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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hallelujah Overdrive! 11

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 11, 2013 12:25 | Go to Hallelujah Overdrive!

-> RTS Page for Hallelujah Overdrive! 11

Sense is looking for a permanent translator for this.
Apply if you're interested.
Reserved for Sense

Hallelujah Overdrive Chapter 11

Page 01

Wha.... Wha...
I'll join the band, but..
Track 11
under the condition that Haru-nee goes out with me.
Ah, Haru-san.
What's up?
Well, think about it.
Wha... Wha... WHA---

Page 02

Page 03

What the fuck is that bastard doing~~~!!
Taking advantage of Haru-san's kindness to "date" her!!!
(Where are you looking at?)
"I'll join the band", I don't even want you, idiot!!!
And Haru-san didn't say anything after that and watched the live.
But, Kosame-kun,
Touya-kun is quite the good drummer. Let him join.
Even you, Urara!!
I feel bad for Kosame-kun, but if these two start dating, I might get a chance!!

Page 04

It's not like Haru-san agreed, so calm down.
Well, yeah, but... There's a possibility!! I just can't stay calm!!
What am I to do about this restless feeling----!!!
Okay, time for Aiha-san's guitar lesson!!
"Play the guitar when the blood gets to your head."
You hear!!
Just play at random...
or play a song. Both is fine.

Page 05

Anyway, just put all your feelings into the guitar.
This is Haru-san's guitar....
And if that's not enough, then spit it all out with a song.
I'll lend you the effecter.
What's an effecter?
Ah, you know...
Simply said, it's a tool to change the tone of the guitar.
You connect this "OverDrive" between the guitar and the amplifier... (I use it with the booster)

Page 06

When the switch is off, it's a clean tone...
But when you step on it and turn the switch on...

Page 07

The tone changed!! It's warped and like an explosion!!
You can change the tones while controlling it with your foot.
The guitar is an instrument that can connect directly with your feelings.
It'll surely respond to your stirred up feelings.
We might get to hear something really interesting!!
That's how it.
Eh? Eh?
Try it for a while.
We'll leave him alone.
He won't calm down unless he cools his head.

Page 08

Your answer to yesterday?

Page 09

I'll join the band if you agree on the condition.
Will you go out with me?
The 52th time!!

Page 10

Stop it already with that joke!!
You always ask me out on every occasion---
You aren't supposed to tease your older sister!!
Knew it...
Be more serious!
I overdid it in the past...
G- Go out with me when I become good at the drums!!
(Middle School Touya)
Go out with me when I get into the same high school!!
(Past Haru)
Go out with me when I get a good test score!!
Sure, sure. See you.
I'm serious though.

Page 11

But she isn't taking me seriously at all!!
Bring it on!!
Give me a better condition!!
Well, that's what I like about her though..
But nothing perverted like my panties!!
Then forget it. I'm not joining.
Ehh?! What!! But you brought it up!!
Forget it. Why does it make me a liar?
Then tell me the truth. // Why are you helping Asakura so much? I don't get it.

Page 12

What do you think about him?
Kumori Touya!!!!
Get dumped!!!
It won't go---
that well---
Get dumped!!!

Page 13

What I'm really scared of...
is if these two really start going out...
Kumori properly said "Go out with me"...
My words aren't reaching her at all...
What will I do when they start dating...?

Page 14

Will I give up
I love you...
on Haru-san?
His voice.
I want him to be the vocalist and guitarist of the band.
She told me about music
I love you to death...
when I knew nothing about it...
After seeing him, I understood that he lacks concentration power.
He's too impatient and can barely concentrate on one thing.

Page 15

She was the first to have expectations of me...
I wish my voice would reach you---
He can't stay clam...
and is always fickle!!
But once his switch is turned on, he's really amazing!!
Just like... yeah, like and "effecter"!!

Page 16+17

There's no way...
An OverDrive!!
I can give up that easily!!!

Page 18

Only I know of it!!

Page 19

He might be
even more amazing than Senpai.
...Than my brother?
Huh?! He is?! As if!!
If that's true, I'll beg to join the...

Page 20+21

Track 11
A flood of rain in my palm

Page 22

What's this...
This voice...
is coming from beyond that door!?

Page 23

Who's it?!
Who's singing it...

Page 24

..same. // Kosame!!
C'mon, Touya.
Kosame!! Once more!!
Th- They're holding hands...
It's okay!! I don't want to hear anything!!
That you two come together says it all!!
Wah~~ It's over~~
Calm down!! No clue what you're going on about!

Page 25

I mean, you accepted his condition, right?!!
Huh? You mean the dating?
Nope, nope.
His "Go out with me" is like a greeting.
Grr.. She's so dense...
(Oh!! What?!)

Page 26

Too bad, loser!! (Pfft)
You went overboard with your confessions, idiot. (Not that I'm one to say)
(Ah!! You used my guitar without asking!!)
(See Track 0)
Bastard... I'll kill ya!!
...Hey, Asakura!!
Huh? What is it, loser <3
I'll... help you with your band. // BUT
I'll only join official once I judged you.

Page 27

What's with the superior attitude?! Why do I have to be judged!!
True, that would be boring.
If you make me acknowledge you, I'll give up on Haru-nee.
Oppositely, if you can't do that, never ever go after her again!!
Why would I...
(? What are they)
(going on about?)
Oh? Running away, loser?

Page 28

How about we settle things at a live in one month?
Well, might be impossible for you.
Bring it on!! A live it is!!
I'll make you beg in tears to join my band!!
No idea what's going on, but I guess the band is formed?
(Hallelujah Overdrive Vol 2 End----)

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 11, 2013
Heh, my sister likes this manga. Should I be a good oniisan and translate it for her? Hmmm~
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 11, 2013
I read all available 8 volumes and it's certainly a good read.
Has some really good moments.
#3. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 12, 2013
I know. I read the manga as it comes out monthly since I have a subscription to Gessan. I like the art at least....dunno if I want to commit to a translation gig though.
#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 12, 2013
Yeah, I can't motivate myself to it either^^
I'm not the type like that to begin with :)
Translating a couple of chapters here and there is way more fun :P
#5. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 12, 2013
lol, I dunno about that myself. I guess if something I'm translating ends then maybe I might do it. I think Gessan needs more attention anyway.
#6. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 12, 2013
Yeah, too many series, too less translators.
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