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Absolute Monarch Syndrome 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 5, 2013 15:55 | Go to Absolute Monarch Syndrome

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ZKS Chapter 04

Page 01

Compared to the ordinary hip-up shorts, this peach up
doesn't feel pressuring at all.
What do you say, Nogamin?
I'm wearing it right now.
And I don't feel anything.
What do you say?
Does the effect show?

Page 02

The girl presents this obviously
coarse show with a natural smile.
*knock knock*
Come in.
Rewatching last night's show?
Sorry to bother you then.

Page 03

Do you know where Takuto went?
I thought I heard him coming back earlier...
Yeah... He went over to a friend...
He only came by to drop his stuff.
I wanted him to do the shopping.
At any time, towards anyone
she firmly keeps her smile.

Page 04

actually, she...
Chapter 04: Secret Desire

Page 05

So desperate.
You want more?
Then I'll give you more.

Page 06

Shut up!
even like that
she has yet another side to her.
And I know of it.

Page 07

Wicked Governor: Even if you're popular, in the end you're not showing your face, so I guess you're ugly?
kinaco: Please don't say such cruel things.
Wicked Governor: Guess not just your face, but your whole body is ugly. Your nipples and down there must be pure black too.
kinaco: That's not true.
Wicked Governor: Then show us. I know you actually want to.
Aren't you all soaked already?
Stop it!

Page 08

Until now
I had never
seen such
an expression on her.
Didn't even imagine it.

Page 09

And for some reason...
I can't get enough
of that expression of hers
after I got to see it once!

Page 10

And if possible
I want to make her
that expression
by my own doing.

Page 11

*knock knock*

Page 12

E- Ehm....
I was wondering... // if I can get into the bath first...
What time do you think it is?
I already took one.

Page 13

I.. I see...
Good night...

Page 14

it's no use....
I can't such atrocious words
like the people on the chat.

Page 15

Even if I were able to say them
Kiri-chan wouldn't show me that expression.
It'll just come back at me hundredfold.
What's this...

Page 16

I see.
That was your aim.
Ah... No..
It's not like that.
It's fine.
If you want it, you can have it.

Page 17


Page 18

You prefer them freshly taken off anyway, right?
your mouth.

Page 19

Open up!

Page 20

How's it?
It's yummy, isn't it?

Page 21

If you're a good boy,
I'll give you another.

Page 22

At that time, I
still didn't understand.

Page 23

About what Kiri-chan wanted.
What she desired.
I didn't
understand a single thing.

Page 24

Right now, I'm not wearing underwear.

Page 25

kinaco: I think I'll go take a stroll outside like this now.
I hope someone
will watch me.

Page 26

Only a bit longer...
Until me real self
and her real self
would come into contact....
*Secret Desire / End.

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