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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hallelujah Overdrive! 9

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 11, 2013 12:24 | Go to Hallelujah Overdrive!

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Hallelujah Overdrive Chapter 09

Page 01

Asakura Kosame here. I got a bass for my new band!!
Track 09: If you call that magic
Right now, we're practicing!!

Page 02

Track 09: If you call that magic

Page 03

Fantastic, Kosame-kun <3
Huh, what's wrong?
A cold?
My nose is running a bit.
And I can't really get into the mood because of it...
WAH!! Then we can't perform!!
I want a real drummer instead of this rhythm machine...
A drummer...
Kumori Touya!! Though he won't join us no matter what!!
I wonder if Haru-san will help us...
Let's take it slowly with the two of us.

Page 04

Good practice <3 Here, some cookies.
Huh? Where did you get them?
Ah, ehm. We had too much at home. They aren't self-made.
Oh, what's this? 3,2,1, mine!!
What are you doing, Tanpopo-san!!
Eh? What's the problem with one cookie...
They taste good.
You don't just go eat them either, Aiha-san!!
These are self-made...I wonder how Kosame feels about Urara.

Page 05

To clarify!! Kosame has never been popular with girls so far!! Therefore...
These look self-made, but there's no way she specially would make them for me...
She can't be in love with me...
Also, there are high-grade cookies that seem like self-made...
Well, guess she really had too much at home.
Ah, so good.
....That are probably his thoughts...
Haru-san, do you don't want any?
These high-grade cookies are good!!
I made them solely for Kosame-kun...

Page 06

I'm fine.
I'm not hungry right now.
Too bad. Let's eat them together then, Kosame-kun-
Do that.
I'm busy with a worry right now.

Page 07

What's wrong with Haru-san!!
Here, Ah~ <3
Usually she even steals other's food!!
WAH!! Snot! Your snot!!
She's been like that for a while.
That's weird!! She's usually always smiling.... (*munch*)
How's it? Are they good?!
Must be some really grave worry... (*munch*)

Page 08

Aye, Ma'am.
Wh- Why.
(Stop flirting...)
Kosame, try to put yourself in Haru's shoes.
You know what's worrying her, Tanpopo-san?!
(What was that for!!)
(I got a telepathy.)
Yeah. I'm sure she's worried about what Urara said recently!!
Haru-san said she would help you creating your band,
(Oh? // Mh? // Haru-san!! // Please don't interfere with our band, Haru-san!! // Eh?)
but when Urara joined, she got treated as a nuisance. Of course she'll be sad---

Page 09

I don't think of her as a nuisance at all!! Urara was just passionate about our band...
I wonder.
Besides, Urara has no reason to think of her as a nuisance!!
I have though....
I'll go clear up the misunderstanding!!
Ah!! Kosame-kun!!
...Was that alright?
Let him panic. Kekeke.
Please listen to me!!
It's a misunderstanding!!

Page 10

Uhm.... Please don't worry about what Urara said.
Actually I do want you to help us out...
I want to create a band that lives up to your expectation!!
We're practicing with the rhythm machine, but it's not going well... So if you could drum for us...
Ehm.. Haru-san? (Are you listening?)
Oh? Kosame, you said something?
(I had my earphones on)
Ehm.... Well... I want you to help us out with the drumming...
Ah~ Sorry.

Page 11

That won't do at the moment.
I don't have time to spare.
I have a lot to think about.
No, well...
You just think about your band with Urara----
Got that.

Page 12

Why is he all depressed now?!
You cleared up the misunderstanding?
No... It doesn't matter
Haru-san told me that she won't help and that we're to do something about it ourselves....
Even though I created the band thinking that she might want to see it...

Page 13

There's no point if she doesn't help or even has an interest in it.
Eh.... Kosame-kun....
What's the problem. We can just play with the two of us...
Damn, I was just messing around, but it was too effective!!
Kosame... You see, what Haru-san is worrying about is....
You call yourself a boy like that?

Page 14

Eh, Aiha-san?
You only go on about helping or interest!
You can't do anything about Haru-san?!
Besides, you only have thought about yourself and didn't waste a thought about Haru-san's "worry".
A boy resolves his own problems and helps a worrying girl!!
If you can't even do that, Haru-san won't ever look at you!!

Page 15

(She really loves metal.)
So cool.
Then, what's Haru-san worrying about?
Please ask her that yourself.
Ask her and think of what you can do for her.
Even if there is nothing you can do...
just being there for her might be helpful.

Page 16

Haruuuu-san!! // I'm sorry~~!!
....What?! What's up?!
.... // Earlier, I...

Page 17

I was saying one-sided that stuff like wanting help...
I'll solve my band's problems with Urara.
And... I also want to help...
you with your worry.
Please tell me if there's anything troubling you.

Page 18+19

I'll there to help you!!
I'll do anything!!
I'm serious!! I would do anything for you!!
I mean...

Page 20

I love---
What the---!!
Kosame!! I don't know what's going on, but you're trying too hard!!
There's a little miracle on your face!!
My face?!

Page 21

Your snort is a heart form!!
EH!! Ah!! This!!
That's impressive!! It really eased me up.
I'm done....
Done? (With that?)

Page 22

My new song!! "Evening's wild death race"!!
Sharpen your ears!!
Oh?! You finally finished the C melody one from before?
What's going on here? I don't get it!!
Why is Haru-san writing a song with a guitar?!
(Where's the guitar from anyway?!)
Huh?! But our songs are...

Page 23

all written by Haru-san.
But you still have such an anime voice.
So what!! I won't get the melody unless I sing it!!
Aiha!! Are you done with the arrangement?!
Tanpopo, Takagi!! The lyrics?!
OKAY!! Let's rock the new song!!
What kind of cheer is that.

Page 24+25

Page 26

Haru-san's on fire!!
After the C melody, it's a solo, Aiha!!
This is...

Page 27

Next, a guitar solo!!
Not bad!!!

Page 28

So hot.
Haru-san, the new song was great!!
Nfufu. All thanks to you.

Page 29

I got the phrase from laughing at your face.
So it's thanks to you.
Thanks. // Help me again when I'm stuck.
Yes!! (Though I didn't do anything)
With that out of the way, I got hungry!!
Aw!! My cookies!!
These are needed for our band!! Are you planning to interfere?!
I won't really interfere.

Page 30

But I'll lend a hand
in times of need.
...She wasn't worried about it at all.
I feel better now that the new song is done.
Just for a bit...
I was a help
for Haru-san. Even if just a bit...

Page 31

That song was really great.
I think we should make an original song too.
Write a song, huh...
It all started with my love song.
That's why I picked up the guitar...
Guess I should try writing another love song.
Someday, I'll write my own song with my own band...

Page 32

And if that makes her look at me...
Let's go, you two.
it'll really be like magic!!

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