dinner immediately.
What would you like to eat, Shinichi-san?
I'm fine // with whatever.
Then I'll go buy your favourite fish.
A salad to that... and also..
I'm in my room, so call me when it's done.
And I'm not really hungry yet, so no need to hurry. [If I didn't know what is going to happen next, I would say "What an ass".]

Page 07

(What should I buy?)

Page 08

Uhm! // Shinichi-san!

Page 09

back then...
I still have some work left to do. [again, what an ass, but...]
I'm sorry! // I'm off to go shopping then.

Page 10

What's going on...

Page 11

looks so damn cute....!!
And it isn't just because I haven't seen her for while...
Oh, c'mon!
What's wrong with me!!
I wasn't like this before!! [awww]
---At the hotel, I thought about a lot of stuff...
I even wished it were some kind of misunderstanding.

Page 12

"You're really serious about Haruka-chan."
To be honest...
I didn't want to believe it, but...
this is...
what it means to be serious?

Page 13

Eh, wait a minute.
We should decide by rock, scissor, paper.
I'm fine with any piece.
Eh, that won't do.
(Guess I'll take the choco one)
(Then I'll take the strawberry)
Sorry that I couldn't come yesterday, Utsumi.
I had an urgent meeting.
It's fine.

Page 14

The script is in my room. Take it and leave.
I'll read it later at rest. // Satomi's coming over now too.
Have you found your answer, Utsumi-sensei?
You... // Don't bring that up here.
Don't be embarrassed. // Or do you still don't have an answer?

Page 15

Have or not, the answer was clear from the beginning.
Hee... // Like what?
(What do you want to drink? Coffee? Tea?)
To be together like we have been before.
That's all.

Page 16

Like you said, my only choice is to hold myself back.
When I came back from the hotel, // I hoped it to be a mere fantasy, but...
that doesn't seem to be the case.

Page 17

Give it your best, Sensei.
(hah) I wonder what Sugita would say if he knew of this.
OOGAKI!! (Stop it!!)
(Hah, strawberry's so good~ <3)
Aww~~!! My gift's in vain now~~
(Ah,) Satomi-san.

Page 18

Geez!! Tell me beforehand if you're going to buy cakes too!
I'm not an esper..
It's okay! I'll eat them all.
Oh? Good.
Oh, Shinichi, welcome home~ // Seems you were quite forceful to Gakki. Finished in time? (Your work)
Shut up.
Hey, did you see the kitchen? // Wonderful, isn't it?
Yeah... // You sure had your way with it.
Huh! Because you didn't take care of it at all!

Page 19

I consulted Haruka-chan on everything.
(Right <3)
I was so surprised how fast the rebuild went. // And there were so many choices.
I won't use it anyway, so whatever.
At least learn to cook a bit yourself! // Don't take Haruka-chan's cooking for granted. // You're gravely mistaken if you think she'll be around forever.
We don't know where she will attend high school or university. // And when her dad comes home, she'll stop looking after you!
Right, Haruka-chan.

Page 20

---A valid point.
I was only thinking about myself, but..
while I keep on complaining,
she'll leave here in time....

Page 21

What's the matter?
Ah, no. // Nothing.
Mh? You shut yourself away // like an idiot and now you can't drop your work mode?
Ah! Then is it that?
Were you charmed how Haruka-chan became a bit more mature while you were gone?

Page 22

D- Don't be stupid!! // What's with that. Not possible!!
Ahaha // Can't take a joke as usual.
It would be suspicious if he actually could. (Sugita)
Ehm, // want a refill of tea, Shinichi-san?
Me too, Morimoto!

Page 23

Get it yourself.
You're one to say.
Calm down... It's fine. (It's just tea)
See! Morimoto says it's fine.
You don't have to spoil this guy, Haruka.
Look into a mirror! You're getting too spoiled by Haruka, too!
What was that!!
It's great how you're having fun. (Morimoto here, Morimoto there)
But it seems like I'm just air here.
She's jealous.
Not at all...

Page 24

Well, fine. The air is leaving now. // Thanks for the cake.
Eh!? Why are you going already?
Tests are close.
Gah~~ Don't bring that up~~
(I just had forgotten about it...)
She's jealous..
Already the time for that, huh.
But it's summer vacation once that's done with, right?
YAY!! Summer vacation---
I don't want to take detention during vacation after all.

Page 25

See you.
Can you afford eating cake here so leisurely?
Now even you!! I'll study properly when I'm home!!
Club activities are finally on a pause due to the test, so let me have some freedom!
Ah~~ So even without detention, you're stuck with club activities during vacation. (Being a student is suffering)
(You don't get to play, I feel sorry for you)
What are you plans for the vacation, Haruka-chan?
I don't know when my dad will be back, so none so far..

Page 26

I see---I would like us all to go to the beach.
Count me in!!
You got detention and your club.
Why is detention included!
Hey---Old man, let's go to the beach~~
I pass.
Go by yourself.
I feel bad for Morimoto if she stays home all the time.
You just want to go play.
Then let's go with this:
When I score full marks on all my tests, we'll go to the beach! (How's that?)

Page 27

Hah~~? Full marks on all? // That's some confidence.
The higher the goal, the better, right? // Besides, it won't give you any room to complain.
Okay. But only when full marks on all!
(Wah, give your best, Maa-kun)
Morimoto! // Look forward to the beach!
(Just leave it to me)
Okay! I'm going home. (Gotta study)
Where does his confidence comes from? // His motivation kills me off.
That's youth for you.

Page 28

Thanks for the food.
It gets so quiet as soon as they leave.
(*giggle*) Yeah.
Satomi really went home early for once.
(I thought she would get wasted again...)
She said she had a date now.
Are you // okay?
I didn't hear anything about that...

Page 29

(Love all around...)
(Is it a guy or woman?)
(About) The beach stuff...
was it meant seriously?
Th- // That depends // on Sugita's full marks on everything.
(On everything, you know)
It's pretty impossible that...
Sugita-kun is quite smart.
He ranks top in the year.
F- // For real?
(Right... // If he hadn't had a fever on the entrance exam // he would have gone to some incredible school.... // I forgot...)
Then // we'll see what happens.
I promised after all.
(But all topics is impossible anyway, definitely!)

Page 30

Like I said, I can't take it back now.
Even though I don't want to go.
But forgive me.
I'm... looking
forward to it a bit.

Page 31

What am I getting flustered over this for!
I got a screw loose!!
Calm down... Behave like always. Like always.
can I ask another question?

Page 32

Shinichi-san.... // are you okay now?
I... // know I shouldn't bring this up...
And since the kitchen is all new now, it seemed like it never happened...
But I still wonder if you're really alright... // if I should really behave like nothing happened...
I'm a bit worried...

Page 33

You seemed to suffer quite a lot because of that fire...
I also got all excited over the beach by myself...
Sorry, Haruka, // for making you worrying like that.
I'm quite surprised myself.
I'm okay now.
So don't worry.

Page 34

Until Haruka mentioned it, I totally // forgot about the fire...
Is that... what they call the power of love---...
Are you kidding me?
(He can't erase the feeling that he became aware of...)
(Continued in Aria February Issue on sale 28th January. Next time, a spin-off for Oogaki's marriage!!) [Geh...]

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