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Translations: Gintama 601 (2) , One Piece 836 by cnet128 , Bleach 686 by cnet128

Momo's daughter 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 19, 2013 21:34 | Go to Momo's daughter

-> RTS Page for Momo's daughter 2

Reserved for Japanzai

Momo no Musume Chapter 02

Page 01

A family?
(His friend)
Isn't that nice. Good for you, Momotarou!
Didn't you always say you wanted a family? A happy family!
Trust me, you're even capable of raising a baby!
A baby?
Shin Tarou!
[Momo no Musume! 2 / presented by Boichi]
We definitely won't accept you as our dad!
A happy family...
(Shin Tarou became the father of his two students and now...!?)
I don't want my homeroom teacher as my dad! // Die!

Page 02

Momo no Musume!
Chapter 02: Momo's stomach
His erotic daughter-in law--- makes him dizzy!?

Page 03

That I'm their teachers is weird too...
They're really cute..
*ding dong dong*
Sensei~ The chime rang~
Yes, yes.
No, Sensei!
Ah, Izumi Mizuki...
I need to talk to you....

Page 04

(Science Room)
So what's up?
I wanted to ask when you'll leave the house..
Mhm... I don't have any plans to do that.
Since I'm the dad...
(by law)
NO! NO!!
I'm your dad!
You popped out of nowhere // and are only 11 years apart!
Our genes are as different as the human's from a chimpanzee!
You don't have a single thing that makes you a dad!!
What's more! // What's more!

Page 05

you might have had // SEX with mama!
Eh? What's up, Izumi-san!
Maybe because I suddenly got so agitated...
my stomach hurts now...

Page 06

Uh~ // Uh~
It hurts...
Damn, where is the nurse...
Mama would stroke my belly at such a time...
(She claimed it's our family's folk medicine...)
The pain immediately went after when Mom stroke it.... // But with no parent now, nothing can be done...
I- I'm your parent!
You can't do it. You aren't my real dad...
I can do it!
Okay! I'll use this chance to make you accept me as your dad!

Page 07

Okay... // Stroke it..
O- On her bare skin?
Her bare belly!!
Okay... // I'll make the pain go away...

Page 08

So soft...
Oww... // Mm...
Ah, sorry...
It hurts?
Go on...
Press in your fingers... // And rub it <3 <3

Page 09

Uhn... // Uhn...
So soft... // It's like a complex French pastry...
Her skin is so smooth. // The stomach itself is soft and elastic deep down.
That's a girl's stomach...

Page 10

Izumi moans on my hand movements.
And // her breathing gets rough from that.
In turn to that...
Mizuki's stomach moves subtle.
I'm a bit worried // that my sweat might wet her stomach.
Uhn... // Uhhn...
Oww... // Uhn...
Hah.. // Hah...

Page 11

A bit... lower...
I want to touch
even a bit lower...
Just one more centimetre lower...

Page 12

Yours has // become big..
I'm so ashamed.
Is touching my belly... // touching your daughter's belly...
something perverted...?
Did it get big because it's perverted?
See, you're no dad material..

Page 13

Because my belly...
excited you.
Yeah... It's embarrassing.
But... // while I feel bad for you... // I want you to give me a bit more time...
I can't leave you alone when you're in pain...
Give me time until it stops hurting...

Page 14

I can't accept you as my dad after all.
I- Is that so...
I'm so pathetic.

Page 15

I might have fallen for you as a guy....

Page 16

It doesn't hurt anymore!
Folk medicine really does work...
I was confessed to by my daughter...
(A good mood with his daughter...Exciting, isn't it Tarou!!)
(Momo no Musume! 2 End. Continued in the next Issue on sale 19th February.)

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