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My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 1, 2013 13:57 | Go to My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san

-> RTS Page for My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san 4

Fucking annoying chapter-.-
Reserved for Kobe

Wagatsuma-san ha Ore no Yome Chapter 04

Page 01

Part 4: Communication Breakdown
In the future she's supposed to be his wife, but right now they're only looking at each other---

Page 02

Damn, I'm still in vacation mood...

Page 03

has changed...
Before the vacation he was like that...

Page 04

Just what made him change so much!?
Hey, did you hear that about Hayashi?
Eh? What?
It seems he started dating Amachi.
With Amachi-san!?
The plain Amachi-san, who's said to be a rough diamond that will shine with a bit of polishing, is dating...

Page 05

this feelings...!?
Shouldn't I be happy for my friend and classmate?
But what's this...
a bit shocked...
Could it be...
I was in love with Amachi-san!?
Special Skill: Selfpunch
Sorry, Amachi-san!!
I already have a fiance called Wagatsuma-san!!
No, this feeling is...
more like...

Page 06

the feeling you have when your long-time kept Java sparrow escapes....
N- No, that's not it either...
It's more...
the feeling of a parent when the child marries!!
No... wrong too...?
Reminds me, // I saw these two KISSING.
I saw these two kissing.
What theeeeee

Page 07

K- Kissing you say!? When you're just mere students...
So envious, so envious, so envious!!
I haven't done it even though I have a wife~~~
*Not yet
No.. Wait!?
Even if they're sophomores,
it's absolutely normal for them to kiss once or twice.
Eh...? No way...
Then that means...

Page 08

Aw!? Wait!!
Guys!! Don't leave me behind!!
There's no way
this is...
If it's him,
there's no...

Page 09

Phew, so hot.
(Kyaa, wonderful)
HUH!? The real Itou was behind the zipper!? (And he's totally popular!?)
No, no...
That can't be...
My feet brought me to the DX Brigade headquarters on their own....
That's just an excuse...

Page 10

Congratulations, Itou!!
Good for you, Itou!!
Don't screw it up now, okay!
You're surprisingly popular.
Don't make her cry!
To think she would give the OK after the CONFESSION!
You're amazing, Itou!!

Page 11

I- Itou-san? G- Girlfriend....?
*cold sweat
(Did I hear wrong?)
Oh, Aoshima.
Ah, it's over.
Okay, change after 5min---
I'm next.
Heavy-ho! // Congratulations, Komatsu!
Congratulations on getting a girlfriend!!
What are you guys doing!?
Training for when we get the OK after confession, what else?
(Just to be ready)
You're too hasty!!!

Page 12

Huh? Hayashi is dating Amachi?
Hee... So what?
That's what got you depressed, Mr. Aoshima~~
(You little~)
N- No, well...
Reminds me, Hayashi was trying real hard to become more fashionable.
It's the 2nd term debut.
What's the problem
about Hayashi-kun getting a bit of sex-appeal.
Give him your blessing as a classmate.
We could throw him up too.
Ohh...!! (What a mature reaction...)
Yeah... // I was just surprised since I heard they kissed...

Page 13

K- Kiss, you say!?
Uwa!! Fuji-Q, why are you getting hard!?
(It's so big. scary!!)
Is it true? Is it true that they kissed!?
D- Don't know. I heard it in class.
Idiot! Gather information at once!
Wring out all you can!!

Page 14

(Zaishou Kiss Incident Investigation Headquarters)
The suspect is Hayashi Tatsuo, male, 17 years!!
According to a witness, the crime occurred on the 16th August, the summer festival!!
The crime scene is the Zaishou shrine!!
Ohh... The shrine...
Okay! I got it!!
Katou Style
What exactly!!

Page 15

Speaking of the summer festival...
Wasn't that when we were working our asses off...?
Refers to "Wagatsuma-san ha Ore no Yome" Volume 02!
At that time he stole something were precious!! Her heart!!
(Damn lupin...)
Grrr!! Unforgivable!! (Gramps!!)
Seems he stole her lips too.
Matt2! How long were you making your make-up!!
And that's Demon Kogure Kakka, no matter how you look at it!!
Damn Hayashi... That cheater.
He is?
To get a woman, he changed his character.
If not cheating, what would you call it!!

Page 16

Certainly, he was cheating... Amachi-san is a victim.
That's unforgivable now!!
We from the DX Brigade are unforgivable too...
It'll be seppuku for the DX Brigade if you dare to make your 2nd term debut.
K- Kondou-sensei!!
And it's forbidden in the 3rd term too.
I asked the victim Amachi-san about the matter.
EH (When did you!?)
You asked her directly!?
Well now, according to Amachi-san:
Impressive he could ask that..
Doesn't he feel sorry for the victim?
Did she talk with him like with a pet?

Page 17

Yeah, I certainly kissed Hayashi-kun (lol) Well, I was confessed to, so I just went with the flow.
He was quite resistant, so I initiated the miss myself.
Hee, by herself...
I see...
We were mistaken...
You're better off not knowing some things...
...Somehow, I'm sorry...
Okay, dismissed...
My palm~
to the sun~

Page 18

Spread out
Yes, this swelling.
It has the same feeling as the lips (Trivia)
I wonder if Wagatsuma-san's lips are like this...
Not quite right... Real lips are softer...
They feel more like almond jelly...

Page 19

Yes, like that.
It's her!!?
Time Slip activated
What a surprise....
(We love...)
A time slip...
Yeah... She's so cute..
Her maturity only added to ti.
Nothing less from my wife!!

Page 20

Let's do it now...
The kiss!!
The sudden start of the reverse kiss endurance tournament.
She's my wife!! So no problem!!
...I think.
No goood!!
I have no clue how to bring it up!
If only a referee were here
and would say that.

Page 21

Hurry up!! Isn't there some way!?
I gotta hurry or the time slip will end..
I know!!
A... Quiz!!
Eh? What? You want to do a quiz?
Yeah!! I do quiz!!
Your speech is broken, Aoshima-kun...
A kanji quiz!!
Okay, fine.
I'll make her say "kiss"...
get a sweet mood running and kiss her!!

Page 22

Okay!! How do you read this!?
[Kanji for mackerel, read soba. The gag is that he tries to draw this kanji 鱚 with is read "kisu" which also means kiss. But he only gets the left part of the kanji right in all this tries]
(Bring it on)
Yep, yep.
And this!?
I don't know the kanji for "kisu"...
[no clue what's the pun here]
The right answer is "鱚".
[Fish radical + kiss]
There is no such kanji.

Page 23

Damn, my kanji knowledge sucks.
I should have gone to a sushi restaurant more often...
Just learn them normally.
An intro quiz!! // Try to guess the band name!!
Eh? What about the kanji!?
Dedededen Dedededen
[Love gun] by Kiss
It's a foreign rock band, with a wild singer...
Ah, could it be!
Yes! That's it!!
Ozzy Osbourne?
(I eat pigeons and bats raw!!)

Page 24

Eh? Was it Marilyn Manson?
No, no.
Then Klaus Nomi?
Ah! It's Rob Zombie!!
She knows a lot!!
N- No it's not.
That's not the answer!!
Oh? Oh?
Could it be..

Page 25

This mood...
this turn of events....
Don't tell me... Don't tell me...!!
Congrats! The 1500 time of "Tamori Club"---
Congratulations Tamo-san.
It's fine.
Uwa, wow!! // 1500 times!!
What's up?
No, nothing.
I couldn't care less about these news right now!!
(Anyway, congrats Tamo-san)
Okay, time to sleep.

Page 26

What? Something soft...
on my forehead...

Page 27

Good night.
Time slip over.
It wasn't
lips on lips,

Page 28

but her lips were
even softer than
almond jelly.
I did a little bit of an image change.

Page 29

I have decided! To get to my future even a day earlier,
I'll do an image change, a 2nd term debut or whatever!
Well, the opposition in the DX Brigade yesterday was strong,
but this is all for Wagatsuma-san!
I feel sorry for the others,
but please forgive me!
I'll be one step ahead to adulthood.
Shut up!

Page 30

Why are you dressed like that!?
Right back at you. This calls for seppuku!!
And you went overboard. Are you a sculpture of Okamoto Tarou or what?
Nooo!! It's influence by Picasso!!
Aoshima decided
(The right choice is not to do it!! Next time, new development with a center colour page!!)
to not make his 2nd term debut.

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